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What happens if I just browse “all” on my feed. Then I’ll see posts to subs on other servers when they come in, right?

I was expecting some actual worst distros on this list, but I’m guessing the respondents have never tried any of those and simply just tried a handful of the very best distros, and then claimed the one they liked least was the “worst” distro.

Yeah I don’t even use Arch, but their wiki has helped me out on a few occasions. It’s a respectable distro, and the documentation is one important part of it.

I find those points of theirs to be pretty weak.

  1. With Flatpak most of the runtime stuff is packaged separately, so on Flathub for example you have most of the applications using common runtime components. Sometimes you need multiple versions of one of them, but the same goes for a lot of Microsoft’s stuff.
  2. I don’t find Windows to be any more backwards compatible than Linux is. On Linux you get the advantage of having access to the source more often, so source is going to be compatible for longer than binaries will. Source can be updated for compatibility too, giving it infinite life. (Of course, binaries could have infinite life if you take into account all the compatibility methods like virtualization.)
  3. Yeah I’m sure business just love using ancient proprietary software and not being able to upgrade their systems. Oh wait, I thought compatibility was strong on Windows. (Not that all such software runs on Windows, but of course a major chunk of it does.) Businesses will eventually have to replace that old stuff, whether it’s sooner or later. It would have been better if they had the source code in the first place and could use that to help them upgrade or replace it.

I don’t think Lemmy itself can have a culture. Specific servers can, like lemmy.ml, or even multiple servers forming some kind of a community, but as long as Lemmy is federated and dcentralized then it becoming popular is not going to hurt our community. People can always go form there own community and establish their own server.

Well it just depends on your mental fortitude. Harassers always stop when they don’t get a response, because your response is necessary for them to continue. Getting the messages at all can be upsetting, but the power is in your hands to delete them and not let it get to you.

It’s possible that the implementation leaves something to be desired. Because I have used this feature so little myself, I will have to investigate to see what is truly going on and know how the server handles it vs. how the client handles it. I am currently using Converations on my phone with a Disroot account, and I have someone blocked. When I go into “Account details” I can open “Show block list” in the drop-down menu and they are still there. (As they should be, lol.) I can hold down on it and elect to unblock them. My understanding is that the server keeps this list and doesn’t allow messages directly from that JID to even be delivered to my client. I can also imagine some clients not being aware of this at all.

Even though I blocked their JID, it’s possible we both can be in the same MUC and I get messages from them through the MUC itself. I’m not sure if it’s possible to block that without help from the MUC’s admin.

Edit: One caveat here is that if you block individual JID’s, someone could create more JID’s with which to message you. Some XMPP servers have this behavior whereby they silently delete all incoming messages from people you haven’t added to your roster, so this “add-first” policy helps them keep out spam. Ideally you would be able to contact your server admin in cases of abuse if it would become necessary to block problematic servers or warn the admins of said servers of abuse.

Personally I don’t think blocking is that important, because most of the time problems can be resolved in another way, like ignoring the messages. However, it can be necessary in extreme cases, and in fact it is already implemented in XMPP at the server level, as I understand. So there are probably many clients that support blocking whichever JID’s you desire. I myself have used the blocking feature in the past.

Is it working? I recommended a Windows friend of mine to check it out, but he said he couldn’t get it to work

Yeah same here. I’m getting ready to buy any thing they release next.

It’s actually been some time since I actively used it, but I like to follow its development. A lot of people don’t realize this, but it can be a convenient e-mail client too.

Hmm I guess that explains the app is so good, lol

Wait so Delta Chat’s Android app is a fork of Signal’s?

stick to their idea to not support MUC group chats

Yeah, that’s stupid if you ask me. MUC should have been the first thing they implemented, because for almost everyone it’s the main thing that they use XMPP for. I can give up OMEMO and a lot of other things if only MUC works, since that is more vital. As long as Kaidan doesn’t support group chats, I will never use Kaidan.

The thing is though, if they can really get MIX working and off the ground, I will respect that and I’ll even use it, but getting everyone to switch over to MIX seems like an impossible task. Good luck getting all the servers and clients out there to support it. (Could take years, but it’s possible.)

Probably the best thing a client wishing to support MIX can do is to support both MIX and MUC. It probably would even help MIX to succeed more if people didn’t have to choose one or the other.

All the ones I use personally support this: Conversations, Dino, and profanity. I’d be surprised if Gajim didn’t, too.

The caveat seems to be that you can only edit the last message you sent.

Just out of curiosity, since Telegram’s client is open source, couldn’t someone in theory fork it and then modify it so that it’s actually using XMPP but with a practically identical UI? I understand the changes would not be trivial, as you’d probably have to replace/rewrite a ton of code, but maybe there’s something in there worth using?

Aside from this, you have a few projects already to look at. Android has Conversations, which is so good that Android doesn’t actually need another client. If something truly bugs you about Conversations you can fork it, as many have done, or maybe a change you propose could be accepted upstream.

On the PC there is Dino, which so far is my favorite. It is still missing features and needs improvement, but what they’ve done so far is very good. You might want to contribute to that first before writing your own client. It would be best if Dino were ported to other OS’s, but somebody somewhere is working on that I think.

I also noticed a brand new project called Kaidan which might be the sort of thing you’re after, but it’s in such early stages that it’s not really usable.

Out of all platforms, it seems Windows users are hurt the most badly by really only having Gajim available. Gajim is usable and has many features, but in my opinion it’s just not good enough.

You could also check out Movim and see if that works for you. It’s probably the best web interface you can get for XMPP.

Regarding Peter Bourgon's Excommunication

I read in the news that Peter Bourgon was officially excommunicated from Go “community spaces”. I’m curious if this community space, !golang@lemmy.ml, plans to comply with the ban. I think it would be useful to identify and support spaces that will not carry it out…

Second Post

просто так…

Room Announcement

Recently room-announcement@chat.disroot.org was created in order to announce rooms on XMPP. I was thinking Lemmy might also be a good tool to use for something like this. …

If you want you can use this image for the Lemmy community as well. There is a site that makes these for all country flags, and i prefer this version because compared to “flat” flag images, it’s got a little bit of shading to make it visually pleasing. The file size is also impressively small…


Matrix Chat

Glad to see someone already created this sub. I hope it is managed well. I wanted to announce that I created the group “Free Palestine” on matrix.org


Join Us

I recently started playing this game and wanted to introduce the community to some Valheim chats that could use members: …

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