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That’s exactly why they replaced the old groups feature to bring this in.

The difference is GitHub has Gitea, Gitlab, etc. as open source alternatives and almost every Freenode dev moved to

I’d be for banning political discussion on the main instance. With how little say users have when it comes to filtering things here aside from subscribing, it’ll lower a lot of conflict

#!/usr/bin/env python2

Aside from that, let’s go! Comic Sans gang rise up!

This is a newer userstyle sharing site made as an open-source alternative to by members of the Open Styles Discord server…

@cheertoGuildedThe first post

very sleek

I remember Google translations and these flags were available a long time ago as well, but they were removed from Nightly because the translating itself was broken.

I completely agree. It’s like using a sledgehammer to buff out a dent.

Thanks for not saying the word sublemmy 🤢

Seemed kind of pointless imo, so I’m not sad about the loss. As others have said, besides the name and some art it’s the same project.

@cheertoWaylandany Qt waybar?

Not aware of any qt-based status bars out there, everything is either GTK or some custom solution. As for Wayfire, it works on a list of plugins you can enable in the config file where you can enable or disable different compositor effects among everything else.

Lol at the last one, bless AlternativeTo

Good to hear, although I usually use the Matrix room rather than irc if I want live chat.

Great, thanks!

Much better, though there’s still some overlapping.


The site is pretty hard to read on mobile since longer handles push the description off-screen, but I’ll look at it later!

Yes, check out gemini://

These are what I use on Linux and Windows respectively. Amfora would be the perfect client if you could make certificates in-browser and it could follow gemfeeds in it’s subscription page.

Looks cool! This is my first time hearing about this.

I never used screen or tmux so I’m not sure how they compare, but after using this for a week or so after seeing it on Reddit, it’s pretty enjoyable.