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This is a good one. All distros should update ASAP

In my opinion it’s unfortunate, but not very relevant to the rest of the world. I wouldn’t say it concerns Islam as a religion or the great majority of the world’s Muslims, so I wouldn’t try to draw any generalized conclusions from what happened. The murder that happened recently is unjustified and according to Islamic teachings/customs the murderer should be punished according to the law.

I skimmed through the article and the premise is right. I also think the starting analogy comparing American and British English is a fairly good one. It’s happened in multiple parts of the world that national politics have gotten people in different countries who speak the same language to claim that they speak a different language.

I don’t think it was ever the simplest chat protocol. Just look at weird things like resources, resource priority, MUC roles and affiliations, etc. You can still use it without E2EE encryption; all clients support that, but yeah OMEMO is becoming a “must have” thing.

I think the mods of each community have to decide for that community. Each community could have a different language policy, and also I think it’s important that a mod knows that language. I doubt there should be a site-wide policy, unless there’s some extreme circumstances to warrant it.

Practically speaking, if I post in a language to a community that the community doesn’t understand, I’d probably get discouraged just by the post not getting responses or upvotes. If I persist in spite of it obviously not working, the mods could ask me to stop.

Definitely not 100% anxiety, it’s just a factor that complicates things. I my self wonder how much simpler and easier the disease would have been for me if I had no anxiety and just didn’t worry about it, but the way it affects you mentally is very real.

I had anxiety as well, and I’ve suffered from anxiety-related illness in the past so it may be something I’m prone to, but I read about research done with COVID-19 and it appears to have a strong link to anxiety, and it’s thought that the infection and the body’s response actually physically causes anxiety. And that’s in addition to the lifestyle issues like being afraid of the disease, being in lockdown all year, and afraid that you’re going to die or be crippled. There’s really nothing for it

I got it about three months ago. At first it was just like having a cold and I didn’t really care, also it was impossible to tell if it was COVID-19 or not. That was the first week, but in the second week I felt more seriously sick, and one night I woke all shaky and short of breath. We went to the hospital, where they suspected COVID-19 and prescribed medication for pneumonia and to to help with breathing. My oxygen level was 91 which is below what’s considered healthy. Had to come in the next day for a chest X-ray, which showed lung infection, but were told it’s not dangerous as long as I feel I’m improving. That day oxygen was 93, and by the following week tested normal.

After going to the hospital I started feeling better relatively quickly, but then it did something weird where it seemed to move from my lungs to my nose, where it came on strong. I nearly completely lost my sense of taste and smell (I could only tell if something was salty or sweet), which returned in a few days. The congestion was probably the worst I’ve had, and then it returned to my lungs again but worse than before.

One of the bad things about it was that it was difficult to sleep; I was generally uncomfortable and kept waking up during the night. I was physically sick with COVID-19, but it was also seemingly complicated by anxiety. A doctor prescribed medication for that but it didn’t seem to help much. I tried an anti-depressant later, but the benefits were slight and the side effects were horrible.

My antibiotic course was 10 days and I stopped taking the breathing medication after that because I felt I didn’t need them anymore. Three or four weeks in it was as if I had mostly recovered, but suddenly I was struck with nausea, threw up one morning for no reason it seems. There was also a bout of diarrhea, maybe a week’s worth?

Fatigue, anxiety, nausea / loss of appetite, aches and pains around the chest, upper back, and neck. Some mild headaches. Just feeling shitty, and I thought it would never end because it all lasted two months total. Individual symptoms would last a few days, get better, and then something else would bother me. Around the end of the two months I either caught something else like a cold or had a brief relapse of cold-like symptoms with coughing, trouble swallowing, and then that was it.

I’m thankful that I seem to have made a full recovery. Eventually I regained my appetite, the pains are gone, I can sleep normally, I feel that I breath well, anxiety has subsided, and so on. The thing that I still have is mild neck pain, but I don’t know the exact cause. I read as much as I could about the disease, and it seems that long-term symptoms can be fallout due to damage the virus has done to your body, which can take several months to a year to heal. Knock on wood, I don’t appear to have developed any bad complication.

The worst part is that it lasted so long and I didn’t know if I was going to get better or worse. The whole thing was scary and frustrating. People think staying in home quarantine, wearing masks, and social distancing is a drag, but those things are fun and games compared to the disease. Any way to avoid it is totally justified in my opinion.

Personally I think one tends to draw overly large conclusions from things like this. I don’t pretend that the situation isn’t complex, but in the case of this murder (which is criminal and unjustified), we’re talking about a small number of individuals involved in unusual circumstances that led to this. You couldn’t possibly take this story and then go on to draw conclusions about masses of people like “Muslims” or “French people”, and so on. I’ve seen in Muslim communities worldwide, people thousands of miles away in other countries fretting about the implications of what happened in France, but honestly I don’t see what it has to do with them at all.

Somehow I feel all of this is ultimately some twisted, nasty result of colonialism. Should Muslims living in other parts of the world really care what someone in France does? Or about a cartoon? This is all about unequel power relationships.

Is this just a site policy of lemmy.ml or does the Lemmy software itself not allow this to be modified or disabled? I can understand people wanting it to be configurable, but people who won’t use this site because the filter is in place shouldn’t feel welcome here anyway.

My country US&A celebrate

Honestly I’ve never edited Latex before, but something tells me the best one is probably going to be emacs

Hopefully in the future we won’t use Android anymore

What is Vaporwave?

I have never heard of this, so I’m curious what it’s about…