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What about the whole “what about the stasi / censorship” argument?

Can someone here explain the whole rations stuff in GDR
Basically the "my friend lived under communism and said it sucked" argument. They claim that there were rations in GDR and you had to wait ages for gasoline

Then why is it only invidious sites that are so slow, I can download Pop! OS .isos and I get rather good speeds

starts looking for nazi symbols on the ukraine soldiers uniform


Keep in mind that I used Brave/Andr, Firefox/Andr, and Firefox/Pop, didn’t change anything

Actually, I can’t remember what I downloaded

deleted by creator

I used to use and that was slow as heck, switched to, same story

Youtube dl: Last time i used it it had no clue what to do with music videos cuz apparently they are differently encoded?

I’ve tried your server, and it still doesn’t give me at least one meg every second

Why does Invidious download so slowly!? It takes me a WHOLE ENTIRE MINUTE to download a megabyte!

New Comic: r/PCM

Context for ppl who dont know: InfraHaz used the GDR as an example of “conservative communism” because he claimed that the GDR wasn’t so “obsessed with lgbt stuff”

InfraHaz sweating in the corner:

Освободите Донбасс, Революция сейчас!

Copypasta that gets you banned from the Verxovna Rada
Denis Kireev Денис Кірєєв Bombardment of Donbass Бомбардування Донбасу Crimean Water Crisis Кримська водна криза Child Soldiers Діти-солдати Soldiers in Schools Солдати в школах Artillery in Residential Areas Артилерія в житлових районах Illegal Executions of POWS Незаконні страти військовополонених Torture and forced confessions of POWs Тортури та примусові зізнання військовополонених Illegal Bioweapons Незаконна біозброя Armed Civillians shooting for breaking curfew Озброєні цивільні стріляють за порушення комендантської години Unmarked mines Немарковані міни Shooting at civillians Стрілянина в цивільних 60 People executed 60 осіб страчено Alley Of Angels Алея Ангелів Odessa Trade Union Building 2014 Massacre Одеський будинок профспілок 2014 різанина 24th Separate Assault Battalion "Aidar" War Crimes 24-й окремий десантно-штурмовий батальйон «Айдар» бойових злочинів White Phosphorus білий фосфор Stepan Bandera Pogrom Volhynia Степан Бандера погром Волині Hero of Ukraini герой україни S14 Sich Neo-Nazi Group Неонацистська група «С14 Січ» Ihor Kolomoyskyi Azov Battalion Батальйон «Азов» імені Ігоря Коломойського Zelenskyy Funded By Зеленський за фінансової підтримки Radio Free Europe Ukraini радио свободная европа украина Propaganda пропаганда Nazism нацизм Azov Battalion Human Shields Батальон Азов Живые Щиты Terrorist Террорист Fascist Group Фашистская группа The Ukraini Украина Zelenskyy Puppet of Nationalists Зеленский марионетка националистов Comedian Юморист 13,000 Genocide of Ethnic Minorities 13 000 геноцида этнических меньшинств

So, explain the Hu-era harmonization
I have heard many libs saying "censorship" during the Hu era regarding Chinese internet. Can you provide more nuance?

New Comic: PanelZ of Labor Part 2: Azov

New Comic: PanelZ of Labor Part 1: Hypocreddital

Copypasta that gets you fired from Amazon
I hate // Union // Fire // Terminated // Compensation // Bullying // Harassment // I don't care // Rude // This is concerning // Stupid // This is dumb // Prison // Threat // Petition // Grievance // Injustice // Diversity // Ethics // Fairness // Accessibility // Vaccine // Senior Ops // Living wage // Representation // Unfair // Favoritism // Rate // TOT // Unite // Unity // Plantation // Slave // Slave Labor // Master // Concerned // Freedom // Restrooms // Robots // Trash // Committee // Coalition

Antivax Household Member: "x soccer player died after taking the covid vaxx"
Is anyone able to provide more nuance into this discussion? Thanks!

Le me: *debates a lib* Le lib:
The USSR and Soviet communism were horrible, atrocious regime and ideology that suppressed and killed millions. Just to point out a few things, look at the Holodomor that took place in Ukraine, the massive purges Stalin did, look at the violent takeover of Eastern European countries and the numerous labour camps that were created in those countries and in Russia , biggest one being Gulag in Siberia (Russia), but there were many more such as the Belene labour camp located in Bulgaria as an example. Let's continue examining things even further... Ukrainians democratically elected their president and he has been in office for not even 4 years, now look at Putin who has been in office for almost 18 years... Talk about illegitimacy. Let's look at the logical reasons behind this invasion, a fully rational person will tell you that Russia wants to expand its political influence and of course in order to do so they need a justification. The NATO narrative is really convincing indeed, that is if we accept that NATO secretly wants to launch an invasion on Russia, which the more you think about, the more absurd it becomes (Russia is a nuclear power). Another point that I personally find the most outrageous is the NAZI narrative that aims at establishing some half assed connection between WW2 USSR and this invasion. Of course a little bit of digging will disprove this point quite easily, the president of Ukraine is a Jew (And anyone who knows anything about Nazism will tell you that this Ukraine cannot be a Nazi country). Far right parties have only 1 percent in parliament in Ukraine, which well, does not hold well for the Nazi argument either. The entire argument is based upon the idea that the Azov battalion somehow represents the entire country, which is simply untrue. I hope this helps you and gives a new perspective...

Ping Test

Cringe takes from the past
I used to be a Tojoboo (before I learned about the Nanjing massacre) I said "wW2 jApAn wAsN'T tHaT bAd tHeY jUsT cHoSe tHe wRoNg sIdE" and "tHeY sHoUlD hAvE lEt jApAn kEeP kOrEa tO pRevEnT dA eBiL kIM jOnG uN")