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Zero progress in getting humans to other planets since the idea of space exploration was dreamed up. Time to start asking some questions…

Slowly but surely the lie is coming down…


This video was designed for simpletons with no thinking skills as a quick bias confirmation so they can move on with their day and feel good and smart.

All these questions have been fully addressed in this video series, warning thinking will be required. https://youtu.be/wmbSqgzpyqo

Oh that explains it, I guess it is possible to walk upside down.

You do not flip upside down when traveling from one side of the world to the other, this is total stupidity. …


Yes, people have discovered that the heliocentric globe theory has no basis in science and is a total fraud. As you can clearly see by the example presented the globe is not scientifically possible, it is a fairy tale we have been indoctrinated with since little children.

The proof has been in front of us the whole time…


Its a model of jet stream wind patterns. Colors represent wind speeds.

The point is wind patterns as mapped on a sphere earth model are a mess.

They also never saw any proof of the earth being a sphere. What’s your point?

Because we would all be dead if it was a spinning sphere.

Nope, only the one from the NASA deceivers

Once you examine reality not one thing makes sense on a spinning sphere…


It is only the deceivers known as NASA that have duped the modern man…

A Flat Earther's Trip to Space

Looks like many of us have been to “space”…

Thanks for sharing, since xmr.to is gone now this is a good substitute.

That is what happens when you use communist services.

The times and minds are changing, very exciting!..


So US govt. taking donations in Monero now…nice

Great reply, broke it down nicely :)

He was definitely a fool for paying for the fake hits, but they tricked him into it by setting up the scenario. Most likely for the very purpose of shaping public perception and other leverage.

That is why those charges were not prosecuted because it was bordering on entrapment. Creating scenarios to lure individuals into crimes is evil. Cunning demons…

Wonder why the murder for hire charges were not included in the actual trial. Could it have been just made up crap to demonize him?