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I know. It’s just that the upright positioning of the switch in the picture isn’t exactly flattering.

No. Even if it weren’t for the whole Qatar kerfuffle, I still wouldn’t watch it, because I find watching soccer dreadfully boring.


I dunno. Looks like he’s already turned on.

Yes, there were a lot of PS2 games, but except for some rare Japanese titles that never reached the western market it was all the same expensive but boring mass market crap with fancy graphics.

Agree to disagree?

I suspect you remember it differently because you were a teenager easily impressed by fancy graphics at the time?

It’s part of the reason, sure, but I still do like to play PS2 games once every so often just because some games never made it off the system, like Burnout 3 (I don’t like Paradise’s open world). In fact, I softmodded my PS2 just recently so I can play games off its hard drive.

btw, if you enjoy Shadow of the Collossus, I would suggest emulating the PS3 version instead. I’ve seen powerpoint presentations that have more frames than the PS2 original.

It’s hard to say. The 90s are often lauded as the golden age, at least on PC, but games were fricking expensive back then! I think we have it pretty good now. Games are cheaper than they’ve ever been, but on the other hand, unless you’re buying a physical release or from GOG or itch if we’re talking PC, you don’t own the game, which sucks.

I’d say the golden age will be when we get rid of all DRM in games. Which should be, oh… *checks clock* …never. No way are the likes of Microsoft, EA, Sony, Nintendo, etc. going to allow their games to be distributed freely.

If you’re looking from the perspective of a PC gamer, then yeah, I see where you’re coming from. Console to PC ports only got tolerable relatively recently. But if you were playing on the PS2 at the time, it was soooo good. Even now, the versatility, not to mention the sheer size of PS2’s game library is insane.

What happened, or didn’t happen, in 2017-2018?

Crisps and popcorn don’t have the same effect, but I haven’t tried the water thing. I’ll try it next time, thanks for the suggesion!

My local burger place has Beyond patties as an option. I tried it once and… it’s not for me. The taste is what it is, it tastes a bit different than beef, but it’s by no means bad. Trouble is, my digestive system does not seem to like Beyond burgers . Nothing serious, mind, but whenever I ate a Beyond burger, I got flatulence that lasted for some hours.

The same place also had another vegan patty available, which was, from what I can tell, beetroot, beans and something else mashed together and it was awesome and filling. Unfortunately, they removed it from the menu last year.

Having some light-hearted quips ready to steer the conversation away from work sounds like a good idea. I’ll try that next time, thank you!

I would, too. Especially since the people mentioned do, in fact, have hobbies that have nothing to do with their job, which are also far more interesting. But thanks for putting my mind at ease. This topic has come up so often that it now takes real effort not to be mentally checked out of the conversation. I now refuse to engage in this topic, not because I want to be a jerk, but to preserve my sanity.

Exactly. Whenever work comes up as topic (which is painfully often), I start wondering if work is just their personality now. Because these people actually do have hobbies and interests, and I will gladly talk to them about those, but for some reason, they talk about work more often then they do about their hobbies. And I don’t understand why that is more interesting to them.

[…]he will devote the bulk of his wealth to fighting climate change

I’ll simply assume that the Earth is too cold for Bezos and he’s trying to make it warmer. I mean, why else would he release a couple of hundred tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere with his rocket joyride?

I don't want to talk about work with my friends, mine or theirs. Am I being rude?
I **hate** talking about work. I also listening about work. I don't exactly enjoy my job, so I try not to waste my free time thinking about work, talking about work or, heaven forbid, doing something for work. However, my friends talk about their jobs all the time and it's painful to listen to. I told them as much, but the topic keeps popping up. I'm just not that invested in the specifics and minutia of their workday. I either lack the knowledge to understand their work process or, more often than not, just don't care. That is, unless something bad happened and they want to vent, I'm okay with that. But I still get looks, as if I should be interested about their job. Which, I'm sorry, I'm just not. Am I being unreasonable in trying to steer the conversation into a topic that isn't work-related?

Money may not buy happiness, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Shockingly enough, still not as shit as the anime this invention took inspiration from.

Dude really thinks the future is people walking around with expensive VR/AR headsets. From Meta, no less. Delusional bastard.

DOOM: Eternal Shame. Or at least until the internet forgets about it.

