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They did but they only took down the download links, with a workaround script it was still possible do download them. Well not anymore, for me wowroms, cd romance and emulator.games work pretty well.

Actually they only took down the links. With a workaround script you still could’ve get to them, unfortunately this is no longer the case.

Oh, so it’s kinda like a plane in the sense that it’s actually safer but looks more dangerous to people?

Nuclear energy is risky business however.

Trying to download roms from Emuparadise gives 503 error.

I suppose Emuparadise truly died this time. I highly doubt they will restore downloads since the way we get to them is unintended. It’s time to move on to the alternatives…

Nothing, it’s just a damn dot. It’s worthless. I’m compeletely indifferent about it. There are a lot of things to hate on Reddit privacy wise, but this dot isn’t one of these things.

Chinese services aren’t bad because of the government’s privacy policies. It’s because seemingly Chinese corporations can do whatever the heck they want. There is not a whole a lot in place to force them to do the right thing, if Opera was a community project I’d recommend it.

Proton. Opera is a Chinese VPN, that should tell you enough

You don’t deal with this by taking away features from people mate. You deal with this with A) Effective moderation B) Decentralization or C) Being picky about who you let in It’s just a dot, it won’t change anything. It takes more to remove a dot from profiles to deter stalkers and harassers. Harassers will just assume you are always online, and stalkers will figure out when you are online and when you are not by looking at your posts, comments and upvote/downvote history.

Removing this dot wouldn’t make their lives any harder. A harasser can just send you nasty messages whether you are online or not. In which case you can block them. It’s extra useless for a stalker, Reddit still has RSS remember?

Not sure why the guys on the comments are so mad. It’s no big deal.

https://lemmy.ml/post/31321 Also this will be independent (I think) while DuckGuckGo just buys Bing results.

It seems like Cliqz had a lot of promise, I hope Brave can deliver. They are a lot better than people give them credit for.

Lol I love how black and white you are XD Someone is either such a lazy loser it effectively lives on a couch and stares at the TV and does nothing else, or a self sufficent superhuman who can satisfy all of it’s needs all by itself! XD You are totally right I’m a lazy POS for not planting my food, building my house, hunting other animals, using my imagination to satisfy my communication needs and walk everywhere. It’s totally the exact same thing as people being too lazy to learn a couple irc commands and using other software for voice and video calls and using the spyware that is Discord instead :D I don’t think I will present you arguments anymore, you wouldn’t get it anyway, it’s best to just ignore it :)

Using Deepin is a wise move on Huawei’s part. It’s based in China, pretty and can actually be realistically used in arm unlike Windows.

Oh, I hope it improves. Personally I want my IM client to send and receive e2ee text. Rest should be handled by other programs.

I hate that they downvoted you for pointing out facts. Convenience is slavery, more you prefer it the lazier you become.

Games add artificial value. There is no reason for PS4 games to be exclusive to that system, if you are forcing me to buy a product than I don’t think you are selling a good product. You might argue they don’t force you to buy it but if you really want to play a PS4 exclusive game your only other option is not playing the game.

Game will go f2p when it get’s released on Android and iOS.

Celeste - Drew DeVault

Didn’t know Drew was into playing video games…

TILvids Update - March 2021

Welcome to March 2021, TILvids community! Let’s take a look at what was happening at TILvids over the last month: …

Do you think there is any reason to get exited for new consoles anymore?

Full disclosure, I’m a PC gamer. So I’m a little biased. However I personally see more value in old consoles from 2nd to 6th generation. In the old consoles all had their own advantages. NES games were customizable, TG16 was more powerful, SNES had Mode7, Genesis was faster, PC had more input and pr…

Encryption on EU seems to be under threat... again.

Apperantly they approved a resolution that undermines encrypted communication. https://data.consilium.europa.eu/doc/document/ST-13084-2020-REV-1/en/pdf (link doesn’t work for me, please tell me if it works for you)…

Don't recommend Lemmy to Reddit users.

Reddit users don’t care about the benefits Lemmy brings, they are fixated on the political views of the devs. If you didn’t do it yet, don’t. For Stallman’s sake don’t…