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Well, there’s Fluffychat written in Flutter already. I recently ditched that because it didn’t load my messages properly. Element has a similar problem now. The whole Matrix ecosystem currently is a huge UX mess…

Just register for ChatGPT and ask that thing. But be aware ChatGPT is often very sure about stuff like 2+2=5, so take its answers with a grain of salt.

Ich weiß nicht, aber nichts an diesem Artikel überrascht mich im Hinblick auf seine Aussagen in den letzten Jahren. Mich ärgert es, dass solche Leute auch nur ansatzweise politische Macht erlangen können bzw erlangt haben.

Well, you’d probably have to find some clever way to do it. As Wayland doesn’t use the server architecture X11 does it’s probably pretty hard to plug a local display in a foreign computer with Wayland. Let’s see what the future brings.

I honestly don’t believe that you didn’t have a single issue in years. That would mean you didn’t have any crashes and bugs at all.

Not quite though, there’s still lots of stuff missing, e.g. forwarding via SSH, screenshots of all types of windows, DisplayLink drivers…

See also: https://arewewaylandyet.com/ (but just because something exists for Wayland, doesn’t mean it works well)

Every year is the year of the Linux desktop. I think between around 2010 and 2015 there was a bit of stagnation, but currently my opinion is that the Linux desktop is getting better every iteration. Heck, even Wayland is nearly usable.

Cool, now I know what I won’t buy. Ubisoft has some serious problems, see Jim Stephanie Sterling’s videos on them.

Google can easily replicate ChatGPT with enough engineers, computing power and outsourced labor. There’s nothing secret in the inner workings.

That said, maybe we’ll be able to use search engines again without wading through pages of mud when there’s more competition…

I don’t agree that COVID gives elites more control, if anything it destabilised international relations and made it harder to do stuff even for elites. They also don’t gain much by reducing the population if they’re already successful elites. The other things in my opinion are unrelated to the COVID pandemic.

You can still hold your opinion but I don’t think I’ll gain any deeper understanding by further discussing this. Thank you for answering.

Funny that you acknowledge I asked for clarification just to again assume something completely different. I see you have set your mind already, which confirms my initial suspicion.

What makes you think the pandemic has been ‘deployed’?

Ah so you mean that the COVID pandemic has been manufactured by an elite of people with lots of information about the world’s population to spread it more efficiently?

If so, what would/did they gain from the COVID pandemic?

That’s a good argument! However, some forms of asking questions turn into bad faith arguments and sealioning. Not the case here, but still something to be aware of.

Thank you for over-analysing, but you were wrong. I’m interested to see how you get around admitting you’re chasing your own tail here.

Exactly. My thought process was ‘I can’t think of a reason COVID was partly caused by privacy issues, so there must be another pandemic’

A pandemic like monkeypox, if you remember that sword of Damocles still hanging, where privacy concerns about having gay sex prevents scientific discourse about how to prevent the spread.

Still interested in which pandemic and an elaboration about how failure to uphold privacy made it possible.

> Die WTF eG wurde Ende 2020 als Hacker Genossenschaft gegründet. Seither ist viel passiert. > In diesem Talk geht es um Genossenschaften, warum diese grundsätzlich großartig sind und was in der WTF eG alles passiert ist. > Du bist wertvoll – wir hacken Wirtschaft gemeinsam.

which drugs did you take? how would you rate them on effect, ease of obtainability and long term risks?
For me (list will be extended): - Nicotine: pushing, large doses make me shiver, very easy to obtain, easy to become addicted - Diazepam: very calming, gives a bit of high, easy to sleep, sometimes hangover (a bit unpredictable). High potential for addiction, long half-life, so it stacks in effect which means you can't take too much on consecutive days. Pretty easy to get. - Cannabis: lots of different strains, most of them very relaxing, opens the floodgates of your thoughts. Easy to get, nearly no physical addiction, but I know a few stoners who can't get their life in order because they smoke too much. - alcohol: very predictable, very easy to get, easy to overdose, hangovers are real once you get older. There are some beverages which taste very good. - MDMA: very, very uncomfortable for me. Had pretty good mood, but felt like I was full of ants and constantly had to do stuff. Makes you horny aswell. Party drug for people who are already annoying at parties. Easy to get on every rave. - Propofol: You can get this at the dentist. Knocks you out but doesn't do much more. You don't really have time to enjoy it, even in low doses. Wouldn't make me addicted. Can go horribly wrong. - Methylphenidate: makes you productive, you feel centered and very alert. Not a lot of fun but if you want to get shit done, pretty reliable and predictable. Medium risk. Your heart can just stop like with other amphetamines. - Caffeine: the pussy version of MDMA. Many people become addicted and need more and more of this stuff to function. Coffee tastes awful to me. - Tilidine: happy drowsy pills. Is probably very risky and makes very addicted (see opioid crisis in the USA). Predictable, but you also can't do much when you took it.

> Die bittere Wahrheit im freiheitsliebenden Deutschland: Es gibt Hetze gegen trans Menschen. > […] Journalist*innen, Aktivist*innen, Wissenschaftler*innen und sogar Alt-Feminist*innen gehen gegen Selbstbestimmung auf die Straße oder schreiben "meinungsstarke" Artikel in "liberalen" Tageszeitungen.

Polizeigewalt in Deutschland: Der Polizist tappt in die Falle
Polizeigewalt landet fast nie vor Gericht. Auch in Hamburg ist ein Demonstrant angeklagt, nicht der Polizist. Doch der Beamte ahnt nicht: Es gibt ein Video seiner Tat. Eine Reportage von Elke Spanner, Hamburg

Git Notes: git's coolest, most unloved­ feature - Tyler Cipriani
via [HN](https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=33766396)

cross-posted from: https://feddit.de/post/471042 > You can also download an awesome live wallpaper.

You can also download an awesome live wallpaper.

Ursprünglicher Artikel: https://www.welt.de/politik/deutschland/plus242204899/Katastrophenschutz-Davon-ausgehen-dass-es-im-Winter-Blackouts-geben-wird.html Mehr zum Thema: https://www.tagesschau.de/inland/gesellschaft/stromausfaelle-katastrophenschutz-105.html