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Much better, though there’s still some overlapping.


The site is pretty hard to read on mobile since longer handles push the description off-screen, but I’ll look at it later!

Yes, check out gemini://

These are what I use on Linux and Windows respectively. Amfora would be the perfect client if you could make certificates in-browser and it could follow gemfeeds in it’s subscription page.

Looks cool! This is my first time hearing about this.

I never used screen or tmux so I’m not sure how they compare, but after using this for a week or so after seeing it on Reddit, it’s pretty enjoyable.

As the other guy said, you’re using a really old version of python. For reference, the current version is 3.9.2, but using any python3 would give you the result you need.

Honestly. If it doesn’t support even an env variable to change it’s folder, I usually just uninstall it

I changed my user-dirs.dirs file to this:


If only every application supported base directories instead of putting a .{name} file in the home dir.

There seems to be a special episode coming out later in the season that will clear up the ending a bit

Glad to hear it! Had to go digging though the help pages to find out what expand() did in the original and how to get the word under the cursor in Lua

I don’t use CoC and I don’t know every Lua API function so this might be clunky, but the following works on my machine:

function _G.show_documentation()
  local ft =
  local cword = vim.fn.expand('<cword>')
  if ft == 'help' or ft == 'vim' then
    vim.fn.execute('help ' .. cword)
  --[[ elseif vim.fn['coc#rpc#ready']() then'CocActionAsync', {'doHover'}) ]]
    vim.fn.execute(vim.o.keywordprg .. ' ' .. cword)

vim.api.nvim_set_keymap('n', 'K', "<Cmd>call v:lua.show_documentation()<CR>", {noremap = true, silent = true})

Note that I commented out the elseif statement since I don’t have CoC and the function fails if it can’t call coc#rpc#ready.

I dislike flatpak because the wayland experience sucks with GTK apps unless you’re using Gnome.

E: This has been fixed with the release of Gnome 40

Thanks for posting this. I was already in the process of removing unnecessary packages, so this is a good reference

Every thumbnail image hosted on seems to timeout, and post images don’t show up at all.

There’s also gemini:// that will show you other people’s plants that need watered.

I assumed it was based on the pomf code, but I guess not. I’d still recommend it for others though

I use catbox to host images, videos, & other files. You can create albums as well.