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Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.

If you want you can use this image for the Lemmy community as well. There is a site that makes these for all country flags, and i prefer this version because compared to “flat” flag images, it’s got a little bit of shading to make it visually pleasing. The file size is also impressively small…


Matrix Chat

Glad to see someone already created this sub. I hope it is managed well. I wanted to announce that I created the group “Free Palestine” on matrix.org


To infinity, and beyond!

UI seems the same as 1.3.1

I heard the mattress story and thought it just meant be slept in his office at night. I guess if someone else was sleeping in the office it’s just the same.

It’s not, I think it’s wise of them to reject the controversy itself. It’s a waste of time to pay attention to it or feed into it

Which operating systems support this?

In my opinion forced assimilation of Uyghurs crossed a lot of lines on what’s decent and just. Whether it’s technically “genocide” depends on what one means by that word. It’s true Xinjiang policy isn’t mass murder, but that’s setting the lowest bar possible for the policy to be even considered good.

Disroot uses Hubzilla and I did find it hard to use.

It really is underrated, but what can you do? It feels somewhat limited, but what it can do is actually impressive given that uses mainly XMPP. (Although it does it’s weird stuff on the side too…)

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I recently started playing this game and wanted to introduce the community to some Valheim chats that could use members: …

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