Flat Earth

I found this toppest-secret NASA image after hyper-hacking into an uber-foil proxy meatball with feta cheese (i used kali btw). View at your own risk!!!..

Zero progress in getting humans to other planets since the idea of space exploration was dreamed up. Time to start asking some questions…

Slowly but surely the lie is coming down…



You do not flip upside down when traveling from one side of the world to the other, this is total stupidity. …


The proof has been in front of us the whole time…


The deception, it never ends

Once you examine reality not one thing makes sense on a spinning sphere…


It is only the deceivers known as NASA that have duped the modern man…

A Flat Earther's Trip to Space

Looks like many of us have been to “space”…

The times and minds are changing, very exciting!..



Evidence and topics regarding the true shape of our world.

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