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I’ve been using a self-hosted webmentiond on my own site for about a month and a half, and I’ve loved the experience so I thought I’d share. Deploying is easy; it’s just a single statically-linked binary and an assets directory for the web UI…

Sometimes I think that the way people talk about webmentions (even me) is far too limited. The protocol itself is incredibly flexible. Why should it be that we limit ourselves to reinventing …

james tomasino on comments

You know, sometimes Indieweb people say “this is a case for webmentions!” when I’m… not really sure it’s a case for webmentions. But this? …

let a webmention and websub enabled site interact with activitypub

This is so cool! This is so cool!! At this moment I don’t think this exactly matches up with what I want for my life on Mastodon but if I’m brave enough I might try and see what would be necessary to get stuff to show up on Lemmy? Except I’m not [WebSub enabled](…

This was cool to read and made me very grateful for how easy I found it to figure this stuff out for my static site. (Though I suppose a fair rejoinder might be that if you’re doing that Wordpress plugin route, you don’t have a separate webmentions component with its attendant nginx config blah blah…

If I were a wordpress person, which I am not[^1] I would be tossing around the idea of taking an Indieweb ready theme, showing the set up steps for the Wordpress install (which quite reasonably aren’t included here), maybe dumbing down the bookmarklet part of it, and shopping this around as part of …

I made a little guide for adding webmentions to a Neocities site

Since my site itself is very inspired by all the cool stuff on Neocities, and since I think webmentions are a cool way of making personal websites more social, I’m trying to write a guide for adding them to Neocities that doesn’t assume

  1. you know too …

avoiding caching others' PII with runtime javascript

I love this! I tried doing something similar with footer post recommendations, not h-cards. The web should be full of dynamic inclusion! Of course, that spirit means I may need to run my own CORS server to bounce `f…

This! Is! My! Shit! (by which I mean enthusiasm, not ownership)

I’ve written about these ideas before, so I’ll try not to repeat what I’ve said there…

content, bloat, privacy, archives

This is a really interesting piece and I’d like to reflect on it in a slightly meta way. I post “bookmarks” to Lemmy (including this one!) and automate grabbing the content and posting it to my own site (it ends up looking [like this](

Has some links to some pretty cool looking directories, too …

Crawling the IndieWeb

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