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since shut off downloading, go to

we gotta teach ppl in east china about the atrocities the nazis committed

I'd just like to interject for a moment.

What you’re referring to as “Leninism” is in fact Marxism-Leninism or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, Marxism plus Leninism. Leninism is not an ideology unto itself, but rather another component of Marxist ideology developed by Marx, Engels, and others comprising scientific socialism as define…

And the lib isn’t giving any primary sources for his claim

Copypasta that gets you put on a FBI watchlist

North Dakota Access Pipeline Protests 北达科他州接入管道抗议 Ferguson Riots 弗格森暴动 2017 St. Louis protests2017年圣路易斯抗议活动 Nuclear testing at Bikini Atoll 比基尼环礁的核试验 Unite the Right rally 团结右集会 Charlotte riots 夏洛特暴动 Attack on the Sui-ho Dam 袭击穗河水坝 Milwaukee riots 密尔沃基骚乱 Shooting of Alton Sterling and Philando Casti…

I want to learn non-Putonghua languages

I want to learn languages like Cantonese and Shanghainese, but I can’t find any language courses that use simplified Chinese characters. If you can find some, please let me know!..

The “no dogs or Chinese allowed” sign is something from it’s colonial past.

Yes, I know. The HK protesters like waving around the Bri’ish colonial flag

i don’t see what this vid has to do with communism. POL is a communist webcomic I made to combat stonetoss

Chinese speakers of Lemmy:

I used hanzii to translate some text in this comic to Chinese. If anyone on this sub speaks Chinese, give a more accurate translation. Thanks!..

AdvTrains bug

I try to access the onboard computer on advtrains (minetest game) and it won’t show up!..

Quit downvoting these posts

i think we found the guy from the math problems

why not?

Linux Forks

Hey, I can’t access It keeps saying I have an “Invalid Password”. I highly doubt that the name “tfp99” has already been chosen. Why doesn’t Linux Forks work properly and redirect to the account creation screen?..

why does masto pretend that my lemmy acc doesn’t exist?

Test: Lemmy to Masto

This is a test…

New Community: Enough Vowsh Spam

For when you’re so fed up with Vowsh you need to rant on him…

New community: AdvTrains

For everything about the Advanced Trains mod for Minetest…

Cable Cars

Hi, I want to know where I can find a mod with cable cars! Give me a link if you can find one! …

New Comic

Since Lemmy didn’t like the link up top, guess i’ll have to provide the link here …