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I think they’re very awesome when it comes to game preservation. Or heck, how about genre preservation? For example, arena shooters. You would be hard-pressed to find an arena shooter that is actively played and maintained nowadays. I can only think of Xonotic and to a lesser extent the lazily named Warfork, both open-source games.

Ridiculous. Next you’ll be telling me there aren’t any Jewish space lasers and that the COVID vaccines don’t make you a living magnet.

Highly unethical. Doesn’t anyone think of the millionaires?

Welcome one, welcome all to the battle of macOS-inspired Linux distributions! Who will be the victor in winning over disgruntled Apple users?

In this corner, hailing from Wuhan, China and weighing in at 2.8 GB, we have Deepin! Here’s hoping Deepin becomes the other thing Wuhan is famous for.

In this corner, hailing from the US and weighing in at 1.49 GB, we have elementaryOS! Want to give it a whirl, but can’t find the download button? That’s because it’s pay-what-you-want. Elementary!

And finally, in this corner, coming from, uh… nowhere in particular and weighing in at 1.74 GB zipped, we have Manjaro Cutefish Edition! Based on the very unfortunately named JingOS, it comes with all the bells and whistles and hopefully none of the national extremism.

Place your bets, place your bets!

Hm, will keep this in mind, thank you. To be perfectly honest, neither Vivaldi or Brave sound appealing. I was kind of hoping there was a noob and privacy friendly Chromium-based browser out there, since everyone I know seems to be in love with Chrome for whatever reason, but there always seem to be a gotcha no matter which you choose.

There was the recent Brave fiasco and Vivaldi isn’t really open source, so that’s out too. I’ll probably just give my friend Firefox and hope they’ve since changed their mind.

I’m asking because they explicitly said they don’t want Firefox. I’m formatting their PC and if possible, would like to move them away from Chrome due to the privacy issues that come with it. Yes, I’m aware and agree that Firefox is the better option, but I’m trying to meet them half-way.

Thanks, those are very good points. I’ll keep them in mind.

I would very much choose Firefox. The user in question tried it in the past, but unfortunately didn’t like it.

Advice needed. What would be the least invasive Chromium-based browser for a Windows user? Automatic updates and addons are a must.

The user has basic computer literacy, which is why having auto updates is something they’d like for the convenience. Addons are needed for uBlock Origins and such. …

Pretty much. I’ve never seen these discussions come to any kind of conclusion.

The question posed is a bit loaded, I think. To me it sounds like: “video games are an art form, but are they a separate one?”. Apologies if this is not the case, but the issue I take with this is that video games, just like any other medium, can be an art form, but it does not make them art simply by virtue of existing.

Yes, you could argue that Citizen Kane, War and Peace, Braid and the like could be considered art. On the other hand, good luck convincing anyone that this is the case with, say, PUBG, Dude Where’s My Car or Fifty Shades of Grey.

All video games are a type of medium, nothing more.However, individual games can be elevated to an art form or reduced to a fart form. Like this.

Awesome news! I have been subscribed to their RSS feed for a couple of years now, they are super useful. Them going open source is just icing on the cake.

Heck if I know. Following Windows development gives me a headache.

There’s that feeling in the pit of my stomach again…

The older ones do, yes. Pixel 5 doesn’t as far as I can tell.

Good to know! Will keep that in mind after I’m done being broke.

Sweet! I just wish they had a board for a 100% version too.

I was in a similar position a few months ago and my reasoning for choosing LineageOS over GrapheneOS had more to do with the phone than the OS. I actually like GrapheneOS, but it only runs on Pixel devices and I found this unattractive because of the following:

  • No microSD card slot. Kinda need it. If my phone is irreversibly bricked, the data on the phone will be lost, but the data on the microSD card will likely still be there.
  • No replacable battery. A rarity in today’s market, I’ll admit, but I still like the idea of replacing a dead battery with, you know, another battery as opposed to a brand new phone. And I am not rich by any means.
  • (EDIT: Only applicable to Pixel 5 models): No 3.5mm jack. You might be a wireless headphone person, I am not. I need to plug them in somewhere.
  • It’s Google. You’re not only giving them money for the OS (which is almost inevitable), but because they’re also producing the phone, you’re giving them money for the hardware as well.

How do you deal with anti-vaxxers?

I’ll be honest, this is as much a question as it is a vent. …


MagnetDL, what the fuck?


The most anonymous way possible to buy on eBay?

I know eBay is horrible and so is PayPal, but after OpenBazaar shut down, I don’t know where else to look. …

Sony, it’s cool if you want to copy Nintendo, but not like this…

It’s old-ish news, but still worth a watch. Sony has made some… questionable moves over the past few years…

I came across this page comparing XMPP and Matrix. Would love to hear your thoughts.

It doesn’t paint a very good picture of the matrix protocol. Does the comparison have any merit?..

Terraria 1.4.1 has arrived to consume even more of your free time.

Worth noting is that this includes the FNA update, which should fix most issues on Linux and Mac that were introduced in 1.4…

Any good gaming channels on Peertube?

In light of Invidious getting shut down and getting mixed results with using Freetube, I have decided to ditch or at least attempt to ditch Youtube. However, I enjoy watching let’s plays and videogame reviews and the like, but I can’t seem to find any Peertube channels with such content. …

Epic violates Apple's terms of use, gets Fortnite banned from App Store. Then releases a video mocking Apple.

I’m not even going to pretend I’m not biased. This is just petulant on Epic’s part. The video in question: …


Annoyed? Why would I be annoyed by a captcha that gets in my face every 5 minutes? I’m FINE…

Et tu, Startpage.com?