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I’m kinda inclined to disagree on the basis that it’d be interesting to see how Lemmy conventions and behavior manifest naturally. Lemmy doesn’t necessarily have to be like anything before it, even if it’s similar

Probably. I was hoping maybe it was a MineTest mod pack I could play 🤔

This is incredibly exciting. I’ve been watching progress on this, and it feels like the big jumps forward keep happening. I’m really happy with how this is going 😊

Seeing the pile of comments on here, I just wanna go out of my way to say I think the slur filter is a great idea. Fascists will appropriate any leeway they’re given regardless of the ideological motivations under which said leeway is provided

Why is this meme… textured? 😅

I do almost everything I do with a computer from inside of Emacs, and I absolutely love it. On top of everything else, it’s also a fantastic IDE 🙂

Thank you! 😃 The app is so wonderful. It’s working really well so far 😊

Very cozy. 😊 What game is this? 🙂

Love the vibes here 😊

There’s a community for RSS here on Lemmy that has really great stuff, and I found RSSHub on there. RSSHub has both a wiki of how it can be used for things like major social media platforms, and also has an extension for quickly pulling RSS URLs from things like WordPress blogs 🙂

I hope this means that I’ll still be able to pick up some variant of it in some way soonish. I liked being able to count on some sort of version of cyclic availability.

I’m super excited to see what comes next, though 🙂

Hype! :grinning face with smiling eyes:

See, I never really got this one. :face with tongue: At the very least, what’s wrong with tar --version? And what’s so hard about remembering tar czf foo.tgz bar baz qux? :face with tongue:

Glad to hear it :smiling face with smiling eyes:

This site looks shady as hell, to be honest… :confused face: Is there some reason why this site in particular is more useful over something like, say, youtube-dl? :thinking face:

Really soothing colors. :slightly smiling face: I love your NeoFetch, too! :grinning face with smiling eyes:

Me: "I'm not trans" \*grows out my hair 2 millimeters\* Me:

You: The Atmospheric Alignment Machine isn't that loud The Atmospheric Alignment Machine:

Her: Come over Me: I'm trying to re-align the gravity matrix Her: My parents were *selected* by the **D O D E C A H E D R O N** Me: