retrogamers - pre 2010, Flash, emulated games

Finally got time to welcome. I plan to try and populate this place with some content, as I am a hardcore retro fan. …


What are your favorite Sega CD games?

Sega CD is one of the greatest systems in retro gaming. They took the already amazing foundation and buffed it further while bringing the benefits of CDs with it, only if more devs made actual games for it instead of FMV junk -_- …

This romhack for Donkey Kong on NES replaces all graphics with Zelda stuff, check it out! Update: I played it myself. This is stupid, I love it :D…


You should play Journey to Silius if you haven't already.

Journey to Silius is a NES game, with an interestiong history (which you probably already heard of). I don’t have one favorite game on most consoles I like but this game comes really close, the one game to rule them all! It’s fast, beautiful, has that trademarked awesome Sunsoft soundtrack and i…

Zelda II needs a bigger sword.

The biggest problem I have with Zelda II is the sword. It’s not really a sword it’s more like a knife. It has barely any range, in some cases this makes the game pretty frustrating, in my opinion a proper sword would really help this game. I found a romhack called Zelda II Redux which looks great, i…

retrogamers - pre 2010, Flash, emulated games

    Discussion about retro games, old games, DOS games, emulated ROMs, old titles. Nostalgia heaven for old folks and gamers.

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