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Oh man, you’re right

To make him right-handed for wiimote-users, the quickest solution was to flip the whole darn world about its y axis.

Would have been cooler to just force them to play left-handed.

I hope not French citizenship… I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

It is very nice. I found out that Twilight Princess has some crazy slow-downs due to a flaw in its design.

up to and including Twilight Princess.

And I believe the GC version of that game was the intended one, right? I think I remember that they tacked on Wii support later on.

Fuck. (And I remember Super Metroid.)

Who has time to actually try all of these things? I tried RocketChat once and its main server seemed as dead as a doornail, and it otherwise seemed to not have such a great UI. As for the rest, I don’t know what makes them useful or unique. (Maybe you could give a quick run-down.)

OK I actually went ahead and tried this because I thought it looks cool. It does look cool. That’s about it. Aside from copying Discord’s UI to a T, it otherwise doesn’t seem to do hardly anything, and what it does do it seems to do poorly.

I want to like this since FOSS alternative to Discord are always welcome, but Matrix+Element is just light-years ahead of this. Like why even bother when Element exists and it’s amazing? (I know people who don’t like Element, but actually it’s amazing.)

Also, I get the sneaking impression it’s only named Revolt because of the name Riot, which Element used to be called.

How’s your experience with Dendrite? I’m interesting in hearing all the details. A single-user instance sounds easier than a multi-user one. However, why do you prefer that your family not use it?

I have not hosted a Matrix instance before, but I have read quite a bit about it and talked to a few people who do and have. Is it worth the effort? In many cases, it seems not to be. Also it depends on how much effort you think is too much. If installing and running a server for you is easy, then it could be worth it. If you know that your server won’t run out of resources, then it is probably worth it.

Matrix is known to be resource-heavy, and it will need an infinitely-growing amount of storage unless you can figure out some way to reset storage. Otherwise, you are most likely to need to look for a way to slow the rate at which the data grows. This could mean things like turning off federation (but this makes it less useful), or strictly limiting how many users your server can have. (Only you? That might be alright.)

For every user on your server who joins a room, your server must keep an entire copy of the room since it was created. Some of the data can be thrown out, but a lot of it can’t. To get back the space I believe you would have to part from the room and make sure no one else in your server is joined to it, then I think it would be automatically pruned. So you could, for example, “roll” your rooms by using them for a time, then quitting them and replacing them with brand new ones.

Although if I’m wrong about this, I hope someone will correct me. I used to be on a nice federated Matrix server that was public and being run by an ISP, so I thought it would be very dependable. The server worked when it had a small, fast disk (SSD probably). That disk ran out of space quickly, and was replaced by a slow, large disk. Because the new disk was slow, the service crawled to a halt. I then had to migrate back to matrix.org. Disroot is another example; it was a popular federated server, and they were forced to abandon it.

I actually don’t see any reason not to use matrix.org unless you just want the experience or know-how. As a hobby, if running a Matrix server brings you joy then absolutely do it.

Personally, what I do is run an XMPP server, and I found it totally to be worth it. Having that also makes bothering to set up Matrix seem like less worth the effort. (But then, why not both?) People can run small XMPP servers that use a miniscule amount of resources. I just checked, and my ejabberd server, which hosts ~7 people and a couple active group chats, is taking up all of 21 megabytes. (I couldn’t believe it so I had to check it twice.) It is configured to store all messages and uploads for 30 days, and it’s using less storage than it was a couple months ago. (Last time I checked it was more like 40 megs.) Can Matrix do that?

All the time I think about learning another language. There’s a lot of languages that I already know a little bit, but clearly not enough to actually use them. It’s always tempting to think that I could “fix up” one of these partially-learned languages and somehow be productive in them.

Can you recommend a pod? I used to have an account on the original server, but I deleted it after years of inactivity. :p

I don’t host Matrix, but I enjoy using it anyway. For XMPP I use ejabberd, but for a personal server you could use that or prosody. The protocol is light enough on resources that you should be able to run it easily on any machine. (Lots of rpi users use prosody, I heard.)

I have to admit that this does look cool, even though I already enjoy XMPP and Matrix. I guess I’ll give this a try sometime.

Lots of interesting projects don’t exist

Second Post

просто так…


Room Announcement

Recently room-announcement@chat.disroot.org was created in order to announce rooms on XMPP. I was thinking Lemmy might also be a good tool to use for something like this. …

If you want you can use this image for the Lemmy community as well. There is a site that makes these for all country flags, and i prefer this version because compared to “flat” flag images, it’s got a little bit of shading to make it visually pleasing. The file size is also impressively small…


Matrix Chat

Glad to see someone already created this sub. I hope it is managed well. I wanted to announce that I created the group “Free Palestine” on matrix.org


Join Us

I recently started playing this game and wanted to introduce the community to some Valheim chats that could use members: …

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