Yet despite all the unprecedented recent events, 2020 and 2021 also feel very familiar to some of us. The mood has been similar to that of Anonymous’ highs in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Instead of groups like LulzSec, we have people like Keyser Soze and groups like APT-69420. Documents and source code s…

Getting root access to fix a doorbell

The article does more than get root access. I like how the author bought a copy of the doorbell to work on…

We doing it again, the 2600 collective with hispagatos is doing a VR meetup on mozilla hubs, mozilla hubs is a open and libre platform. see you there!..


Linux distributions for hackers

Nothing beats Kali Linux of course, but it’s also worth looking at the competitors and how they has finally become interesting in recent years…


Off The Hook - Oct 07, 2020 very good episode that every non-true hacker ( the ones confused of what real hacking is all about and is not infosec nor stealing identities or robbing banks).

Off The Hook - Oct 07, 2020 *very good episode * hat every non-true hacker ( the ones confused of what real hacking is all about and is not infosec nor stealing identities or robbing banks) and technologist should listen to, Cory Doctorow always amazing, what is a true hacker? read "hackers: he…

The Cyberpunk Movement - The documentary [Best independent cyberpunk documentary]

This is the best Cyberpunk documentary because is independent, is independent of games studios trying to promote their game, Hollywood trying to promote their movie and erasing the counterculture of hacking and anti corporate sentiment of the cyberpunk movement. Dark literature…

A 30m interval sync from the main github repo, this is for many of us that avoid closed source and unethical companies like microsoft(github) …

A dedicated place for cool golang security projects, frameworks, libraries, and software…


This documentary takes a look at hacking in the place where technology and activists meet. Where the need to circumvent state surveillance and surveillance capitalism is grave. Where people see an unfair system in society and find a way to hack it. This is the true hacker habitat. …

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