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I believe that this comment and the link are critiques of the host and not the named projects (excepting maybe Access Dots, which OP has noted as closed source but plans to block from network) or the guide itself. If that is the only concern then, at best this comment and the linked critique are unhelpful because they are conflating the hosting sites’ goals with each project they host or the guide as a whole.

It would also seem to affect a relatively small portion of the guide. Skipping Aurora Store (and thus Access Dots), the APK sites, and replacing the gitlab firefox repo by installing Klar and Fennec from F-Droid would seem to address the software concerns raised.

Can you elaborate on this being bad advice?

Thanks for the resources. /u/nutomic too, for the Einstein essay. Going to give them a read.

The original issue was the site wouldn’t load. If one link on the portal requires loading js from another domain, would it make sense that blocking scripts from the other domain would prevent the whole page from loading?

I had similar thoughts upon reading /u/dessalines mission statement and observing the mod logs. How are you going to feel when the platform you built finds it’s own gab.

That could be, and would explain it not always being there. Does it make sense for not loading the entire page? Today, on 0.6.13 no issues loading from mobile without allowing other domains.

I don’t recall the extra domain. Started with an h maybe 7-8 letters and ended in dot com. Don’t recall recognizing it as an English word, but I also wasn’t focused on the domain itself. I also don’t recall the url popping up on the portal page links on load. I realize this isn’t a ton of help, but it’s the best my memory has to offer at the moment. Will try to pull together better info when (IF) it happens again.

Second observation: sometimes the next button is going missing as well (have not tested on non-mobile)

This is a really great concept.

Does active member mean relative to the rest of the community? E.g. take posts/comments in a time window and be within so many negative standard deviations of the mean. Or is active absolute? So many posts in the past x days.

Length in community is also an interesting one. Don’t aged accounts on reddit sell?

How many counting members does it take to open a vote?

Loading on Mobile
Using android and Firefox with No Script and the Lemmy page stopped loading. Had a chance to load via desktop and found that there is now a second domain that loads (via No Script). That second domain does not appear on Android and I jave to allow all scripts in the tab to load the portal page now. Expected behavior?

Oh, when the link went in I didn’t see other posts.

Good question on scale. It looks like it might be normal e-reader size, but I didn’t see a side shot showing how thick it was. And a couple of the pictures make it look fairly thick. It also looks like it had buttons for navigation, I take that to mean to touch screen. I had bought one of the early Sony e-ink readers ages ago. 5-button navigation is slow and painful, touch screen was definitely a jump forward.

Sadly, Facebook is just the latest iteration. Petroleum companies abuse imminent domain for drilling, create spills that harm habitats, and create air pollution during processing, not to mention leaving the public to clean up their waste. All while getting subsidies to continue operating, despite raking in record profits.

Facebook To Pay $550M For Storing Facial Recognition Data Without Consent
Facebook made 55B in revenue in 2018 while the median house hold income is ~65k USD. So Facebook is willing to payout the equivalent of $650 for stealing sensitive data from its users.

Meet Open Book: An Open Source eBook Reader
An e-reader for <$65 according to the [creator](https://github.com/joeycastillo/The-Open-Book).

Command Line – duplicity » Linux Magazine
Single step encrypted backups from the command line. Making backups easier might actually make me create some...

I just discovered this and was about to post when I saw you beat me to it!

I get the idealist approach taken by Purism. I’m glad they are there, and that they are seeing support. But for me, completely open source hardware ends up being quite expensive for what you get. When comparing the same price point to System76 there is a clear difference. While I have not seen the criticisms leveled at the PinePhone I infer from the rebuttal that this is what Pine64 is running up against.

They have managed to make an affordable phone, compared to the Librem 5 nearing flagship price of $750, that is being supported by an open operating system. While it might not be a perfect reflection of priciples, it may fair better in the market due to the pragmatic decisions made. Many Linux users make the concession to include binary blobs because they want their hardware to work.

I don’t know if Pine64 has a roadmap to completely open source, but in the current smartphone ecosystem I agree with the pragmatic choices they’ve made. And I don’t see a case where this isn’t heralded as a step in the right direction. The price point poises it for market traction. The open operating system doesn’t sell your data. And it addresses privacy from a point that you have to send data for a modem for it to have access. And, of course, the hardware switches to help put the user back in the driver seat when determining boundaries with their mobile carrier.

