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What do you think of the increase in pornography addiction with the pandemic?
[Relevant link](https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33749537/) Personally it concerns me. I think there should be many more public campaigns against pornography addiction. Such a widespread issue essentially being censored. Sad.

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No less a guy from 20 years ago starring in it.

Yup, basically this. Smaller communities are less toxic and also lemmy has no incentive for profit. Reddits literal main goal is to make you scroll as long as possible but lemmy’s only incentive is to create a good expirience. The security is nice aswell :)

Seems kind of useless in the first place. Not sure why reddit ever added it.

Yeah. The wireless redstone and stuff like that is cool, but I wish they would actually change the fundamental cycle of progression and create new fields.

Downfall of Minecraft
Anybody else feel that minecraft slipped after Microsoft bought it. Before microsoft, every update felt like it added something of content, but now every update feels like its just added to make the game look better. Take the caves and cliffs update: those giant caves may look cool, but whats the fucking point? The mining experience is not really "supposed" to be this open. There was nothing wrong with the old caves, and now the new caves are not the same. I miss the pre 1.8 days of adding brand new mechanics like restone.

Thoughts on Pol Pot
Seems like a dude who wasn't really even communist who just killed a shit ton of people to me. Especially because he lived with the Cambodian royal family for a bit with his relatives.

Its a little late for that. Games been dead for a while.

If the source code was already public there surely must be some copies that will later be posted. I wouldn’t sweat it.

Nah. I wish I could go on 2b2t and see great buildings and stuff and think “this was all built by hand”. Even with the threat of griefers.

Seems like an add

You take criticizing China as liking the US which is not the same. Both suck :/

The joke is that trump supporters call everything, even things as unrelated as being gay, communism. Sorry if it isn’t funny fam.

Also… Apple is like, the most expensive company in the world. Too much money involved for anything to happen.

I’m not an absent mod. There’s nothing that has been needed to be removed/modded. I am on lemmy all the time lmao.

Damn. Hope to see an easier way to do this in the future.

If your interested, you should get a melodica. They are super cheap but useful!

Yes. Just pm me your password and I will change it for you.

This is satire don’t ban me.

Also, yes, this is in fact from the effects of global warmings.

I live on the east coast of the US and it seems as time goes on there is less gradual snow and rain (like every day) and more snow/rain storms (in bursts). We just had our first snowfall of barely anything 1 day ago and tomorrow there is going to be a snowstorm with more than a foot of snow T_T


/c/gaming for those who like gaming.
It's the lemmy version of r/gaming.

What is your opinion on 2b2t "allowing" hacks
I'm not talking about hacks not being bannable, I'm talking about hause not patching entity speed hacks. In my opinion, a perfect 2b2t is one with all hacks patched.

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