I’m working on a very simple interactive fiction engine using Gemini. Think Twine but with way fewer features. I think Gemini fits this use-case really well both from a technology standpoint and al…

I started work on a very simple Interactive Fiction engine (think Twine but with way fewer features) that runs as a Gemini server.

Right now it is configured with a relatively-simple YAML file and the linked example just shows essentially a tour of my house. Describe a room, follow a link to move to another room.

Already this could be used to create simple branching (or linear) narratives, but I’m planning to add the ability to create and track simple conditions to create slightly-more-complex stories.

Anyway, is this something other folks would like to try out? I plan to throw it up on gitlab or sourcehut or something, but I’m wondering what the interest would be for like providing updates to the community and stuff.

So let me know what you think!


Not much going on in this community, so I figure I’ll post an update here as a comment rather than making two “back to back” posts (albeit separated by a week).

I’ve been working on this a bunch over the past week.

You can check the source over at

And the live version at gemini://

I’ve implemented simple conditions to make conditional rendering and transitions possible as well as a model to write your stories as a bunch of separate .gemif files and “compile” them to YAML.

Gemini is a new internet protocol which:

Is heavier than gopher
Is lighter than the web
Will not replace either
Strives for maximum power to weight ratio
Takes user privacy very seriously
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