The article is about a property register data leak in Dubai, where we can learn the names of many people who hide assets over there. Interestingly, most properties were not associated with a name but with offshore corporations (because of course).

But in the names revealed in the leaks, we can find Roman Lyabikhov, who is currently a parliamentarian for the Communist Party in Russia. Makes you wonder what these “communists” are really about if you didn’t have doubts before ;) ;)


Managed opposition obviously. That guy probably was just trying to secure his pay-offs somewhere safer.


Yeah of course. I mean beyond the authoritarian problem in those circles, many communist parties around the world took a liberal turn when the USSR collapsed (if not before, see also Lenin’s NEP). In many parts of France where the communist party rules local politics, you can see they’re just as much about business and gentrification than any other party… It would not surprise me if the Communist Party of Russia was just Putin’s puppet, but i’m curious if some people have more detailed readings on the matter.

Are you an Anarchist? The answer might surprise you!


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