This is probably not a meme, so apologies for that. I do find it funny, though. Here's what the cookie selection window looks like: ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/50fde2cf-2c58-4bb4-a47c-a234741f3564.png) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/8c82a67c-d52c-43a8-9d55-d960c1870f0b.png)

Games publisher PQube Games accused of exploiting developer Mojiken Studio's heritage for funding
Steam post: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1201270/eventcomments/3325366198376331693 Tweet: https://twitter.com/ASFTUgame/status/1562319004949028864

Post was not made by me, by the way. I didn't leave (or join) PINE64, it's just the title of the article.

Are there any good alternatives to Glassdoor?
Because according to [this](https://libreddit.kavin.rocks/r/antiwork/comments/w2q99i/glassdoor_just_lost_a_lawsuit_and_must_now_reveal/) they must now reveal user details.

Learn and play Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn (it's a card game)
So I recently got this board game. It's sort of, kind of like Magic: the Gathering. You play as a so-called Phoenixborn and you have a set number of hit points. When they reach zero, you lose. There's a bit more to it than that, but that's the gist of it. Alas, it's kind of hard to get a match going with my friends. Then I came across this neat webpage dedicated to the game. It is: https://ashes.live/ What I find neat about this page is that it links to not one, not two, but THREE resources where you can practice playing! - Option 1 (free): [Ashteki](https://ashteki.com/). Play against a human - Option 2 (free): [Felt Table](https://felttable.com/ashes). Play against an AI (what I mostly use) - Option 3: [Ashes Reborn for Tabletop Simulator](https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2386753960). The mod is free, but like the name implies, you need to own Tabletop Simulator on Steam first. As for the rules, they're near the bottom of the page at the Files section. There are also other resources like youtube tutorials and premade decks and stuff. Anyway, just thought I'd share.

Diablo Immortal is now banned in China
This is hilarious. Blizzard created Diablo Immortal with the express purpose of getting their foot into the Chinese market. Then some genius at Blizzard had the brilliant idea to make a post on Weibou (a social network in China) to make fun of Xi Jinping: [Picture of post](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/b9b4aa88-e394-4821-8944-c6693f5060a7.webp) Welp, there goes that Tencent money. Couldn't have happened to a nicer company, too.

You can no longer login to Europass if you don't have an Android or iOS smartphone or an eID
...as I just found out. My phone doesn't have a Play or App Store and my country hasn't implemented eIDs yet. I wanted to ask if there really is no other way to log in, but their feedback page doesn't work either. ([Pic](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/ba8f0dc6-1de3-463b-b7fc-33e8d634012e.png)) So fuck me, I guess. /rant

Dragon's Dogma II has been announced
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndLqGPqeQqM&t=691s I was very impressed with how Dragon's Dogma handled battles with huge enemies. The combat was so good. Instead of hacking away at their ankles, you could climb them and hack away at their weakspots. Or, if you prefer solid ground beneath your feet, you could also impale them with an icy spike three times your size using magick. Speaking of, the some of the spells were insane. I mean just [look](https://dragonsdogma.fandom.com/wiki/Gicel?file=Skill_Sorc_Gicel.gif) [at](https://dragonsdogma.fandom.com/wiki/Bolide?file=Skill_Sorc_Bolide.gif) [this](https://dragonsdogma.fandom.com/wiki/Seism?file=Skill_Sorc_Seism.gif) [madness](https://dragonsdogma.fandom.com/wiki/Maelstrom?file=Skill_Sorc_Maelstorm.gif). And those aren't even the most powerful versions. Very excited for this.

“They won’t just be burning the midnight oil, they will be burning the 3am oil, they won’t even leave the factory type of thing, whereas in America people are trying to avoid going to work at all.”

Thoughts on repositories such as this?
The repository in question: https://github.com/BullyWiiPlaza/Ghosts-WiiU-Mod-Injector All it has is a README.md file and they want 8€ for anyone to use this app. I mean, sure, but why host something like this on github? Or am I missing something?

Inside Team17, following the Worms NFT firestorm
Staff speak out on pay, working conditions and management failures.

Ubisoft VP says players 'don't get' NFTs, but can't explain what there is to get
Original article: https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/ubisoft-vp-says-players-dont-get-nfts-but-cant-explain-what-there-is-to-get/

Does anyone else dislike Bluray discs?
For me, they're more trouble than they're worth. For wanting to support your favorite artists, I'm rewarded with unskippable trailers and FBI warnings, and if you want to play Blurays on PC, well... Just take a look at [this](https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Blu-ray#Playback). Keydb files? BD+ decryption? What happened to just putting the stupid disc in the machine and hitting play? With pirated movies and shows, I just double-click on a file and away I go. Why would I ever want to go back to Blurays?