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Cool, some reading! Thanks a lot for sharing <3

Would you mind crossposting to !anarchism@lemmy.ml ?

So true! I wouldn’t call it the most racist country on Earth, but it’s definitely in the most racist countries on Earth. I can elaborate if some people are curious :)

Incredible community! Maybe some day i should try and participate there instead of writing ansible spaghetti code :P

Thanks for sharing this article. It’s more nuanced and interesting than i expected, although i have disagreements with some parts of course. Overall, it raises the question of Do we want to accept authoritarian rule and some forms of injustice, in the name of material development for the masses?

Personally, i’m strongly in the “no” camp (“freedom or death”). But this article is a somewhat fair argument for “yes”.

Listen to Noam Chomsky holding forth about “left intellectuals” who try to “rise to power on the backs of mass popular movements” and “then beat the people into submission. . . . You start off as basically a Leninist who is going to be part of the Red bureaucracy. You see later that power doesn’t lie that way, and you very quickly become an ideologist of the right. . . . We’re seeing it right now in the [former] Soviet Union. The same guys who were communist thugs two years back, are now running banks and [are] enthusiastic free marketeers and praising Americans”

What’s wrong with this quote? Is it not true that in much of the ex-USSR the “communist” elites have organized the privatization of resources/industry? Is that not how Putin for example came to power and helped establish the new oligarchy?

Is that not the case all the way back to Lenin, who promised communism but massacre everyone who actually practiced it (Ukraine Commune, Cronstadt…) ?

these Reds side with the poor and powerless often at great risk and sacrifice to themselves

I guess it depends on local context, but i would say it’s true for some persons/networks, but definitely not true when it comes to Communist Parties. Or it may be true depending on the perceived advantages of doing so… for example the PCF in France defending independent Algeria on paper then voting for the war against independence, or denouncing State racism then mounting local militias to attack immigrant housing.

Orwell announced that a “willingness to criticize Russia and Stalin is the test of intellectual honesty

Again, what’s wrong with this quote? We could say the same about the US empire, btw… I’d say someone who is not willing to criticize both is a puppet of imperial interests. In practice, Orwell witnessed this first hand when he was in a trotskyist militia during the spanish revolution: he saw the communist party seize power and massacre all opposition (anarchist/trotskyist), so i can understand where that sentiment comes from. I truly recommend reading his autobiographic Homage to Catalonia for historical context.

And the Soviet Union, along with Bulgaria, the German Democratic Republic, and Cuba provided vital assistance to national liberation movements in countries around the world, including Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress in South Africa.

That’s true, but misleading. Some people’s republics have done huge service to foreign populations (eg. Cuban medical support), but when it comes from the USSR it was never (that i know of) for free. Material support was in exchange of suppressing the local leftists (like Lenin/Trotsky did in USSR) in order to build a vassal state. That’s for example what the USSR did during the spanish revolution, which arguably killed the revolution and led to the victory of fraquist fascism.

Instead, we maintained that, aside from the well-publicized deficiencies and injustices, there were positive features about existing communist systems that were worth preserving, that improved the lives of hundreds of millions of people in meaningful and humanizing ways.

Well that’s the first fair and balanced sentence in the whole article. The author went to great lengths to say that the USSR and other people’s republic were unjustly attacked, before finally recognizing that there are “injustices” to address… which was the whole point of criticizing the USSR (from a leftist perspective) the entire time.

“Western and also Third World intellectuals were attracted to the Bolshevik counterrevolution [sic] because Leninism is, after all, a doctrine that says that the radical intelligentsia have a right to take state power and to run their countries by force, and that is an idea which is rather appealing to intellectuals.”

Well that’s true. Enlightened intellectuals tend to consider the people too stupid to self-organize or have an informed opinion on things. The author would do himself a great service by analyzing what he finds wrong in this quote, instead of just asserting it’s plain wrong without explanations.

(Lenin) Yet he himself is repeatedly identified as an ultra-left putschist by mainstream journalists and some on the Left.

Yet again, what’s wrong with this? Lenin literally came back to Russia in the middle of a revolution, organized a military putsch, and jailed/killed all opposition. Not only did he do it but he advocated for this as “vanguard” and “dictatorship of the proletariat”.

