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Ergo IRC Server

I have been running this for a while now and it works really well. Super easy to setup and works great in combination with https://kiwiirc.com/

The ChromeOS growth is basically 100% because it comes pre-installed on cheap hardware. I have actually never heard of anyone installing it themselves on a regular x86 laptop, even though I think that is possible.

Sometimes it can be a quick fix to prevent the blocked user to just create anther account on the same server and continue harassing users on your instance. Instance admins often value their own time and nerves over making the “fairest” possible blocking decision, and I can understand why.

Nice, so now I just need some pictures of the Steam Deck docking station ;)

(and maybe some specs on the long rumored stand-alone VR headset Valve might be working on)

Sounds good to me :)

Edit: Maybe the entire thread of a blocked top-level comment should be hidden? Or maybe some sort of collapsed “blocked top-level comment” thread could be shown?

I don’t agree with most of the article either, but looking at it from a more general point of view it is true that at 2-5% at most Linux is not anywhere near adoption of the general masses and the next step would be rather to get normal “tech enthusiasts” (i.e. not the very early adopters like currently) to use it more.

I know actually quite a few people that fall into this category and who continue to use Windows on their desktop. They claim to have their reasons, which I find mostly non-sensical, but they are definitely not part of the open-source culture and thus the superficial outside look at some of the discussions ongoing gives them easy excuses to be lazy and continue using Windows.

That is what I meant with hiding.

But I really don’t think preventing top level comments is a good idea either. Why not just hide those too?

Edit: I think it would make more sense on a personal feed like Mastodon to block top level comments. But on a public forum like Lemmy it is exactly the top level comments that are the most important discussion starters. Why would you give some arbitrary link poster the power to suppress those?

Reporting is not implemented yet in the UI, and I think it should be reserved for extreme cases and obvious spam as otherwise it puts too much work-load on the moderators.

Edit: as a moderator myself I also do not like to be put into the spot of having to decide in cases that are not so clear cut, as it takes considerable mental effort and you just end up losing either way.

Just don’t do free tech support for huge companies (as they after all got paid for providing that support)… it will probably get you some annoyed responses from friends / family members, but they most likely would not ask you to do substantial repairs on their cars for free either. So just don’t do it.

This is honestly the complete opposite of my experience. Especially the display manger on Windows crashes all the time, they just (rather recently) got really good at hiding that fact, so that on a cursory glance it is not so noticeable on modern Windows PCs. However I don’t think I ever had KDE crash on me on normal desktop use (in nearly 20 years of Linux deskop use).

Everything works in the Linux desktop, but nothing works well.

Yet it works (for me) consistently better than Windows and MacOS. Might be personal bias, but all the supposedly necessary telemetry to fix issues seems to not actually fix them on these systems.

On GNU/Linux stuff mostly gets fixed because it annoys the developers… not a perfect system either, but I can actually see things improving, while Windows seems to never actually fix glaring issues.

Can't comment... with "this user has blocked you" message

Is that really how user-blocking has been implemented? …

Channel Zero is an english-based anarchist radio/podcast network run by radical media makers. We are here to present anarchist analysis & context to deepen peoples understanding of the situation and broaden the struggle. We share stories from the front-lines, lessons from history, and battle-teste…

Great, but how is this related to solarpunk?

Maybe from large shitty company offices to smaller companies that are fine with remote work and better work-life balance.

Uhm, MEGA-upload and the entire legacy of Kim Dotcom is really shady. I guess this might not be directly related to him any more, but I would still stay clear.

Cooling PV is long known to increase efficiency, but this kind of cooling basically boils down to evaporative cooling using a lot of water in the process. Might be feasible in some settings or when the plant-cover has some other benefit, but there are better ways to cool PV systems.

I wonder if the real solution (other than obviously plant and insect based protein) isn’t “reusable” animals… there are lizards that will drop their tail when scared and regrow it without much problem. Thus having a giant lizard tail farm should not be that difficult and the meat is similar to chicken.

That was speculated, but right now it looks more like at least for EAC and Battleye (the two most prominent anti-cheat systems on Steam titles AFAIK), this will not be necessary.

You can also subscribe to them via Mastodon or similar ActivityPub software (sadly not yet Lemmy) and even leave comments.

Cool project, but the initial use-case of books seems rather less useful (in an age of ebooks…). Would be more interesting if they added other sharing economy things to it.

Língua "tandem"?

O meu português falado é realmente mau (ler & escrever com ajuda de tradução automática é melhor), por isso se alguém estiver interessado numa troca de línguas em tandem através de chat vídeo, por favor envie-me uma mensagem. Eu falo inglês e alemão fluentemente…

Sugestão para comunidades adicionais

Uma comunidade para os Açores e a Madeira seria óptimo. …