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Awesome work! 👏👏👏

It’s fair that maybe the architecture of public inbox/outbox protocols aren’t suited for this kind of use (juxtapose with Matrix).

However consider this: Some people on the fediverse simply don’t want to be indexed. It should be opt-in instead of opt-out, for people who explicitly want it. People aren’t against search, they’re against non-consensual search.

I think it’s important for the culture of the fediverse that such civility is encouraged. Because on the fediverse, the community can actually make a difference. By blocking federation with offenders, we can guide the culture of fedi. And it’s better for it.

Running with the idea that people can “technically” do what they want because of the nature of the protocols is counter-productive, because we actually can do something.

All a search implementer has to do is adapt to that culture, and they’ll be fine. So I don’t see why there’s such push-back against this viewpoint.

diode.zone is awesome. The host is really cool, and she has done a good job at federating only with instances who don’t allow that kinda content.

same. though if I were to guess, it was probably on one of those “awesome fediverse” lists.

This should be how it is naturally, but for some reason there’s very little interest in expanding ActivityPub’s client-to-server protocol. It’s sad that Mastodon chose to make their own API independent of everything else.

Nonetheless, there is Fedilab, which supports most microblogging platforms. Kaiteki is the only app I’m aware of that actually aims to support all of them. It’s still in early development, but it’s really promising.

From what I could tell from the code when I browsed it (which isn’t much), Kaiteki actually holds dictionaries for popular kinds of ActivityPub objects. So, in theory, it could one day support everything natively.

I haven’t really gotten a chance to try it, but ThatOneCalculator posts about it frequently, and I trust him more with the Fediverse’s future than Eugen tbh. Most of Eugen’s decisions track with his belief that fedi must grow faster, at any cost. Meanwhile, Calc seems to actually care about sustainable growth, and maintaining a community that cares about the tech. Which is essential imo.

There’s room for both viewpoints, but it really is damning that most Mastodon apps don’t support software that doesn’t implement the Mastodon API.

I had a thought about a week ago about search engines. I think it may be better to move towards a curated-list style of search, instead of an automated indexing one. Think Pinterest, but with a greater emphasis on websites, people, and communities instead of just images.

That way search can be made more human. You can get to know and trust the individuals who curate content, and maybe donate to them if their efforts are valuable to you.

Even if it doesn't happen, I really wanna see more of this. The meta culture of fedi should seek to become evermore potent. Especially now that it's popping off.

Out of curiosity, how come Lemmy can’t expose communities as “@!community@domain” instead?

How does lemmy federate communities?
When I follow a community remotely, its handle always mimicks that of a user. E.g, asklemmy is @asklemmy@lemmy.ml Does this imply that communities can reserve usernames? If not, how does Lemmy distinguish between users and communities remotely?

I think it’s awesome. We get to see them seethe when they get fediblocked into oblivion! :D

Me too. If you haven’t heard of it yet, here is one implementation of the general ideas in this essay: https://firstdonoharm.dev/ It’s called The Hippocratic License (HL3).

Instead of just copyleft, it enforces moral obligations that distributers of the code must follow. Also it’s modular; so you can choose what you want to include for your project.

I’m a bit iffy on that idea, because it can cause the license some branding issues. Although each combination of modules has a different name. E.g, a license with all HL3 modules is called HL3-FULL. So it might not be a huge problem.

Haven’t heard a word from him about the Fediverse. Solid simply won’t work the way he thinks it will on its own. The reason people stay on social media platforms isn’t because it’s laborous to move their content; it’s because nobody will see it if they do.

Really all Solid stands to do in the current climate is offer storage relief to existing platforms.

Can confirm mostly. The closest I had growing up was Blogspot and Tumblr.

If it’s short and I can binge it in a night, it’s worth it. I find it really comforting when I start a short anime or tv show that excites me, and become invested-enough to finish it over the course of a night. The impact of watching something like that in one sitting feels like an amplified movie. It’s overwhelming in a cool way, because you now have the whole story’s events to think about at once. Also, you can rest easy knowing the story is complete. I can’t justify binge-watching longer shows though. I feel gross everytime I do and I usually don’t remember much.

Omg on their Twitter it says they’re working on a Unity exporter. That’s a big deal. If they can manage parity with even some of VR Chat’s avatars/maps this could become huge.

I really hope the Matrix org tries to appeal to that crowd, rather than the business crowd that failing “metaverses” tend to target. The software is there to support everyone of course, but trying to popularize it through fringe futurist entrepreneurs – when that audience is fickle and temporary, unlike with the very active anime/vtuber/furry, etc communities on VR Chat – is a very bad play imo. That appeal to business people is what makes all the poser social VR games lame.

