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Nah, China will put up with Australia’s nonsense. No one wants a nuclear war.

Thank you for your word salad, it was certainly interesting to read.

I think a corporation being bullied is kinda based.

r/Ivermectin was filled with nonsense until it was brigaded. I think spez also basically allowed misinformation about vaccines as long as it wasn’t too obvious.

Of course there was also misinformation that was supported by many mods on main subs such as the lab leak nonsense being parroted a few months ago

No, CPI-Maoist is banned and doesn’t participate in elections instead waging a People’s War against the Government.

The CPI(M) in op’s post is referring to CPI-Marxist which was formed after a split from CPI. CPI/CPI(M) do participate in elections and their policies tend to lean socdem due to the conditions in India.


I’ve heard that China’s capital controls limit widespread use of Yuan internationally. Maybe its just an excuse of liberals to remove restrictions.