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Dear all, and welcome to c/anarcho_gaming!..

I been playing this game, is a real RPGMMO like Ultima Online and Darkfal, so that means territory control, full loot, full sandbox, so as an anarchist you can build your nation as you wish, and you will have to defend it against others of course…

Any games with anarchist context? (I will settle with movie/book recommendations if there are none)

There are countless games that simulate worlds and societies with hierarchical structures (you are a god, you are a military leader, you are a business owner, you are a football club manager, etc). Are there any games that explore player agency within an anarchic context? I’m not asking for examples…

Valheim server for anarchist hackers or GNU/Linux activists

Hello we play 2-3 people on a server and we thought on maybe asking for more people to join that have similar conversation topics so we can have fun. If you are into libre software this is ok too… as of now we run the server on our side, but if we have more people we can put it on a vps 24/7…

Anyone else miss the good old days without downloadable content?

Does anyone else miss those good old days where you just bought a game once instead of continuously and forever? …

Any free-software gamedevs around?

I don’t have anything to do with gamedev, but i’m interested in playing free-software games. Are any of you actually building games following anarchist principles? :)…

Just a painfully true meme for the start. …

Question on discord ban

Hey, …



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