Of course either community can exist regardless of how Matrix org markets it. However, it’d be nice to see Third Room’s initial public image be closer to “self-hosted VR Chat” than to “Facebook, NFT, VR workplace, capitalists omegalul”.

finally the excuse we need to make drm-stripping Minecraft more popular :>

i3bar tip: Create a hidden tray bar
I was reading about that weird i3bar quirk where the tray's opacity will always be 00 when i3bar is called with transparency. Which is aesthetically cringe-worthy to look at; almost enough to want to stop using it. A cool workaround I heard about was to create a separate bar for the tray, and then create a shortcut to display it. You can then make that bar completely opaque, or completely transparent; either way it is consistent. Regardless of aesthetics, this is also really helpful to reduce tray icon clutter. I couldn't find any resources on how to do it, but after some finagling I got it to work. First off, number all of your bars with unique ids. If two separate bars with separate ids are displayed on the same monitor, the bar with the higher number displays the furthest down. In my case, I have a bar for my primary display (bar-1), and a bar for all nonprimary displays (bar-2). My tray bar is assigned bar-3 on my primary monitor. So it appears below my primary. note: remember to write (tray_output none) in all of your other bars. The tray bar is assembled like so: ``` bar { id bar-3 output primary position bottom i3bar_command i3bar -t binding_mode_indicator no mode hide modifier none workspace_buttons no tray_output primary tray_padding 1 colors { background #00000000 } } ``` And it can be activated like this: ```bindsym $mod+t bar mode toggle bar-3``` Another cool thing to do is to create a dropdown icon for the bar. Put this in your i3blocks config: ``` [tray_dropdown] color=#ffffff command=i3-msg -q 'bar mode toggle bar-3' full_text= ``` Adjust for the bar id. And voilà!

I’m by no means an expert, but for a while I’ve viewed distributism and its offshoots as the sanest long-term solution to megacorps.

tysm. Bandcamp was one of the few “platforms” I was giving any money, because it’s a cool way to get money to indie artists I like. I really thought they were above this. At least in the same way that Valve’s Steam might be founded on the evils of being a middleman, but their company is somewhat ethical minus that fact. I suppose I let the DRM-lessness of Bandcamp make me extrapolate too much about their business practices. :(

Ohmygod whyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Futurama is like the only really good show I could always point to for ending before it got stale. :<<

There’s also an mpv plugin that implements twitch chat for vods.


I don’t think it works for live broadcasts, but you can always use Chatterino (which is better than their website’s chat anyway imo) :D

They also tease a space station related content update at the end of the post. :>

I’ve tried graphical readers, but could never find one that I fancied. So I just use newsboat with a vim keybind config I found online. Also I substituted the browser command with a wee little script that opens twitch/youtube links with mpv instead.

All of my rss links are direct. Except for Twitch, because they don’t have rss on their website (sadge) so I use twitchrss.appspot.com for that. :D

I probably won’t be able to play the game for awhile cause my graphics card is pretty old. But a few of my favourite streamers have expressed interest in playing the game on stream. So I’m hyped anyway to watch them play! :D


There’s a library for Matrix integration with Godot. Some FediJam projects have used it to experiment with the idea of federated gaming. Imo federation has most of its implementation potential in a VR-chat-esque game. There’s even a project in extremely early development that is exploring that concept on GitHub.

But it’s always good to think outside the box of what’s possible, instead of just emulating what already exists. Federation could eventually open up new possibilities in terms of game mechanics. :>

you will have no other option than to come to the conclusion that earth must be a torus. I knew Halo was trying to tell us something! Typical of the CIA to hide the truth in fiction.

I found this toppest-secret NASA image after hyper-hacking into an uber-foil proxy meatball with feta cheese (i used kali btw). View at your own risk!!!

Umm I think the name of the website you linked to is pretty inflammatory, despite what you say they believe. Also, spamming doesn’t help your case. You come across as irritating. Behaving in this way only acts against you and whatever message you want to convey. If this instance’s users and mods don’t want this kind of content on here, it’s healthier to compromise with their views and post something less inflammatory to start a friendly dialog. Or try starting another lemmy instance. :D

Short answer: yes, but I don’t think it happen will any time soon.

Long answer: I think the Fediverse in general is growing at a really healthy rate right now. It maintains an active community, but it isn’t large enough for it to fall apart under pressure yet. So it has time for its culture to ferment, and for devs to work out the kinks that come with federation. And hopefully: for fedi implementations to move beyond what the old platforms offered.

Whenever it attracts a larger audience, the culture of fedi will be probably be immovable the same way the early internet’s was (if not more so, due to its decentralized nature actively flying in the face of the ad business and walled gardens which are largely the culprit for the situation we find ourselves in).

I.e., fedi could be a return to normal for the internet, which reminds people what made it cool to begin with. For that reason, fedi’s honeymoon phase would probably last much longer if that happened.

That being said: I kinda want to see more PeerTubers. That’s the only popular implementation I’ve seen that doesn’t have a blossoming community yet.

Sorry if I too broadly expanded the scope of your question lol :p

Ikr! With how much people went on about NFTs, I always thought the actual image data was stored on the blockchain or something like that XD