Left anticommunists find any association with communist organizations to be morally unacceptable because of the “crimes of communism.” Yet many of them are themselves associated with the Democratic Party

Wow we are definitely not talking about the same “leftists”. Remember the author was citing Chomsky as an example of left anti-communism. How is Chomsky any close to the Democratic Party?

the perks enjoyed by party and government elites were modest by corporate CEO standards in the West (…) Soviet leaders like Yuri Andropov and Leonid Brezhnev lived (…) in a housing project near the Kremlin set aside for government leaders. They had limousines at their disposal (like most other heads of state) and access to large dachas where they entertained visiting dignitaries.

Right on point. But how does that make such injustice acceptable? Noone is arguing that western neoliberalism is “better” than USSR State capitalism. At least noone on the left.

But a real socialism, it is argued, would be controlled by the workers themselves through direct participation instead of being run by Leninists, Stalinists, Castroites, or other ill-willed, power-hungry, bureaucratic, cabals of evil men who betray revolutions. Unfortunately, this “pure socialism” view is ahistorical and nonfalsifiable; it cannot be tested against the actualities of history.

It’s a historical view. There are countless examples of such movements throughout history, except in marxist-leninist “history” because they have been entirely erased.

The armed workers would take control of production without benefit of managers, state planners, bureaucrats, or a formal military. While undeniably appealing, this worker syndicalism denies the necessities of state power. Under such an arrangement, the Nicaraguan revolution would not have lasted two months against the U.S.-sponsored counterrevolution that savaged the country

This is a fallacy! That military activities requires central planning goes mostly without doubt (though some could argue otherwise). But that does not mean that central military power should hold political power over the local population. Two historical examples:

  • the Makhnovtchina held zero political power over the communes of Ukraine
  • the EZLN holds to this day zero political power over the zapatistas caracoles

On the contrary, it is arguable that personal/communal autonomy is a fuel that drives people to defend the revolution with all their heart, whereas conscription or being ordered to execute your neighbors or union comrades is not exactly a good motivation…

All this is not to say that everything Stalin did was of historical necessity. The exigencies of revolutionary survival did not “make inevitable” the heartless execution of hundreds of Old Bolshevik leaders, the personality cult of a supreme leader who claimed every revolutionary gain as his own achievement, the suppression of party political life through terror, the eventual silencing of debate regarding the pace of industrialization and collectivization, the ideological regulation of all intellectual and cultural life, and the mass deportations of “suspect” nationalities.

Correct. But i find it weird not to apply the same kind of historical criticism to Lenin/Trotsky.

In fact, the capitalist restoration in Eastern Europe seriously weakened the numerous Third World liberation struggles that had received aid from the Soviet Union and brought a whole new crop of right-wing governments into existence, ones that now worked hand-in-glove with U.S. global counterrevolutionaries around the globe.


No longer needing to convince workers that they live better than their counterparts in Russia, no longer restrained by a competing system, the corporate class is rolling back the many gains that working people have won over the years.


Having never understood the role that existing communist powers played in tempering the worst impulses of Western capitalism, and having perceived communism as nothing but an unmitigated evil, the left anticommunists did not anticipate the losses that were to come. Some of them still don’t get it.

I somewhat agree with this interpretation. But i could also take it from another angle: Having never understood the role that perspectives of actual freedom & equality for all played in tempering the worst impulses of tyranny, and having perceived anarchism as nothing but chaos, the marxist-leninists did not anticipate the losses that were to come. Some of them still don’t get it.

I personally would love if voting was restricted to members of a specific community. That would truly help augment the signal/noise ratio. Practical example: it’s not uncommon on /c/anarchism to have stalinist fanboys come and mass-downvote all they can find… except our forum is not intended for them to consume/judge.

Well The Register’s article does not sound anti-Wikipedia at all. In fact i would argue it’s pretty much pro-Wikipedia, since this kind of nonsensical “vandalism” (as they say in wiki land) is entirely transparent and so was possible to identify at all.

