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I want to start selfhosting Minetest

Problem being, my best computer is a Fujitsu Lifebook with 4GB ram and a Core i5. I also am concerned about getting haxxed. Any help would be awesome! ^^…

nobody asked 4 a pic that prolly isnt urs u catfish

I actually want to go back to in person school.

What is Trockijism?

Seriously, I want to know why, even though Trockij was one of the chief players in the Russian Revolution, why people don’t like his ideology. (I don’t want any quotes from Lenin/Stalin/Mao/whoever, I want an explanation of what Trockijism is)…

Wdym the CPI are succdems? Can you show proof?

Wait, I thought CPI(M) were the Maoists and CPI-M were the Marxists

The Soviets need to rise from their grave and invade Afghanistan

  • America is cringe
  • Taliban is also cringe
  • USSR is based


What is your opinion on Kosovo?, I’m assuming that you think it is just part of Serbia, (because that’s what the PRC and Russia say) but I want to hear your opinion. Is Kosovo just an anticom agends of some sort? Or not? Idk…

It’s so u can have a folder for ur own binaries w/out being admin

Oh boy, now you’re being a crybaby that “yOu’Re bEiNg cEnSoReD” bcs ur spreading misinfo

Considering that you believe in a flat earth, i don’t think much thinking will be required.

Brace for a crash-landing on the pile of poop that is 8in/mi2

Stop it with your wAtEr dOeSn’T cUrVe bs. Anyone with a brain size over the dot on this post can see water curve.


This dot is larger than rickjames’s brain


Good response

Someone said that “if the dprk were so good, then why are people escaping?” What’s a good response?..

Has a western leftist ever posted on this sub abt the hk police?


Being on a set schedule is pretty hectic for me. From now, I’ll just post when I feel like it…

China and games

So, what’s up with gaming in china? Like, why does China need its own edition of foreign games? What’s wrong with Chinese players get access to the rest of the world’s version of Minecraft or Roblox? Like why does ChinaBlox always add a parachute to ur player model when ever you fall over X amount o…


Hey, I’m trying to find a youtube alternative that doesn’t have anticommunists on it. Can you find a site like that?..



So, what’s going on in Tibet? I have heard that China is erasing Tibetan culture. What is a good response to that?..


I am running out of ideas!

Post any PoL ideas in the comments!..