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It is half a century since Harold Wilson formally withdrew Britain from “east of Suez”. Johnson clearly aches to return, to prove that he can somehow punch above his weight and put Britain back on the world stage after Brexit. Foreign policy so vacuously formulated is reckless. British diplomacy sho…

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, freshly promoted to U.K. secretary of state for trade, sent numerous tweets a decade ago claiming global warming was a myth. “We aren’t getting hotter, global warming isn’t actually happening,” read one of her missives. Another condemned “doom-mongers and global warming fanatic…

Another US attempt to discredit China

In July 2021 the Biden’s administration once again criticized the Chinese leadership. This time China was charged with organizing illegal activities in cyberspace which, for its part, creates a serious threat to the US national security. …

The substance of Washington’s charges was that Beijing was creating special structures that at the global level carry out unlawful actions on the Internet, including financial benefit. The American side is confident that hackers being under the patronage of the Chinese government are using malware a…


I somewhat disagree with parts of it regarding density driving innovation (seems like a statistical artifact), but overall the extreme raise in the percentage of income that people pay for housing for sure has a huge negative impact…

Extreme right is trying to capitalize on discontent in the Netherlands.

Although right wing parties have been ruling in the Netherlands for decades it’s saddening that extreme right parties are gaining ground. These extreme right parties are successfully capitalizing on discontent in the Netherlands trying to stir unrest and bring division and fear in the minds of the p…

The leadership of the United States again raised the issue of the Uyghurs and attempted to provoke an “allergic reaction” of Beijing. The economic agenda goes in parallel with it. For example, the US presidential administration appeal to American companies to refuse to work with companies from the …


The US administration continues to take steps to contain China’s influence. This time, the American side is considering the possibility of deploying a permanent group of national Navies in the Pacific Ocean. According to sources familiar with the situation, the plan will allow Lloyd Austin to attra…


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