Now yogthos is pretty much anti-Wikipedia because they see it as a pro-US propaganda machine. Which is silly, you just have to read articles on Julian Assange, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, CoIntelPro, or NSA to realize that many Wikipedia articles directly contradict US national interests and propaganda apparatus.

“Nooooo but what are the chances that our military agencies would do R&D and then try to masquerade it as aliens? Military is good and honest and transparent, only aliens would try to hide!”

(end sarcasm here)

Unfortunately there is close to zero trustworthy hardware manufacturer these days. In the DIY world there’s still Virax or Festool who have a well-deserved good reputation. In the laptop/phone space there’s some manufacturers making efforts like System76/Librem and a few others, but they still have no power over all the components so obsolescence (planed or not) still applies.

But in the 2D printer world it’s just… mafia everywhere. Apparently print heads are remarkable high-tech that are designed around specific ink mechanical properties to handle, and there’s very few people/corporations with the know-how and the budget to produce these. That’s why you find an abundance of free-hardware 3D printers (a heating head is easy to manufacture) but exactly zero free-hardware 2D printer.

I personally would spend more money than i should on a free-hardware 2D printer. Printers are usually the worst pieces of hardware i have to interact with.

BTW thanks for sending me down a rabbit hole that Mastodon account is a gold mine ;)

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/421421 > Transcript from the post: > > > I've read here and there about how autistic people aren't able to recognise social hierarchies. Obviously I can't speak for everyone, but in my experience it's not that I haven't been able to recognise them, it's that I don't respect them and I don't care (inverted smiley face)

Transcript from the post: > I've read here and there about how autistic people aren't able to recognise social hierarchies. Obviously I can't speak for everyone, but in my experience it's not that I haven't been able to recognise them, it's that I don't respect them and I don't care (inverted smiley face)

I usually hate that meme of the macho muscly doge as symbol of perfection, but with all the glitter added i like it :P

So first Anonymous is not a single group, it’s a banner…

Then don’t forget all the many campaigns againts US cops (ICE, FBI), against US private surveillance (Stratfor) and against white supremacist US movements. So please do some reading before you post some nonsense ;)

I stand for abolition of family. The problem is that this argument has been depleted of its meaning by marxist States who replaced the expected affection of a community, with the cold hand of the State…

That looks like a screenshot from Graeber’s CCC talk! Strongly recommend to watch it

That’s a very good example, thanks for sharing!! Personally, something i’ve witnessed in some place i won’t name but was fucking amazing was support groups that organized as a no-face militia to threaten bosses who didn’t respect workers… like refused to pay them in restaurants. From what i could see with my eyes they were very very quick to pay before we made a mess.

According to Videolan org there is officially no motive communicated yet, but as the article points out there’s a correlation that some viruses used forked VLC as a means of reaching targets lately. It’s not far-fetched to imagine that someone, somewhere in an office who has no idea what “compiling” even means thought they need to block the (official) VLC website to stop the infections.

Negating our differences of lived experience is precisely what divides us and what enables to have divided struggles that don’t threaten the oligarchy. Marxist ideology in particular is really bad in that it’s a universal dogma (except for modern intersectional marxist critique).

We need to accept that we all have different experiences and make that our strength to build actual unity along our shared interests. As long as we have marxists/anarchists stay blind to gender and race oppression, it’s very likely for mainstream anti-racist/anti-sexist organizing to remain blind to class issues.

There is a strong demand for class-based organizing in various “specific” struggles. Whether working-class organizations open the doors to such critiques/movements defines whether we’ll be divided or not.

Mandatory reading on the topic: https://usa.anarchistlibraries.net/library/the-women-s-causus-of-the-anarchist-federaton-uk-a-class-struggle-anarchist-analysis-of-privile

I recommend you read some history. Many popular uprisings have been led by women at the forefront. That organized workers movements gave them little space/autonomy (much like for non-white people) is undeniable, but to say that worker struggles were a “men’s right movement” is a REALLY far stretch.

I’m not from the USA but for example there two major figures of the workers movement in late 19th century / early 20th were Emma Goldman and Lucy Parsons. That they’ve been mostly erased from history books tells more about who writes/distributes the books and their agenda than about a perceived lack of women in social struggles.

