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I use lockwise. It’s not the most feature complete, but it’s quite simple to use and has good integration with FF, so it’s what I recommend to less tech-savvy people. I have used Keepass in the past but the lack of sync is quite annoying. I might try bitwarden in the close future though.

That’s where the first script (for liked videos) comes from. However it doesn’t work for Favourites, so I had to adapt it (second script).

So you rely on a bank for your transactions, completely negating the only benefits of cryptocurrencies.

removing a 3.5 mm headphone port

What are the ecological consequences of that btw? Since now every new headphones come with their own battery and charger, and that batteries are really damaging to the environment.

Could you please post the link to the original article?

Easily delete your Youtube favourites and likes.

If you have had a youtube account for a long time, and before you became privacy conscious, you might want to delete all of your youtube likes and favourites. …

are likely just the autists of the collective

You should really take the time to think before speaking, and have a bit of respect for other people.

You probably already know about it but uBlock origin. Once you start using an adBlocker, you will never tolerate not having one again.

I just discovered Multi-Account containers and it blew my mind that before that there was no way at all to be connected to multiple accounts on the same browser.

Sure he may have said those things but he still hasn’t incited any violence

That’s literally what he is doing by saying those things.

He’s condemning any violence and asking for it to stop.

When ?

I am just going by logic and facts, not by maybes.

It is a fact that communication involves much more than what a basic transcript could make people understand. What you don’t say matters as much as what you say. Context matters also. The fact is, he encouraged the radicalisation of his voters. By refusing to acknowledge that the racism (which he took part in) and white supremacy, he encouraged it. Any sane person would have asked them to stop. But he didn’t, even when asked to, so his base took it as him supporting them (because there is no way to do so explicitly).

You’ve got the smartest people on the planet in your country

That’s true, but only because I’m french :p.

As I said, he never explicitly said “go kill people”, but he made it clear that it was what he wanted. He has made it clear repetitively that he was fine with violence:

  • the “very fine people” at Charlotsville (who killed one person)
  • the proud boys told to “stand back and stand by”

Also, what do you expect happens when people that have been brainwashed into believing that the opposing party is full of baby eating satanists, that the election was completely stolen, that Trump is the only one that will save the country, and that he has been telling repetitively telling that they are the strongest etc… go to protest?

He repetitively falsely claimed that the election was staged, defended white racism on multiple occasions. He never explicitly stated “Go kill people”, but he encouraged it indirectly on multiple occasions.

It’s not about disagreeing beliefs, it’s about someone inciting violence, lying repetitively, and essentially turning a political party into a cult for his own ego.

You don’t need any complicated tools to use it, just a web browser.

The web browser is literally the most complicated piece of software on my computer.

If you just need to share files/links between multiple devices in your home LAN, kdeconnect might be a great tool.

You can use it to send files in a LAN, and share the clipboard between multiple devices (for sharing text) and also share links. It’s really great.

But who knows if any cryptocurrency could ever reliably replace fiat.

The answer is never. Pretty much no one is able to keep a private both secret AND not lose it for a long period of time. It’s not a problem when people lose their PGP keys for example, as they can always create a new one and tell people to use the new one, but with crypto, losing your key means losing your money. Imagine if you lost your bank account because your computer burned in a house fire and you never backed-up your key. If cryptocurrencies became the norm, that would happen to way to many people.

Just the fact that you have many providers is a already a UX challenge. Either you have a “default” provider were everyone will flock (for example gmail for email), making decentralisation pointless or you force people to chose between many smaller providers, and most won’t want to make such a decision before even beginning to use the service and just leave.

To me, the main concern is indeed that it flushes money to Google/AWS, but since pretty much nothing goes to the services unencrypted, and with minimal metadata. It’s not an issue. The only thing that Google/AWS can get from you is your IP and that you use Signal, so if you use a VPN, you’re pretty much as safe as you can be.

I prefer them doing this kind of choices and being able to scale rapidly, while also keeping new features coming, so that the app is accessible to the majority.

That was an exaggeration, but hiding wealth in cryptocurrencies is not really different from hiding it in a Tax haven.

Why the hell had nobody told me about this company? They seem to be by far the best option to buy a Linux laptop in the EU! I was always interested on System76, but my next laptop might very well be a TUXEDO one.

A short documentary about Peertube’s development. It is in french but there are english subtitles…

I don’t really like Apple, but once in a while they do the right thing. This comes from the App store’s new labels on apps. …

Not directly linked to the language but a lot of Rust projects use mdBook for their docs…

What are the privacy implication of IPFS?

I recently learned about IPFS, and It seems to be a promising project, but I have a few questions. …