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I don’t think garbage-collected languages have a place in the future.

But there are so many…

My assumption is that it’s not a violation because the module’s code doesn’t contain GPL code but interfaces with the kernel (another program) that is GPL. As long as the sources don’t mix it shouldn’t be an issue, but then I’m not sure about the full technical details.

I have XMPP and Matrix

I sent you an invite on Matrix. I have XMPP too and various other things, so let me know if you get on a platform.

Hey I created a chat for exactly the same thing on Matrix not long ago. If you are interested in working together you can use this link on your community:



Matrix: #friendship:matrix.org

Please stop with the melodrama. You are not showing a willingness to consider other people’s feelings, instead you are going on narcissistic trip about how I “accused” you and that this is all about you and your things, and your personal experience. All this “me me me me me me”. Look, I’m sorry but this isn’t about YOU. I know white privilege makes you assume it’s all about you, but the fact that you won’t even reasonably consider another person’s point of view speaks volumes.

I mean, obviously this is not a good faith argument, and you are at least right now showing a lack the sensitivity to consider how others might feel. I thought your video was good overall, so like I said before try not to take it personally. If I did you a criticism that is my personal view and also my Marxist duty.

Yes the video was interesting and entertaining. I encourage you to keep making videos.

I don’t say that English is a superior language than other languages, let alone native languages of places that English speakers have colonized. Nobody else should make such implications either.

Kazakhstan is literally a Turkic nation, which has nothing to do with Turkey or the Ottoman empire, but rather it is literally themselves. Russian colonial propaganda in Central Asian countries often uses this ploy that you just used, that the Central Asians’ own culture is “foreign” and a threat.

Aside from the general whataboutism in your post, you also claimed that Russian colonization of Central Asia, which was violent and brutal, is “natural globalization”. Sorry, but there’s nothing natural about it. Even today if Kazakhstan were to try to get out from under Russia’s thumb, Russia would break them. So even now they live under threat.

You claim that Kazakhstan’s dysfunctional Soviet legacy is “fun and peaceful”. Sure… so wonderful.

There’s a lot that can be said here, but for all your talk the fact remains that you mocked Kazakh and implied that Russian is a superior language.

It’s not really about you personally, but the trauma Central Asia suffered under Russian colonization. I think it’s best not to imply (even unwittingly) that Russian is more valuable than Kazakh or another CA language. I hope you will join me in standing against Russian colonialism and influence in Central Asia.

I think that it’s nice she speaks Kazakh a little bit, but I couldn’t turn up the volume enough to hear if she was actually saying something nice or just mocking Kazakhs. She repeated something commonly taught in Russian colonialism, which is that Russian is a superior language because (mainly) its literature is more worthwhile, so when she said that she can read Lenin, Kropotkin, etc., this is kind of a subtle dig against Kazakh and Central Asian languages. They are deemed as less valuable by the Russian speaking community because of the history of colonization, which continued under the USSR. She doesn’t literally say that Russian is superior, but someone who is familiar with that society can catch the signal easily, along with the sarcastic tone.

I’m curious to try it, but also too lazy

You can make Indian egg coffee

If you use Android then Conversations is probably your best choice. Some people won’t use it because it requires them to create an XMPP account on some server, which apparently is too much trouble. Signal is more appropriate for normies who just want to open an app and have it work like WhatsApp out of the box. (It supports iOS as well.)

Swedish Egg Coffee

Has anyone dared to try this?..

My requirements for any keyboard is that both Esperanto and Tajik are supported, which rules out most of them, I think.

What is Vaporwave?

I have never heard of this, so I’m curious what it’s about…