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A major release distro doesn’t prevent bugs, it just keeps the amount of bugs the same. This is good for servers, but I’m a big proponent for rolling-release desktops since fixes usually take a week or two max.

That’s exactly what it is to my understanding. Instead of using a scripting language Javascript, you can compile your web program down to a wasm binary using any language you like.

Always use this site for bash arrays and variable substitution

I’ve been interested by Nix-OS/Guix package managers every time I see them.

It’s still an addon that wasn’t explicitly installed by the user.

What applications do you use that don’t run on Wayland? GTK and QT apps do, and so do Electron apps.

And here I was hoping for native VSCode

AAA games want to be accessible to a worldwide audience, so the directors write safe, boring plots to try not to offend anyone. Not to mention that there are usually a large group of writers that all want to go in different directions.

Recent as in this year? I’d recommend 86, Vivy, and Odd Taxi. Wonder Egg is also pretty good but the plot kinda loses focus at the end. A good one from last year is ID: Invaded.

Reincarnated as a Slime is also fun if you like isekai trash, like myself.

Regolith DE recently got ported to Arch, too. I saw a post on Reddit about it.

Why use aur/doas over community/opendoas?

Iirc, Adwaita is the default theme for Gnome and thus most GTK apps. That’s why a lot of packages pull it in as a dependency.

My knowledge of handheld gaming stops at the PSP and Nintendo’s various devices, but there’s something nice about being able to take a game with you anywhere.

I recently modded my 3ds last year and have been using it as an emulator, which has been fun.

That’s exactly why they replaced the old groups feature to bring this in.

The difference is GitHub has Gitea, Gitlab, etc. as open source alternatives and almost every Freenode dev moved to

I’d be for banning political discussion on the main instance. With how little say users have when it comes to filtering things here aside from subscribing, it’ll lower a lot of conflict

#!/usr/bin/env python2

Aside from that, let’s go! Comic Sans gang rise up!

This is a newer userstyle sharing site made as an open-source alternative to by members of the Open Styles Discord server…

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very sleek

I remember Google translations and these flags were available a long time ago as well, but they were removed from Nightly because the translating itself was broken.