Can the app be a bit more Colourblind friendly?

I can’t tell if the button is upvoted or not, it’s incredibly similar to the original button colour (at least for me).

A setting to let me change it would be very helpful, ideally a colour picker to I can have whatever, but even a more distinguished and obvious colour would be helpful if a colour wheel isn’t possible.



I agree with this. Though I’m not colorblind, when my phone turns grayscale mode due to a setting I can’t tell either. I like Reddit’s solution: if the button is clicked, it’s a filled arrow, otherwise it’s just the border.

This may be a problem for me too soon as I’m planning on picking up the Hisense a5 pro


Supporting themes similar to the ones available on the desktop site would be great

Opened a request for it:

I thought about it and I think we can allow for a fairly advanced customization where you can choose more than just the accent color. Of course it would also make sense to just create more preset themes, perhaps those that are in the web UI like said.

Damn i didn’t think about this. I’m gonna read up on colorblindness and think what to do about it

Perhaps just having the arrow change to white if upvoted?


It’s hard to believe people don’t consider how an app or site looks in grayscale these days.

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