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I use Posteo. It’s only 1 € per month and they accept cash.

The reeducation camps do certainly exist, but why do they exist and what happens in them? The official stance is that they are there to combat religious extremism (Xinjiang has a past of religiously motivated terrorism) and that people are educated in an effort to further that goal (not involving torture or anything in that direction). The fact that there’s a Chinese version of the situation is something to be taken into account.

Any claims of torture or forced labour generally come from individual witnesses like these linked by the OP. You can most certainly find people to support your claims if you have a large enough sample of potential witnesses. You can also find people who claim the opposite (https://yewtu.be/watch?v=p57qyMAySYc (obviously not enough to deny that torture and stuff doesn’t exist, but should be enough to support my point that witnesses that do not confirm it can be found)).

These are things that I think should be taken into consideration when discussing these issues, to remind us that we should also consider the claims of the other side.

I just left for a day and the world is already burning. :D Why is there suddenly so many posts about something about Facebook? What happened?

Seems like a good idea, but one thing that worries me is that unless I configure my editor to highlight tabs or to mark them or use a linter, it can be pretty hard to tell if you have been consistent in your use of whitespace (because it can be difficult to distinguish them). Another problem is that for example my code would look awful, if it used tabs instead of spaces for indentation, in editors like notepad that can’t set the tab width (each indent is originally supposed to be 2 spaces wide, because GNU Coding Standards).

How do most autoindent editors react by default when mixing tabs with spaces? If they break, that would be another problem, because that would mean that contributors would have to create an editor config just to be able to remain consistent with my project’s style guide.

I think MarcellusDrum by old Reddit, means old.reddit.com, which I consider to be superrior to the current Reddit UI.

I think some use tabs for indentation and spaces for alignment.

Como é que isto está relacionado com a língua portuguesa?

Wouldn’t past lottery numbers be archived? I imagine you could find somewhere some lottery numbers for 2022.

I know. I gave a result based on the assumption that users register at a constant rate just for the fun of it, which is obviously inaccurate, because that rate changes according to external factors.

I also used total users not active users in a month and of lemmy.ml not lemmy in general. That line, on the small scale of less than a year does look linear, but obviously in the grand scheme of things isn’t.

Around 12 years in the case of lemmy.ml if everything keeps the same pace (if 20 users register each day).

I never understood those people who advocate for that ridicously long copyright postmortem time. They essentially say «Our children should be able to get advantage from our fortunes and achievements! Why should copyright be any different from inheritance? Do you hate your children, is that it? Do you want to see them suffer, you sadist? What a vile and twisted idea of a human are you?!». Postmortem copyright, like inheritance, is stupid. Why should anyone get anything for something they didn’t do? If we can’t guarantee the well-being of our descendants without inheritance, then our system is pretty horrible.

Expressing support for freedom of expression is normally a meaningless thing to do. Most people would agree that there’s nothing wrong about saying that abstract art is overrated, but most people would also agree that shouting “Fire!” in a crowded theater (how creative of me) shouldn’t be allowed. The question isn’t whether free speech should be allowed, but where to draw the line. At what point does the harm of one’s speech outweigh the benefits of having a free exchange of ideas?

The question one should ask oneself in this scenario now is “What harm do the antivax movement’s ideas do?”. The decision of not vaccinating against covid-19 can mean the deaths of many people who could otherwise have lived, including the deaths of people who have nothing to do with it (caused by the potential overcrowding of hospitals and appearance of dangerous covid strains we don’t have a vaccine for yet). Is freedom of speech really more valuable than the lives of people?

One should also note that there’s a difference between the spread of dangerous opinions (subjective claims) and the spread of false and dangerous factual information (objective claims). The banning of the later is a lot more justified than the former, because bearing false witness does not contribute to a healthy discourse, on which democracy is built, but rather endangers it.

but overall it’s a dangerous trend that makes people at large less able to think for theirselves, as well as more ok with censorship.

The slippery slope argument, which boils down to “If saying this is illegal, imagine what will happen in a few years! Restricting our speech will allow the restriction of even more speech, opening the way to the establishment of a totalitarian regime!”, does not hold up with reality. Would you say that most of Europe has become a reincarnation of Nazi Germany or is on its way towards it, just because denying the Holocaust and the expression of some other ideas is illegal?

Edit: Obviously not the “sloppy slope argument”, but the slippery slope argument. XD

Judging by the amount of antivax stuff on some PeerTube instances, I thought YouTube® was already doing it.

I’m confused. Wouldn’t it (temporarily) induce a nuclear winter (assuming nuclear weapons are used), giving us a little bit more time (and bunches of dead people from crop failures due to the drastic reduction of temperatures)? I could see it becoming a problem by more resources getting invested in the war effort rather than in the fight against the climate.

Our chances of surviving are almost non existent with current capitalism, probably 90% of life on Earth will die.

That sentence seems self contradictory. You first say we will not survive and then say 90% will die. 100% isn’t equal to 90%. Maybe I’m misinterpreting it and you mean it is unlikely we will be one of the 10% who survive. Also, why would only 90% of people die? Positive feedback loops will cause the extinction of all life on earth, not just a great majority of the population.

(not saying that AUKUS war is good, just confused by the fact that the concern is that the climate crisis would get worse)

Yeah, they do mismatch. I just mentioned it because I was unfamiliar with the notation in the image. You could also write {x ∊ ℝ : x > a ⋀ x ≤ b} or [a, b]\{a}

Oh! So that’s what Hans Geering, assistant of Colonel von Strohm in 'Allo 'Allo was referring to when planning to poison Major-General Erich von Klinkerhoffen (or was it in another episode?)!

I never saw that notation. I learned to write ]a, b] instead.

What would you do if you came across Jeff Bezos?
What would you do if you came across Jeff Bezos on the street or somewhere else for some reason? Edit: I ask, because we all hate him, but there are a lot factors that would limit how we act in the hypothetical moment we meet him. Edit2: Basically, what you would do, considering Jeff is a human, regardless of how despicable he is, and that what one wants to do is not necessarily what one should do.