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Neat. Lagrange is such a pretty client, though I tend to find myself using Amfora more often.

Though Lagrange is if nothing else a great reminder that text of my capsules aren’t always rendered monospace and I need to make my ascii art in preformatted blocks.

Trying my hardest not the bring the drew-related drama from the mailing list to this thread based on your screenshot.

I like whatever the accepted standard is for the language I’m using at the time.

So for python and ruby we’re talking snake_case variables and PascalCase classes, for javascript camelCase variables and PascalCase constructors, for go camelCase for unexported and PascalCase for exported.

Don’t really see how one might have a personal favorite that they apply to all languages equally.

This is a really great idea! Though I don’t know of any software with these features.

As mentioned below, plume sorta fits the bill but is still early in it’s development and isn’t currently actively maintained. I ran an instance for a few months about 8 months ago and it was a very promising start, so it’s a little sad that it isn’t getting the development love it deserves.

Anyway like I said I don’t know of anything that can really do this out of the box (though I’m sure wordpress can be round-pegged into that square hole). Might be a fun side-project, though. Which, now that my interactive fiction on gemini project has sorta stabilized I am looking for a new side-project. 🤔

I tried this out like 12-18 months ago before deciding to just run my own Mastodon instance. I recall, like poVoq mentioned, having to play with my nginx config a bit to get webfinger junk behaving as expected.

But even after I got to working it was pretty bare-bones and I’m not sure it’s gotten any better since then.

What a fun little denial of service simulator.

I think certainly better sex education and access to contraception is important.

Reproductive legislation probably wouldn’t do too terribly much on any sort of reasonable timeframe given how much pollution is produced by multinational corporations versus individuals and families.

If we’re going to do any sort of sweeping and binding legislation let it be against corporations rather than people.

Agreed. I still run a mattermost instance for a few people, but if I wanted like a “community” there I’d absolutely need some of the Enterprise features.

Having a separate instance with some communities for sharing flacs might be cool, but I don’t know that I’d want it on the “flagship” instance since things like that typically tend to fully take over a community’s culture. I want Lemmy to be a diverse sharing and discussion site for a variety of topics and not soulseek-but-it-looks-like-reddit.

I think certainly building a culture where we prefer “blessed” sources of an artist’s music (directly on their websites, bandcamp, soundcloud, artist’s youtube channel, maybe some day funkwhale will really take off for this kinda stuff) or just user-and/or-artist-respecting platforms and preferring those makes sense.

Agreed, the tildes are really great. Even beyond “the web” (though I know this is !web@lemmy.ml), the tildes are really the embodiment of smol tech and a really fun evolution of pre-web and proto-web communities like BBSes.

Some of the tildes are really embracing(/driving) the gemini community alongside the web, which is also really cool to see as I think it fits right in with their philosophy and aesthetic.

Depending on what you don’t love about mutt, I’ve used alpine on and off throughout the years and have liked it.

Course these days it can be tough to find information on with alpine linux being so popular.

From a technical standpoint, sure someone could make a “votechain” link aggregator. Which I assume is what you mean by proof of work voting.

Heck, I’m certain there’s already one out there given how many misapplications of blockchain there are out there.

They couldn’t federate with “Fediverse” (colloquial name for ActivityPub) software, though, since the whole point of blockchain is that it can’t get input from outside of the network as it is not cryptographically secure.

Anonymous posting would, generally speaking, be possible with ActivityPub. I don’t know about the Lemmy-centric activities that are currently implemented and if something would get weird. But speaking about general Fediverse software it would work. But given that Lemmy currently works by opt-in federation, it’s possible that major instances would not opt to federate with such instances.

Agreed. Arc-Dark is my go-to. I use Nord theme on all my stuff, so naturally I’ve tried some Nord xfce/gtk themes, but Arc-Dark blends with my nord-styled applications well enough and feels better than the “real” Nord themes.

Thanks for being a voice of reason and not taking uncited claims on a random blog as fact like everyone else in this thread.

According to the notabug site itself:

What is nsfb? (Not Safe For Brand) Reddit’s api returns an undocumented brand_safe field for content. It appears to be applied on a subreddit basis. Snew displays a nsfb indicator when a post has a false brand_safe value. It is believed that all subreddits are nsfb until manually reviewed as safe

I haven’t tested the veracity of the claim that reddit’s api returns this value as I’m not at a computer, but it’s certainly a much less extraordinary claim than “this particular post was deleted so as not to be mean to brands.”

Let’s don’t make Lemmy a place for misinformation to spread just yet, eh folks? Try to verify claims, especially extraordinary claims, even if they reinforce your world view.

(By the way none of this is to say that reddit doesn’t suck and they are absolutely just an ad-serving platform at this point.)

Not much going on in this community, so I figure I’ll post an update here as a comment rather than making two “back to back” posts (albeit separated by a week).

I’ve been working on this a bunch over the past week.

You can check the source over at https://git.sr.ht/~nromdotcom/gemif

And the live version at gemini://gemif.fedi.farm

I’ve implemented simple conditions to make conditional rendering and transitions possible as well as a model to write your stories as a bunch of separate .gemif files and “compile” them to YAML.

I started work on a very simple Interactive Fiction engine (think Twine but with way fewer features) that runs as a Gemini server. …

Doesn’t always* mean that. And I think that’s okay.

Sure, in a perfect world there would be a really great FOSS replacement for every proprietary piece of software that’s super easy to switch to and use. But I’m also not recommending to anyone (computer enthusiast or otherwise) that they host their own email.

I think getting 50% of people to use software that is 10% “better” (whether you measure by privacy, security, openness, etc) is just as important as getting 5% of people to use software that is 100% “better.”

Nearly by definition any Gemini client is going to look old, but be modern. “Awesome” is in the eye of the beholder, but I think geminispace is really cool.

Yeah, makes sense. For me, it was a journey to realizing that most of the time I just really don’t have anything interesting to say and am far more of a consumer than a creator.

Then in my brief spurts of creativity I spend it basically setting up a new blog thinking this spurt will never end, but then by the time I’ve got things set up I don’t have much energy left to actually do anything with it.

So really I just need to finally realize that and next time the creative mood strikes me just use what I already have set up.

Interesting insights into how Kinesis works under the hood. And an interesting discussion of a failure mode it seems like a company the size and maturity of AWS should have protected against (or at least detected sooner)…

It’s not a problem, I just mean if they’re completely rewriting it in a new language does it really make sense to advertise it as a fork versus an entirely separate project.

I’d say it’s a fork right now since they share a codebase, even though they have trouble merging new changes from upstream due to drastic changes. Certainly things that start as forks do drift further from the parent project over time (unless the goal is to not as with glitch-soc/mastodon), but if their initial stated goal is a complete rewrite just seems like a weird framing.

I think we’ve reached Fork of Theseus territory here. If you rewrite your fork in a different language is it still a fork, or a completely different piece of software?

Either way, Typescript is a fine language for what they’re trying to do and their design goals seems sensible enough. I just hope they’re able to circle back around to getting federation rolling at some point, from a community/ecosystem standpoint.

us-dumpsterfire-1 kinesis problems, taking plenty of global services with it

Looks like we were due for our yearly us-east-1 outage that takes a bunch of global services with it, impacting people in other regions. …