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Where is that meme template from? I’ve been seeing it quite often recently.

I personally didn’t like having to install Firefox to use it.

This comment deserves all the upvotes in the world. As for me I’m betting on Elementary!

Why would I want to stream retro games though? They at most take 1 or 2 gigs.

Looks nice, but why is it matrix intead of irc?

Not everyone does it, but enough people do that enough people do that I can’t help but be skeptical and roll my eyes.

And even if they don’t have any base for their claims, the case is still interesting because we’d see who wins even if there’s no hard evidence ;)

Can’t argue with that :)

If you can pay a sizable chunk of your employees less and it works, why not pay all of your employees less?

You didn’t even make it better with your edit. It’s not OK just because it happens everywhere

That’s not what I refer to by saying “it happens all the time”. What happenes all the time is people making allegations about taboo subjects and positioning themselves as the victim to get money and attention.

I know Google does many evil stuff, as mega corporations do since that’s how you become that big in the first place, but I don’t think this is one of them. There is no monetary gain from it, if it was done for that reason why not pay man less too? Also I don’t Google would let this information out so easiely if it’s true, why not put employees under NDA so they can’t talk about how company treats them? Google may be evil but they aren’t stupid, the men these women are talking about were probably in higher position or were more well known and established.

Also if I am at lemmy and fedi in general chances are I’m not brainwashed by corporate propaganda. When mega corporations do things like this there is a reason for it, as unethcial and gross as that may be… unless it’s Ubisoft I guess.

All jokes and my prior misuse of words aside, why wouldn’t they do this? Looks like an easy job, people lose their minds over any allegation of sex inequality anyway (even if it’s not true). Even if they lose they can get publicity, form an organization and raise funds. Let’s not pretend people always tell the truth, there is likely something else behind this.

People lie a lot, man or woman. I’m sure they are just trying to take money out of Google. They have such an easy case.

Oh ok, that’s… important? That didn’t come out right, let’s try that again.

4 woman who don’t seem to have any evidence to backup their claims are suing Google and am I supposed to believe this is for the sake of equality and not money? This is unimportant because it happens all the time today, allege there is inequality or discrimination and use that case to get stuff you want. Money, attention, influence, why wouldn’t they do something like this? Consider me skeptical until there is solid proof that they are telling the truth.

Are GBC versions better? I have the rom of 1 & 2 on SNES right now. Which one is better?

There are thousands of Mastodon instances and some of them are full of gross people, who knew? There are tools in place to fight these problems like filtering, muting, blocking and defederating. My personal experience with Mastodon has been wonderful, how hard is it to understand that it’s all about the instance you pick? You can just join another if you don’t like the current one. Also I don’t care what kind if person lead dev is as long as he makes a good social network.

Problems this article describes aren’t the problems of the fediverse. They are problems of internet.

Yes Bari-Arm is amazing, I discovered it back when I was looking for Sega CD games to play on my phone. It was an old device and had very little storage so I was looking for small stuff, Bari-Arm popped up. All though I never got that far in it, I love what I have played, music is absolutely outstanding. Tommorow I should finish it, I love everything it has to offer!

Is there a mod that replaces lost souls and pain elementals with other enemies?

I hate lost souls and pain elementals. Just like any other doom player, they don’t requre skill or anything they just come in hordes, push you around and are just a slug to kill. I think games would be way more enjoyable if lost souls were replaced with shotgunners and pain elementals were replaced …

What are your favorite Sega CD games?

Sega CD is one of the greatest systems in retro gaming. They took the already amazing foundation and buffed it further while bringing the benefits of CDs with it, only if more devs made actual games for it instead of FMV junk -_- …

This romhack for Donkey Kong on NES replaces all graphics with Zelda stuff, check it out! Update: I played it myself. This is stupid, I love it :D…

Why no projects use Firefox as a base and prefer Chromium instead?

Before you come at me with stuff like Librewolf, Waterfox and IceCat; those don’t count. They are just tweaked Firefox distros with mostly basic low level changes. Not every Chromium browser is super unique either, but I feel like there are more differences between them then there are with Firefox d…

This basically means Google is preparing to shut down the platform for good…