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A fear monger Tory? I guess they have been around for a while, and in multiple countries.

It’s amazing how much it benefits all when there isn’t a greedy monkey (capitalists) on their back.

I find it very strange that a country created largely by those who escaped the holocaust, go on to create a holocaust of their own.

I’m jealous. I want a 5g horse too.

I always get confused when someone tells me they were born after 2000, it’s kind of like someone telling me they were born yesterday.

1995 doesn’t feel like 26 years ago to me either.

Raspberry Pi 4 with Kodi installed hooked into your tv. Install samba on your laptop and share movies, load this share into Kodi. Now you have open source and local Netflix, you’re welcome.

One more step on making the movie Wall-e a reality.

Anyone else miss the good old days without downloadable content?
Does anyone else miss those good old days where you just bought a game once instead of continuously and forever?

This may be a problem for me too soon as I’m planning on picking up the Hisense a5 pro

Perhaps just having the arrow change to white if upvoted?

Microsoft has a long history of ruining good things. Hotmail and Skype are two really good examples.

Manual transmission doesn’t mean anything with electric. The only reason for it was to help fill in the gaps in the power on an ICE. The lower end cars don’t have TCS btw.

You second point is completely wrong for many areas. My area, for example, 70% of my electricity comes from hydroelectric dams, 20% renewables (wind, solar), 5% nuclear, and 5% methane (some of which comes from reclamation from farms). I don’t think there is a large scale gasoline generator in the country, same story for coal.

Meanwhile I’m in North America looking longingly at the fairphone and lamenting over the fact that you can’t get it here.

I’m hoping we can make up in quality users, over quantity of users.