Created a Valheim server on an Asus C202s Chromebook!

I had an old intel based chromebook gathering dust and I have been wanting to use it as a small web and maybe gameserver. The C202s has the following specs: …

Native Linux Valheim performs noticeably worse than with Proton.

Valheim on Proton works better with OpenGL (34-50fps) than Proton with Vaheim’s Vulkan (15-20fps) mode. Native Linux builds are only getting 15-20fps. It’s kind of weird considering the lead developer does his work on Linux. I know the game has yet to be optimized, but I fear that Unity is just …

Modder ‘Willybach’ released earlier this week a 1.1GB HD Texture Pack for Valheim that aims to improve most of its textures. This pack covers most Biomes so far and many Building and Crafting textures. Furthermore, and by using AI techniques, it tries to stay as close to the vanilla textures as poss…

Valheim server for anarchist hackers or GNU/Linux activists

Hello we play 2-3 people on a server and we thought on maybe asking for more people to join that have similar conversation topics so we can have fun. If you are into libre software this is ok too… as of now we run the server on my side, but if we have more people I can put it on a vps 24/7…

Vikings! A little over six weeks has passed since the release of Valheim, and a lot has happened since. We have sold 6 million units and our community is steadily growing bigger and stronger, which is absolutely fantastic! …



I like to make schematics of my planned builds during lunch breaks, after building it yesterday I realized the side rooms were too narrow so I expanded them here and now I can fix that when I get home…



Join Us

I recently started playing this game and wanted to introduce the community to some Valheim chats that could use members: …

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