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Eh, sorry but that is not Anime. Take your American cartoon discussions somewhere else 🤪

/me counts the number of chip producing companies…

Not really more than 3 either at semi decent node sizes.

An open ISA is certainly nice if your alternatives are owned by companies that might have to sanction you in the future, but chip production is way too complicated for an open ISA to make much difference for consumers in regards to more competion (especially outside of China).

Hmm, can’t claim to be an expert, but I heard the opposite. According to the article I read the original RISC-V ISA was developed by the University of California to be simple and easy to teach, but the opposite of optimized.

By now this has surely improved a lot, but most commercially available SoCs seem to include a lot of complex out of spec and proprietary extensions to get semi decent speed. And those larger Chinese server chip designs might be ok for highly parallel workloads, but are not exactly great either (like those old AMD Bulldozer chips).

Imperialists I guess, at least in recent history. But while the Japanese did a lot of horrible war crimes in WW2, systematic eradication of a minority population aka “genocide” was not so high on their list.

That title probably goes to Cambodia in Asia, and overall it is highly likely that Mao and his cronies caused more civilian deaths in the 20th century than Japan did.

Odd, such an announcement and no mention of their own project called Kallithea. It’s actually a quite nice forge with support for both git and mercurial.

Hmm worked for me out of the box with Proton about a year ago. I only ever played the single player part though. Did you check proton db?

If the airship uses hydrogen, then you need some tanks for it anyways and those could also feed fuel cells. They are not that heavy if made from carbon fiber. Its also much easier to refill on the way on a short stop.

Also such an airship has potentially a huge surface area for solar panels. Regular silicon ones are probably too heavy, but those Perovskite cells under development can be super lightweight at still decent efficiency.

But I agree, let’s be skeptical until there is actually some real ones flying again.

Rather it can be, but usually it is not. The main specs are freely available, but since the design is not copyleft the actual chip designs are usually not and often even include proprietary extensions.

They actually sell one already: the Pinecil with the breakout board is a tiny Risc-V board 🤫

They should just do the opposite: kick out England from the UK.

There have been a lot of advances in light weight materials since then, and while it is correct that weight is limited, space is not, so a passenger will be the opposite of cramped. The main passenger space in a Zeppelin is inside the main cylinder, the gondola below is only the cockpit basically.

So if they can make it economically viable, then a trans-atlantic crossing with an airship might take longer, but it will be a lot more comfortable and they could even do low altitude flights and sightseeing stops on the way.

Compared to Airplanes yes, but the old ones did go up to 200 km/h AFAIK. Crossing the Atlantic took around three days.

There are some engineers that say the problem was not the hydrogen itself, but rather a combination of the leaky and electro-statically charged hull material and the hydrogen.

If modern hull materials would allow using hydrogen that would have many advantages. Not only has hydrogen about 20% more lift AFAIK, but it is also globally available through electrolysis of water and can be used for light-weight fuel cells to run the electric motors.

I suspect that only hydrogen filled and run airships will be economically viable.

I think there is an easier explanation: many women have lower paying jobs where they are often interacting with very diverse sets of people.

Most female targeted media is rather counter productive as it usually promotes some kind of happly ever after nest building behaviour IMHO.

See my comment above, I think what is actually shown is closer to Gnome + KDE. KDE made some serious effort to reduce memory consumption to make it run on mobile phones.

Hmm, I can’t check right know, but I suspect Fedora is disadvantaging KDE a lot by running a lot of GTK apps automatically, thus basically what you see in the graph is not KDE but Gnome + KDE.

Last time I actually checked my KDE Manjaro setup it only took 400mb or so ram.

Nice find. Does the artist have a website or so?

Poor Russian peasant farmers mostly… but don’t let facts disturb your little circle jerk here 😒

Some people tried this before, by rebranding feminism into a emancipatory movement that explicitly includes men.

The problem is that in our society/culture men are often even more indoctrinated into typical gender roles than females, because those male roles are being sold to them as being something better while in reality they are just perpetuating the toxic rat race / hustle culture.

The hight of the irony is when feminists want to take over male domains without realizing that they would be drawing the short stick by doing so.

Anyways, tl;dr an explicit “men’s movement” can’t work as it would just perpetuate toxic gender roles, and anything else is just a plain old emancipatory movement.

Wayland is not going to save the Linux Desktop
Some issues with Wayland explained.

New: Loomio chat integrations!
XMPP should work via a webhook bridge as well.

Neat new collaborative web editor.

My Unholy Battle With a Rock64
kinda mirrors my experience with the more obscure pine64 devices.

The developers behind aria-net.org have been working hard to improve their Bifrost fork for both room bridging and by adding experimental MAM support for the gateway mode. Sadly no sign of upstream being interested to merged the changes, but maybe once they see the massive improvements they will wake up ;)

Some nice improvements to online multiplayer lately.