tilde.town is inspiring

I don’t know why, but I have this feeling that these kinds of communities are the only good future of the web. That isn’t to say quirky and Linux-based – but intentional, social, donation-based, with a hodgepodge of shared amenities.


Agreed, the tildes are really great. Even beyond “the web” (though I know this is !web@lemmy.ml), the tildes are really the embodiment of smol tech and a really fun evolution of pre-web and proto-web communities like BBSes.

Some of the tildes are really embracing(/driving) the gemini community alongside the web, which is also really cool to see as I think it fits right in with their philosophy and aesthetic.

There’s a list of some tilde and pubnix communities on the Gemini homepage FAQ. It serves both as a place to find cool communities to look at or even join (:

  • gemini://gemini.ctrl-c.club
  • gemini://envs.net
  • gemini://tanelorn.city (writer-focussed server)
  • gemini://tilde.black (privacy-themed server)
  • gemini://tilde.pink
  • gemini://rawtext.club
  • gemini://breadpunk.club/ (baking-themed server)

Some of them may have HTTP counterparts, too.

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