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poVoqtoMemesUrban birds

Similar videos exist for other animals.

I think it is amazing that modern urban transport is so accessible that even non-humans can use it.

Bridged XMPP space for Matrix

Maybe useful for some people interested in both…

2060 is sadly way to late. Yes other nations are not even seriously trying, but China has set their targets to an entirely self serving and way too late date.

Basically they are saying we will not reduce at all (other then what happens through technological advances).

2060 means that other nations will have to offset what China is polluting (obviously to the economic advantage of China) and if they don’t we are all fucked and China thinks they have an advantage that way too.

Classic game theory argument where China is playing the lose-lose game trying to get out slightly less bad then their “competitors”.

Only for larger transactions to prevent money laundaring. Basically regular cash transactions could also be done online anonymously as long as the seller is transparent to tax authorities.

GNU Taler conceptualizes such a system where the buyer is anonymous but the seller is not.

In fact it isn’t only nonsense it is actively harmful.

There is a long paper trail of monetary theory that only because money is a “superior” trade good compared to anything else, the horrible excesses of capitalism could develop in they way they did.

Edit: I have the feeling people fail to understand this comment ;)

You say “good for them”, but when have artists ever produced anything “useful”? Apparently it is good enough for those people paying them hard cash on their Patreon for it…

The moderators did their job and removed those brigading posts, just as they did here on Lemmy today. Other mansplaining posts are of course also removed, but when it is an organized effort to brigade a place then dealing with it on a case by case basis is unrealistic.

Even if the takeover is incomplete, a sufficient number of MLs mansplaining something about the “dictatorship of the proletariat” or some other such non-sense will be a sure way to kill any momentum /r/antiwork has in the US right now.

/r/antwork is not anywhere near a place where effective organizing can take place; it’s mostly about showing people that there are a lot of other like-minded ones and that they can “stick it to the man” if they have sufficient numbers.

And those social democrats and liberals are at least not brigading other places and acting against their own interests while doing so.

I like kde a lot but Gnome feels so much more polished and comfortable to use, especially on laptops.

I never understood this as KDE is clearly much less clunky and less resource heavy than Gnome… until I realized that it is indeed more optimized for keyboard heavy and touchpad only input some people seem to prefer when using laptops.

I still can’t get my head around why anyone would voluntarily use a touchpad when they can connect a mouse to their laptop, but I have to conclude that these people exists and are probably better served by Gnome.

Sure for emergencies it is probably good to keep a hot water bottle around your house, but for day to day use an electric blanket (ideally powered by renewable power) is more comfortable and efficient.

There were plenty of “little green men” on the ground indeed. Never the less the referendum was probably legitimate given the historic ties; all in all it just leaves a really bad taste of how it was done.

There is plenty of evidence. Just try to accept for once that your dear ML comrades can be pretty obnoxious at times (as can Anarchists ofc.).

A ML takeover of /r/antiwork is a bad idea in anyway you can look at it, even from the perspective of MLs. ML is a total fringe movement in the US, where /r/antiwork seems to have the most momentum. In fact years and years of capitalist propaganda has turned anything “communist” into a boogy-man that will turn away most people interested in /r/antiwork otherwise.

Strategically it is better to leave this in anarchist hands and stop pushing ML propaganda into /r/antiwork. I am sure people would be also much more willing to cooperate if the ML side wasn’t so pushy about it.

brigading is brigading… I never claimed that the messages were equally bad.

I generally agree, however the Purism case (same with the PinePhone btw.) is not so much about RYF certification, but legal requirements for GSM modems. Thus as a result people are hacking the second CPU that is connected with the modem on the PinePhone, but PINE64 would not be allowed to sell phones with that hacked open firmware preinstalled.

Something something… gets upset about /pol/ brigading lemmy.ml but complains about getting banned on /r/antiwork for nearly the same thing

Uhm, you picked a bad timing with /c/asklemmy being brigaded with anti-semitic shitposts.

But in general yes, the historic collaboration between pre-war zionists and Nazis is interesting. Initially the Zionists actually thought the Nazi persecution of Jews would help their cause… but of course that feeling quickly went sour…

Last time I checked the anti-vaxxers were less then 41% though ;)

I guess you summarized the article better than me, but I still don’t see where any of this could be helpful.

As the article states, even the for-profit coops don’t put profit first and often develop when normal for-profit companies deem an activity unprofitable.

DAOs are the exact opposite in that regard. They exists as investment and speculation vehicles where people put money to make more money.

I just don’t see why anyone would put money into a DAO that is explicitly organized as a unprofitable as a typical coop. And even if someone was so charitable, I doubt that it would do any better than a regular coop would do with the same money.

I don’t think it makes unionizing impossible, but yeah remote work isn’t for everyone.

The finger-pointing goes both ways though, with India and China just too willing to play the historical emissions card to postpone tackling their own current massive emissions.

IMHO the west has a moral obligation to help poorer countries to adapt to the already inevitable, but that doesn’t mean other newly rich countries can slack on emission reductions.

I never quite understood the advantage of this over an electrical heat blanket though.

Edit: OK with a hot water bottle you can fall asleep.

Second Libregaming.org meeting 30th of Jan.

Hello everyone, you’re all invited to only the second meeting of libregaming.org, a community focused on playing and developing libre games. Please join us on Mumble voice chat on 2022-01-30 at 20:00 UTC by connecting to hribhrib.at. Some things we might be discussing: …

OnlyOffice Document server 7.0 released

The Desktop editors where also updated. …

Mobile survey app and cloud sync for Qgis projects

Super useful for field projects…

Many are only partially open source since they use Unity3D, but there have been some strong contenders using Godot this time…

Somewhat different results than I though. Might be worth considering at least strategically…

Previously I used Dehydrated to request certs, but I had to change the setup and found it surprisingly hard to use certbot without it messing up my lovingly handcrafted Nginx configs. This seems to be a sane setup :)…

Sadly Gitea isn’t included in the official Debian repositories, but this guide is easy to follow…