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Except France has a semi-presidential system, without a majority in parliament a French president’s powers are limited. (the legislative elections are in one month)

There was some software allowing you to use your phone (iPhone?) as a quite precise mouse, so it seems possible.

Lower case “L” is different from upper case “i”:

Next to each other they sure are different :) Didn’t know about the dyslexic people preference for round lc a… I just know it’s a no-no for legibility in general.

A typeface designed to aid reading comprehension, but with a single-storey a and a straight lowercase L? I don’t get it.

Torrent Paradise (IPFS)
Not updated, and the API is unavailable, but better than nothing! https://github.com/urbanguacamole/torrent-paradise

I agree. It’s a whole business, and of course everything is automated. They hire companies overseas that monitor the most popular torrents, and when they see a German IP a letter is sent to the “offender” address.

I once arrived in Germany, opened my laptop with a bittorrent client seeding some movie torrents, took me 5 minutes to realise and close it. 2 days later got a 800 euros fine in the mail, for one movie. A friend of mine got less lucky and got a hefty 20000 euros fine for multiple torrents. There are horror stories of Airbnb hosts getting fined hundreds of thousands for the torrenting of their guests.

I have since downloaded torrents in Germany, but not before being sure that my VPN setup immediately closes the internet connection if the VPN one drops. Private trackers should be fine.

Bookmarklet: javascript:q=location.hostname+location.pathname;location.href="https://txtify.it/"+q;

Abusing unicode fonts is a usability nightmare; even if screen readers do their best announcing them, just avoid doing it in general. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZH7A5LnveoI

The photos are so bleak, between 90’s 3D and post soviet countryside bling.

Really nice indeed. Looks like it’s the sidenotes from Tufte CSS.

And Apple knew about it:

The manner in which Google has actively worked with Big Tech competitors to undermine users’ privacy further illustrates Google’s pretextual privacy concerns. For example, in a closed-door meeting on August 6, 2019 between the five Big Tech companies—including Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft—Google discussed forestalling consumer privacy efforts.

Thank you!

(If anyone wants to use it, you need to remove the trailing slash) javascript:q=location.pathname;location.href="https://scribe.rip"+q;

Thanks for this! I was thinking, did you thought about making a simple bookmarklet?

Scribe.rip Open source Medium Front end
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/84770 > This is a recent toot from the creator: > I've made an alternative frontend to Medium: > > https://scribe.rip > > If you, like me, are occasionally forced to read articles on medium.com, now you can read them on Scribe instead! Feedback welcome. > > @edwardloveall@mastodon.technology

ShadowDragon: Social Media Surveillance
Coverage by The Intercept: https://theintercept.com/2021/09/21/surveillance-social-media-police-microsoft-shadowdragon-kaseware/ > a company promotional video and listing at the Maltego website gives an indication of which websites fall into their surveillance net: > > AOL Lifestream | Amazon | Ameba | Aodle | BabyCenter | Bitçhute | BlackPlanet | Blogger | Busted! Mugshots | Buzznet | Cocolog | Companies House | Crunchbase | Dailymotion | DeviantArt | Ebay | Etsy | Facebook | Flickr | Foursquare | Gab | GitHub | Goo | Google | Google+ | Gravatar | Hatena | Huffington Post | ICQ | IMVU | ImageShack | Imgur | Instagram | Instructables | Jugem | Kik |LinkedIn | LiveJournal | Livedoor | Mail(dot)ru | Menuism | MeWe | MySpace | Naijapals | Netlog | OK Cupid | Okru | Olipro Company | Pandora | Pastebin | PayPal | PGP | Photobucket | Pinterest | Plurk | POF | PornHub | QQ | Reddit | ReverbNation | Seesaa | Skype | SoundCloud | SourceForge | Spotify | Sprashivai | Steam | Sudani | Telegram | Tinder | TripAdvisor | Tumblr | Uplike | Vimeo | Vine | Virus Total | VK | Voat | Weibo | Xing | Yahoo | Yelp | YouTube | Zillow