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The 10 KB Club is a curated collection of websites whose home pages do not exceed 10 KB compressed size.

Easy RSS-to-Email Service - FeedMail
This is a service I created to consume RSS feeds via email. This has been my preferred way to consume RSS for a while but I never found a service that I was really happy with and no self-hosted tool easy enough to manage. So I created FeedMail mostly for myself but decided to share with others. I would appreciate feedback and any questions you have.

wick editor is stepping up to the plate to try to reproduce the beginner-friendliness that made the flash internet magical
I immediately went to their Patreon to back despite having very little interest in creating this kind of content myself. If anyone knows of a resource to keep abreast of new things people are making with it, I'm all ears! via [nathalie lawhead's talk on web art]( which perfectly sums up why we should find stuff like this exciting

I like this more than you'd think; my whole website is an extended exercise of Doing Cool Stuff with CSS and HTML generated from Markdown, but I always feel a little uncomfortable doing anything too fun when userstyles are not common practice. I could totally create a style switcher with Javascript, but... wouldn't it be better if that were built into the client? Reader mode in Firefox is what I'd like to fall back to, but it doesn't handle my footnotes right now. :(

Mozilla Removing the SSB feature (prototype for desktop PWAs)
Most people interested in PWAs have been looking forward to desktop support, but Mozilla is removing the prototype feature for it and has no plans for any other desktop PWA features. I want to use Firefox, but Mozilla keeps doing the exact opposite of what I want.

writing as metadata: a yale course
It's an art class, let's get that out of the way up top: maybe not for everyone. And it's teaching dead-basic coding skills in its projects, so they're not necessarily of interest. But that *syllabus*--I'm going to be spending a while with it. Sometimes I feel a flicker of jealousy for the Really Smart People who got to take classes like this, ponder over material like this, discuss with other Really Smart People... But there are two points that console me: first, that I don't have Yale MFA debt behind me, and second, that *if* I can nurture the habits I need to pursue such studies as an autodidact, I have an increasing amount of life experience to bring to bear on the material. Hmm. Lacks social grounding, doesn't it? But I'm not sure where would be appropriate to discuss the readings, so I'll leave that aside for now... is inspiring
I don't know why, but I have this feeling that these kinds of communities are the only good future of the web. That isn't to say quirky and Linux-based -- but intentional, social, donation-based, with a hodgepodge of shared amenities.

WebGL Font Rendering Demo
I love this font rendering demo! <3 I finally saw how subpixel font rendering looks clearer in low DPI screens.

Intersting web projects

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