Building a Desktop

Hi everyone! I’ve never built a desktop and I was wondering what type of things I should take into consideration. I also have some mains questions on how wattage works, the CPU sockets and Graphics card (do motherboards come with integrated graphics like laptops?) and what about cooling? …

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[Help needed] Connecting external antenna to a cell device

I am travelling to rural places often and the cell coverage is pretty bad in some of them. The plan is to connect an external antenna to both a modem used for network connection and a feature phone that I have. …

While many smartphones are advertised as ‘water resistant’, this doesn’t mean they’re immune from water damage, and it usually just means they have more glue inside them. As a rule I treat all phones as not being water resistant which is why that is also not a criteria I use at all fore purchasing a…

Repairing computers

Hello everyone! …

Do you think phone-laptop or phone-tablet convertibles will ever take off?

Asus tried making a phone-tablet convertible way back with their Transformer series, Windows Phone had a feature where you could plug into a dock and use it as a full-Windows workstation (kind of), and in 2018, Razer showed off their concept for a phon…

Home server and backup strategy?

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