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I’d prefer this refreshing mirror on the front page over climate change doomerism and ‘here’s the latest scummy action the US government took today.’

Decreased temperatures mean less dilated oceans, which translates to less flooding, so that should be implied in the report.

That’s the one I was looking for, so thanks.

The one I posted earlier was in fact the report I was referring to as the report that projected better outcomes.

This was the second climate change report that was posted on this site. https://lemmygrad.ml/post/26619

Sadly it seems the earlier article providing far worse projections went missing, it had all of China being uninhabitable.

In any case, when you cut out the media middle man and take your data direct from the scientists, you have a clearer picture of climate science.

So much pessimism in the comments and in the original post. There’s no reason to think this way seeing as how two climate reports by scientists on this website imply that the average temperature is actually decreasing, more than likely a result of China’s climate policy already bearing fruit, while Western media continues to report that it is increasing. Perhaps you are reading too much of the latter?

While climate change is definitely real, there is a vested interest on the part of Western countries to make China’s climate change policy appear terrible.

‘Again, the UK having an agenda doesn’t automatically invalidate any concerns that might exist.’

A million Yuans says this is the same guy that thinks Chinese agendas ‘automatically invalidate any concerns that might exist’.

Your conversation is about as sincere as Two Face.

Communist China is a much superior Christmas gift anyways. People need to stop acting like a hateful declining world power on the verge of collapse not turning Communist is going to equal world apocalypse.

Should make it all the more impressive when China inevitably still overcomes all of these agitations to regain Taiwan.

You haven’t heard of MKUltra haven’t you? Regardless of whether or not they are private. Universities in the United States ultimately tow the line of US (Capitalist) interests. Therefore, how can you take anything they say seriously?

In a way, I believe it is fake news in that there would be no believable way that Xi Jinping, a man who has demonstrated himself to be one of the most rational leaders in the world, would spark tensions over the South China Sea Islands. So as far as I am concerned, this is going under ‘rumors & hearsay’.

There’s more than likely nothing to this story considering the recent developments of China and Vietnam’s relationship. They had more than 40 years to ramp up tensions and it happening now just seems to not make any sense.

What a strange contradiction between the title and the content of the article, I’m not trusting that this even exists until these contradictions are resolved.

Of course imperialist media alleges China is balancing the budget by slashing environmental policy, even though two climate change reports on this site when compared to one another suggest the exact opposite.

I’m more surprised they didn’t end the title with ‘…BUT AT WHAT COST?’

There should be a drinking game on Lemmygrad for when anti-communists smugly use ellipses in their comments.

Add climate change doomerists to those comparisons as well. Always screaming how there is no hope in the world seemingly to make a quick buck off of the inevitable clicks, when we literally have the world’s leading economy already making giant efforts to eradicate the very problem they’re complaining about.

I just don’t think this united capitalist is going to happen again seeing as how most of them are so busy taking in the riches of China’s economy. Capitalists are too concerned about short-term gains to formulate such long-term goals such as class unity against Communism. Would a capitalist really ever deny oneself a contract with a rich economy to form an anti-communist bloc?

At this point I’m 95% certain Capitalism won’t be able to destroy the planet seeing as how:

A) Capitalism (and any other ideology for that matter) doesn’t happen in a vacuum (a fact which most people seem to forget or not even consider when making climate change predictions)

B) China is now the world’s leading hegemony.

C) Humans are too far spread out to go extinct except possibly at the hands of heat death via increased luminosity of the sun (predicted in around 2.8 billion years). Keep in mind our first climate change projection didn’t take into account elevation, so China will still be around in some form, just mostly in the Himalayas.

Sorry but most people’s pessimism regarding the future of the planet just isn’t warranted considering all of these facts.