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One of their main data-centers completely burned to the ground a few weeks ago and many people did not have backups as that was an paid addon. I think now they promised to have free backups for everyone…

A bit of the same old games though. I understand that there arn’t that many FOSS games with the necessary polish to have multiplayer tounaments, but something newer like Veloren or OpenSpades might be nice to mix it up a bit.

LoRaWan has really low bandwidth though. Even less than GSM. I think it would be fun to have a grassroots urban Lorawan network for text messaging and maybe gemini, but it really isn’t in any way a technology to provide internet access.

Hmm, I only have a clusterboard, so not sure what is available on the base board.

Wired ethernet might give you a hint if it boots at all or not. There is probably a network trafic light on the baseboard as well.

But I can’t really say much more, other than for me the Sopines only boot from SDcard and not from the emmc connector, but I think that is an issue with my older clusterboard.

Seems to be a reskinned Plasma Mobile though…

OVH probably has the cheapest backup now after what happened ;) I think this instance runs on OVH.

Netcup is also quite good.

Sadly many plants you buy these days are hybrids that will not grow again from seeds or don’t even have seeds.

Odd, I would switch Atompunk and Solarpunk ;)

Ask them to try https://quicksy.im/ Super easy and with phone-number discovery as well.

P.S.: There are using XMPP already, if they use WhatsApp. Switching to a proper XMPP client will be an even better experience.

You will need the serial interface adapter to properly debug this.

Does your router register a DHCP request? Maybe you can ssh into it via your network?

An idle the A64 chip is clocked quite low, so it could be booting without creating much heat.

Did you try the Armbian images for it?

Seems to be overrun by spam :(

Check how often your home-ip really changes. If you have your router running 24/7 then likely it will not change very often. Some ISP enforce a disconnect every 24h but even then the IP sometimes stays the same.

On my home fiber connection I get the same IP for months without change unless I specifically turn off my router and wait >1h for the lease to expire.

So usually a dynDNS service will work fine as the updates propagate quite quickly. You can dynDNS your own domain name directly, just switch to a name-server with dynDNS functionality like those offered for free by 1984.is. But there are also others, check your router software. OpenWRT derivatives usually support dynDNS out of the box with some pre-configured providers.

This looks really cool. They say on their Patreon page that they have a github repository for it, but I could not find it yet. But since the engine is GPL, I guess we will get the source at some point.

Not actually open-source yet, but given that it uses the GPL GZDoom engine, the source must be release. Looks seriously cool ;)…

The software used for the imageboard is open-source? Got a link for that? Federated?

Looks like a Quest2 competitor. Would be nice to have options without the Facebook link…

No polls support yet (other than the regular post voting), but I think AP compatible polls are planned.

Not much. I’ll probably run a not specifically anarchist related lemmy instance soon™, but as expressed in the discussion linked above, I am doubtful that I would be the right person to run a specifically anarchist instance.

As in T.A.Z.?

No, I don’t think there is a direct relation.

Looks quite nice so far, but not really usable yet…

A device (Jolla Phone) was already shipped to an experienced developer and she started working on the goals. More updates here. …

We are releasing Lyra as a beta version today because we wanted to enable developers and get feedback as soon as possible. As a result, we expect the API and bitstream to change as it is developed. All of the code for running Lyra is open sourced under the Apache license, except for a math kernel,…

This is one of the few games with a deeply philosophical story, at least as good as Talos Principle (but without the puzzles). For the current price: really recommended!..

You still need the original data-files, but it works great and you can complete the game without issues. Works nicely on ARM SBCs too…

Really cool!..

Really cool!..