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I believe most computer work will move to the cloud and you will just log on to your windows or other os instance thats hosted on hardware you dont own, so it will be easier to just connect a low power phone to a monitor mouse and keyboard, but it will probably take a while, gaming is already moving to streaming more and more with things like geforce now, even if most people dont like the idea I think eventually it will be easier for people to pay an xbox subscription instead of buying an xbox and games

oh wow! ok never mind then haha I used mastodon before and I remembered you could follow a user but not the entire instance

I was hoping we would have the ability to follow other instance’s feeds with one account like how you subscribe to a subreddit on reddit. Like if someone made a lemmy instance all about photography then I could follow that feed instead of having to create an account on their instance, then follow an instance all about keyboards or cars etc. I think that would be the best way to decentralize the content instead of all being on one instance with multiple mini communities. Some times I follow multiple subreddits about the same thing because they have a slightly different focus so I dont think merging them would be the best option but being able to subscribe to one or the other or both would be nice

Vikings! A little over six weeks has passed since the release of Valheim, and a lot has happened since. We have sold 6 million units and our community is steadily growing bigger and stronger, which is absolutely fantastic! …



maybe convince small game developers to use an instance of Lemmy as a type of forum for their games, then of the games get big like valheim just did then that will pull more users who will start to find their way around the fediverse

I took the shot as I was walking into the store so I kind of hurried a bit because I didn’t want to be seen haha. On the way out there was another golf cart that looked like a jeep, but there was a guy sitting in it so I didn’t want to take the photo

I love my F3, this was with a 50mm 1.8 E series.

I don’t really feel all the updates before Microsoft always changed that much. I think the cave update is kind of cool because it adds so much more height to the world which is pretty cool, I’m just glad the game is still being updated after all this time. but personally once you have figured out most of the game it’s hard to get back that feeling of when you first started, when everything was new, I think that’s why valheim is doing so good right now, it’s kind of like playing Minecraft for the first time again


I like to make schematics of my planned builds during lunch breaks, after building it yesterday I realized the side rooms were too narrow so I expanded them here and now I can fix that when I get home…


there are screens you can add to game boys/game boy advances that are the correct scale. also I think it’s kind of cool to mod gameboys with new screens and get a rom cart and you can play those roms on original hardware with the better screens

Created a community to share content of the game Valheim…

Creation of the Valheim community