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Mi esperas, ke ĉiuj helpantoj de Ukrainio riĉiĝos

Reddit also now has a lot of “features” I don’t want and hope Lemmy never gets. As for the wiki system though, that might be an interesting addition.

It’s already better than Reddit. If someone doesn’t want to use it, that’s their problem, not mine…

If you think the West is bad at explaining things, wait until you see eastern explanations…

As long as they fight against Russia that’s OK, otherwise it’s not OK

You’re one to talk about gaslighting.

Please you are the one supporting Russia’s fascist leadership. Putin is a right-wing nationalist to his core.

I’ve lived in the former USSR and witnessed it with my own eyes. I don’t give a shit about NATO. NO to fascist Russia.

Ukraine’s history of getting fucked by Russia is well known. Ukraine is fighting for its future, not to go back to being Moscow’s bitсh. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine proves why NATO is needed.

Russia is only anti-fascist in name, but fascist in its real character. Ukraine can have as many oligarchs as it wants, which doesn’t justify Russia invading it.

Next war? There is a war right now and Russia started it.

Oh yeah there’s no racists in Russia at all


There are some problems with the title and description of this community. First of all, Kashmir is not a part of India, so the Indian flag should not be displayed in the title. Second, the description falsely claims that Free Kashmir is “occupied” by Pakistan, when in fact it is India that is occupy…

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XMPP Toki Pona Chat Room

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Regarding Peter Bourgon's Excommunication

I read in the news that Peter Bourgon was officially excommunicated from Go “community spaces”. I’m curious if this community space, !golang@lemmy.ml, plans to comply with the ban. I think it would be useful to identify and support spaces that will not carry it out…

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просто так…

Room Announcement

Recently room-announcement@chat.disroot.org was created in order to announce rooms on XMPP. I was thinking Lemmy might also be a good tool to use for something like this. …

If you want you can use this image for the Lemmy community as well. There is a site that makes these for all country flags, and i prefer this version because compared to “flat” flag images, it’s got a little bit of shading to make it visually pleasing. The file size is also impressively small…


Matrix Chat

Glad to see someone already created this sub. I hope it is managed well. I wanted to announce that I created the group “Free Palestine” on matrix.org

Join Us

I recently started playing this game and wanted to introduce the community to some Valheim chats that could use members: …