How to Buy Used on eBay: A Beginner's Guide | WIRED
I have traditionally bought new electronics, assuming that used would have little life left. Then I came across an article or post (I no longer remember the source) that discussed buying a used equipment could actually get you decent hardware for the same price of cheap consumer offerings sold by big retailers. I bought a Lenovo T450 off of ebay for ~$250 and have been quite happy with it. It has a sturdy frame, no flexible plastic skins, and runs well.

Long load times 20200201 19:50 UTC
[/u/dessalines](/u/dessalines) or [/u/nutomic](/u/nutomic), I just experienced some much longer than usual reload times (maybe 30s) on the site landing page (~19:50 UTC). I figure better to know than not in case you're testing changes.

I get the initial reaction. But could this be helpful to push people towards more federated solutions? This bill is talking about companies. While federated solutions offer no individual legal entity to pursue. As far as blessings go, this one is certainly of a cheap alloy, but it may still prove beneficial to the fediverse.

/u/k_o_t I’m curious as to why you posted through archive.org. Is this a way to keep news pages from linking/sending data to dozens of third parties?

I tried to look, but the snapcraft developer site points to a github account. I don’t see utube in the repository lists. Which may make sense if he’s trying to license it.

FWIW, snap worked on Fedora 31 for me.

Abortion Is an Unwinnable Argument - The Atlantic
I know that this topic has been hotly disputed, at least in the US, for a long time. I thought that this essay managed to not take sides while illuminating how both sides frame the issue and thus why the issue continues to be controversial. This was my first introduction to [Caitlin Flanagan](https://www.theatlantic.com/author/caitlin-flanagan/). I think I would certainly read more of her work.

sudo snap install utube then click on link while waiting for it to install

Edit: I like the UI, it is clean and seems responsive. The select viedo/audio quality step as a separate window was an interesting choice, I guess I am used to the New Pipe UI. The app appears to be an evaluation version and one would need to purchase a license to continue using longer than 15 days. It was a little surprising as that was not mentioned on the snapcraft page.

Interesting. Chucrchill isn’t on the list for an allegedly preventable famine that claimed 2-3M in India/Bangladesh during WWII. I guess he wasn’t a dictator, but the story told by Malcom Gladwell seems pretty damning.

And now I need 10 edits and 4 days before the account goes live to upload and link the image…

Oh wow, it was right there on the readme.md file! I blew right past that looking into the repository when I was looking at stuff lastnight.

Hrm, needs secondary sources. /u/dessalines have you been mentioned in any podcasts or on omgubuntu?

/u/dessalines any concern with uploading the lemmy favicon to wikipedia to call out in the page info box? Not sure if the AGPL extends to the artwork. Might try to create an account and figure out uploading graphics.

Cross-post idea
Would it be possible, or even desirable, to post a single thread to multiple communities? I was just looking back on the idea by /u/AgreeableLandscape for privacy violation tracking and ended up in the /c/privacy version, which was dead, instead of the /c/libre_community version with a decent number of comments. I am not saying I think it should be a certain way, just throwing spaghetti at the wall. Edit: complete half formed thoughts

Cross-post idea
Would it be possible, or even desirable, to post a single thread to multiple communities? I was just looking back on the idea by [/u/AgreeableLandscape](/u/AgreeableLandscape) for privacy violation tracking and ended up in the [/c/privacy](/c/privacy) version, which was dead, instead of the [/c/libre_community](/c/libre_community) version with a decent number of comments. I am not saying I think it should be a certain way, just throwing spaghetti at the wall. Edit: complete half formed thoughts Edit2: learned about mentions and links on lemmy

Star Tripper!!
Need a feel good romp through space? Follow Feston Pyxis (Ian McQuown) as he sheds the monotony of capitalism and explores the riches life has to offer with his companion, an AI controlled ship (Sierra Shay). This show is hillarious and heart warming. Julian Mundy and Mischa Stanton create fantastic productions and I can't wait for season 2 to start.