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Yo. This is like the second guy I’ve seen get banned for saying things the devs dont like. I can see why people get banned for spamming racial slurs… but really? This? You need to fix your trigger finger.

Used to use NordVPN.


Yeah. I don’t really know much about depression. One of my friends has it but he does not talk about it much.

Because they enjoy life and assumed you would too. I encourage you to look at life from a different lens. Your here, why not enjoy it? That is unless you have depression. I can’t really say anything about that, but I suggest taking some sort of anti depressants or something similar.

Erm. I am the only one who is happy with all the free cosmetics I am getting? Also I am still allowed to play on steam which is pretty cool. I don’t play a lot though so can someone please explain the downsides of being f2p.

I would just rather not have that power.

Sorry, last I played there was a controversy about entity speed being allowed. I haven’t played 2b2t in a while.

What is your opinion on 2b2t "allowing" hacks

I’m not talking about hacks not being bannable, I’m talking about hause not patching entity speed hacks. In my opinion, a perfect 2b2t is one with all hacks patched. …

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BOTW is pretty fun!