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Looks like a file that’s been uuencoded

It can do an awful lot. Besides what Ninmi said, it can also emulate a lot of systems, play Doom, Quake (1 through 3), Hexen2, Tyrian, lots of old school FPS games, Diablo 1, and the list goes on. It’s quite the system.

protonvpn is run by a swiss company so it’s not in the 5 eyes group

I don’t know why anyone looking for privacy would use a search engine based in the 5 eyes countries. Terrible idea

Sony could not care less about the vita and it’s a damn shame how they abandoned the system so quickly. I love my modded vita!

tilvids is an awesome peertube instance and I’m a huge fan!

I really appreciate the addition of AMOLED mode. It’s a pretty fantastic app considering it just launched

I’m getting a 404 error when going to the community?

I just joined and this garnered my first upvote. Thanks for the tip

I started off using Slackware 2.0 back in 1996 or so. I can’t believe that younger me not only managed to get Linux installed (all text based, had to partition the hard drive yourself, no automated recommendations, etc) but got it to connect to the internet over dialup modem. I used X11 with really old school window managers such as Fluxbox and Enlightenment. IRC over the terminal, mplayer for watching realmedia videos downloaded off the internet, adding your own user to the cdrom group and having to mount and unmount the cdrom system manually each time. I remember the videocard I was using didn’t get proper Linux drivers until a year and a half after I bought it and by then I’d moved on to the next card because PCs were making major leaps every year back then.

When I discovered Debian and apt-get and how awesome that was at the time, it was pretty miraculous.

Looking back it was pretty neat but modern distributions are 1000% better.