Discussion: violence of antifascist persons/groups

Violence of antifa persons/groups comes up regularly as a topic, so i think it makes sense to discuss that at a central place…

I am tired of debates

Hello, when I am writing this I don’t know in which community I will be posting this, but I would like to get some feedback about that. …

In this Dutch article they describe the documentary “White riot”, the history of anti-racism in the UK rock and punk scene which can be seen in cinemas in Holland. This movie talks about a movement started in the seventies in the UK…

I was about to post this in /c/ politics as the refugees problem can be seen as part of the post colonial times problems (As in white Europeans exploited sources and people in countries worldwide for countless years, but now those people from over there are not allowed to migrate to Europe) when I r…

Hate Symbols Databases?

Hey folx!
I am looking for hate symbols databases since fascists, supremacists and other scums continuously change their own symbols, and even cannibalize progressive/socialist/emancipatory symbols…



    1. Be civil and respectful
    2. Don’t be a nazi
    3. Respect other opinions (not nazis though); argue about the point and not the person