For example, when it comes to anarchism people usually recommend reading Kropotkin/Bakunin/Proudhon, slipping under the carpet the many theoretical contributions of women. If only to name one, read Emma Goldman ;)

Yes, that’s the problem. Gun regulations were passed by Reagan specifically because the anti-imperialist Left was getting armed (see Black Panthers & others). Gun regulations will never prevent the sociopaths from reaching guns, as they are the ones (or very close to them) who wield the “legitimate violence of the State”.

we should develop tech like artificial uteruses and just move unwanted baby/fetus/idk-the-terminology into these instead BUT we should also have a comprehensive social welfare program to raise ALL children/humans

Yes not happening anytime soon. The social system is a disaster and our overlords have enough wage slaves to go by. Oh and they’re expanding the prison industrial complex to have even more slave work. Why would you insist on keeping fetuses alive if only to offer them a life of misery and slavery?

Over a century ago major anarchists argued that bodily autonomy and reproductive rights were essential to make sure we the lower people don’t give an endless pool of cheap labor and cannon fodder to the bosses and the government. The situation has not changed since then, except that ecological conscience has grown to favor even more those neo-malthusian arguments like Emilie Lamotte had back in the day.

All in all, do what you want with your body. I’m noone to judge whether someone should have an abortion or not (besides myself obviously). There’s a ton of personal context to consider that may make either decision dramatically traumatic: noone should be able to take it instead of the person directly affected.

The Party needs funds so leaders can acquire properties in Dubai
The article is about a property register data leak in Dubai, where we can learn the names of many people who hide assets over there. Interestingly, most properties were not associated with a name but with offshore corporations (because of course). But in the names revealed in the leaks, we can find Roman Lyabikhov, who is currently a parliamentarian for the Communist Party in Russia. Makes you wonder what these "communists" are really about if you didn't have doubts before ;) ;)

Hacker News discusses #Jan6 and #CHAZ uprisings
Are they coup attempts? Random protests? None of the above? Find out what your favorite startup nation soc-dems and liberals are thinking on Hacker News :)

[CW: NSFW, Infighting] Trotskyist SWERFs violently attempt removal of Pro-sex work protestors while Proud Boys heckle crowds unopposed.
One of the banners reads "Sex work is real work and all work sucks" i thought that would be of interest to some people here :) cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/235640 > When will people learn to not punch down? > > > Sex workers were amused and disgusted by socialists who told one protester that she “lacks the intellectual integrity to understand the concepts being discussed”. > > (凸ಠ益ಠ)凸

META: is this a military propaganda community?
Is this about bending gender roles or about cheering for military institutions who employ women? I'm so to say more comfortable with one option than the other. PS: For context, the only 2 posts in this sub are propaganda pictures of women soldiers from Russia and some asian (not sure which country) military.

It's nice and all to focus on what's happening in Ukraine because Putin's rule is truly horrifying for those who defy the norms (queers, anarchists..) but let's not forget there is war elsewhere. Such as in Yemen, where the Saudis (long-time petro-allies of the USA) have been bombing the local population and committing horrendous crimes for years... all with the nice and friendly help from western powers [selling weapons](https://www.amnesty.fr/controle-des-armes/actualites/armes-francaises-au-yemen--un-mensonge-detat) and performing [drone strikes on civilians](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/dec/12/air-strike-yemen-15-wedding-guest-killed-mistaken-al-qaida). From the article: > Children are the “first and most to suffer”, UNICEF said, adding that at least 10,000 minors have been killed or injured since 2015, when the Saudi-led military alliance launched air raids in the Middle East’s poorest country. > Hundreds of thousands of people have died as a direct or indirect consequence of Yemen’s war between the Iran-backed Houthi rebels and government forces backed by the Saudi-led military coalition. PS: Does someone have a link for the ex-US-inteligence operatives investigated for working on political repression for Saudi intelligence? i remember reading about it on HN (because one of them "came clean" when he realized how he was being "used") but can't find the source now

I mean we could be critical of some lyrics, i'm not saying otherwise. But claiming socialism is about supporting war efforts from one of the biggest empires on earth run by an ex-secret-service operative... that's a major shift in direction!