Panels of Labor
New Comic: r/PCM

New Comic: PanelZ of Labor Part 2: Azov

New Comic: PanelZ of Labor Part 1: Hypocreddital

Ping Test

New Comic: PolaNATO

Two New Comics: Cuban "Protests" / HongKong
Cuban "Protests" - HongKong -

the posts (images) are not responsive.
while accessing from a mobile browser the experience is not that good.

New Comic: Lesser-Evilism

New Comic
Since Lemmy didn't like the link up top, guess i'll have to provide the link here

2 Comics today!
Comic #16: Comic #17:

FINALLY a new comic
also i switched to gimp

Being on a set schedule is pretty hectic for me. From now, I'll just post when I feel like it

I am running out of ideas!
Post any PoL ideas in the comments!

Sry for not making a comic today.
Will be back tomorrow

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