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I was thinking of something virtual. That means more money I guess!

Thank you. I think I have videos based on this snap thing.

Thank you so much. Changing the OS won’t be a problem I think.

I will think about it thoroughly. i.e. about the hardwares. 3-5$ would be a decent price. I would charge my friends 1$ each lol.

How much will it cost (per month) to maintain a NextCloud server?

and is there any detailed video about how to host it using windows 10?..

thank you for the suggestion.

this basically means a “shut up” to me. this is not a proper answer to my problem.

By ‘riot’ did you mean ‘element’? and thank you.

The bank just got robbed. The post was for seeking a way to inform the police. Unfortunately there are no technical support agents available at the moment, trying to yell dits and dahs.


[Dit-Dit] [Gunshot]

just came across a weird Twitter handle

https://nitter.net/ZuluTango4 It seemed weird. On searching on the internet, I found two more handles nitter.net/cynthiafortune and nitter.net/SierraGolf5. …

I have started to translate lemmy into Assamese.

120 MB in 15 minutes or so. without anything loaded.

I have used the app after a long time. I don’t know about the 0.6.0. But today I installed it and it consumed 120 MB of my data and literally noting loaded.

I generally surf lemmy on my browser without logging into my account. I tried to post this post in the app and tried to search “lemmy” but search results did not appear and it just kept on loading ( my internet speed was around 400kbps) . So, back to the browser.

That might be true. And I completely agree with the “data saving mode” suggestion.

I am browsing through my browser right now. Uninstalled the app.

the ui looks nice and good.

what are the platforms that uses ActivityPub standard?

Red (TV) is coming... 🔴 12 November! Almost there!

(1989 (TV) might become a real thing soon too.)…

the posts (images) are not responsive.

while accessing from a mobile browser the experience is not that good…

how to create an IRC channel?

on windows 10 for free…