Our chances of surviving are almost non existent with current capitalism, probably 90% of life on Earth will die. If these bastards start a war there’s going to be nuclear warfare, that would be a death sentence to us. I’m depressed.

Nah, China will put up with Australia’s nonsense. No one wants a nuclear war.

So much pessimism in the comments and in the original post. There’s no reason to think this way seeing as how two climate reports by scientists on this website imply that the average temperature is actually decreasing, more than likely a result of China’s climate policy already bearing fruit, while Western media continues to report that it is increasing. Perhaps you are reading too much of the latter?

While climate change is definitely real, there is a vested interest on the part of Western countries to make China’s climate change policy appear terrible.

Link to temperature decreasing article pls.

This was the second climate change report that was posted on this site. https://lemmygrad.ml/post/26619

Sadly it seems the earlier article providing far worse projections went missing, it had all of China being uninhabitable.

In any case, when you cut out the media middle man and take your data direct from the scientists, you have a clearer picture of climate science.

Maybe this is the image you’re referring to.

Could you point me to some articles that say that shit won’t be that harsh?

That’s the one I was looking for, so thanks.

The one I posted earlier was in fact the report I was referring to as the report that projected better outcomes.

Well, to be fair the one you posted before only takes into account the temperature, whereas this also shows floods.

Decreased temperatures mean less dilated oceans, which translates to less flooding, so that should be implied in the report.

They wouldn’t dare. They didn’t even against the USSR, and they know China is too powerful for that. They aren’t stupid, and they won’t want to die. hopefully, eventually communist countries can be a base for life while capitalists rot popping popcorn in the atmosphere.


I’m confused. Wouldn’t it (temporarily) induce a nuclear winter (assuming nuclear weapons are used), giving us a little bit more time (and bunches of dead people from crop failures due to the drastic reduction of temperatures)? I could see it becoming a problem by more resources getting invested in the war effort rather than in the fight against the climate.

Our chances of surviving are almost non existent with current capitalism, probably 90% of life on Earth will die.

That sentence seems self contradictory. You first say we will not survive and then say 90% will die. 100% isn’t equal to 90%. Maybe I’m misinterpreting it and you mean it is unlikely we will be one of the 10% who survive. Also, why would only 90% of people die? Positive feedback loops will cause the extinction of all life on earth, not just a great majority of the population.

(not saying that AUKUS war is good, just confused by the fact that the concern is that the climate crisis would get worse)

I don’t know about the nuclear winter, didn’t even knew that existed. I just thought about green life dying because of it.

What I tried to say in that other sentence was that we’re pretty fucked up, I didn’t try to be accurate, I just used 90% as a way to say we’re probably going to die.

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