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Maybe a different API would be less dangerous to the Fediverse.

Still, federated services don’t usually have the same issues. The history of Chrome is a good point, but I still think web pages, email, et c. are far less worisome than Whatsapp or Viber.

The break-up hammer seems like the wrong tool for the job.

I wish people would discuss an enforced API. If Facebook were forced to federate, we wouldn’t have to end it - it could be just another option in a plethora of social networks. If the data (and accounts) dispersed, we wouldn’t see another Cambridge Analytica scandal, because that kind of abuse relies on repeatedly accessing massive amounts of data.

Having distributed networks would also make the kinds of lies Facebook tell about their ability to advertise much more difficult, because multiple admins would be able to verify what kind of advertising reach is possible.

I always assumed it was a matter of open ports, or just devices swapping MAC addresses, then they send information in the normal way over those channels.

This article leaves so much unanswered.


Compel how?

How do police ensure people know the password to something?

Scenario 1

You buy a laptop from a friend. He says he doesn’t need to wipe his data from the disk, because it’s encrypted. You leave his house and decide to install an OS later. The police pick you up. You don’t want to drag your friend into this. Are you criminally liable?

Scenario 2

You play about with encryption, adding an encrypted partition, and encfs ~/.crypt directory, and a few others. You get bored. One year later the police ask for your passwords, but you can’t remember any. Due to automatic backups, the ‘last modified’ date is yesterday. Are you legally liable for forgetting the passwords?

Scenario 3

You delete an old Windows partition, and scrub over it with random data (as it best practice). The police say this is a hidden partition, which uses veracrypt. It’s not. Can they detain you for having some part of the disk with random data?

Scenario 4

The police demand password access to a file. Your passwords are kept in Lastpass, so the police demand access to that, but this gives them access to all your passwords, your work’s passwords, and some of your family’s passwords. Are you required to give them access to Lastpass, or are they required to allow you to access Lastpass in such a way that your personal definitions of ‘secure access’ are satisfied?

Scenario 5

You have a client’s confidential information on your laptop. The police have had 2 known security breaches this year, involving unknown parties taking an unknown amount of data from them, including data siezed from criminal prosecutions. You know that if your client’s information is leaked, they will not work with you again.

Are you still required to give out your passwords? Are the police liable for any breaches?

I never fully understood anti-cheat. If I want to play a game of chess with friends, and then we switch up the rules, that’s nobody else’s business.

I’m no gamer, so I may be talking nonsense, but it seems to me anti-cheat is best handled like any other federation - you make the protocol open (including open to cheaters), then allow people to form communities which they can gatekeep as they please. I’d like the ability to play with anyone, and define for myself what counts as ‘cheating’.

They’re not using ‘they/ them’ - they’re using ‘the user’.

I’ve donated a little to open source social media sites, so if you’re asking ‘would anyone pay for social media in general?’ then the answer’s ‘yes’.

Facebook specifically? No - it’s payed for by advertisers who like that they can target very specific demographics.

I only read the article to find out which bits of tracking are illegal. I’m still unclear on this.

It’s like saying ‘illegal sugar in Cola’ - I get that it’s an intelligent sentence, but it sounds off.

a concrete breach of user trust

Can’t make a breach of trust if nobody trusts you.

‘vhost’ is the word I needed to search for apparently.

Just found ‘geminid’ here. Looks like it’ll do the job.

How to I run two Gemini sites on one server?

Port 1965 is only going to one place, so how can I make sure it’s going to the right place? …

I don’t drive. I looked it up, and it’s described as a safety feature, but that might be wrong, if machines can’t manage high-beams better than any humans. That said, when I’m a passenger, drivers have told me that plenty of humans are not managing their high beams well.

This is the question I asked, twice. It’s also the original question asked by Stallman.

I’m not sure how you want to show evidence that the question I’m asking is not “the question”. It’s a question, it’s one I’ve asked, and one you’re apparently incapable of answering.

If this isn’t the point you’re making, then don’t be surprised when other people’s questions - including Stallman’s - are not there to facilitate your points.

Neither does a 20 year old feature in this story,

The story pertains to Stallman precisely because of his initial demand for clarity.

I didn’t characterise any story. I asked a simple question, to return to the matter in question, rather than side tracking. This is more side tracking.

Do you, or do you not believe that saying someone who slept with a twenty year old has committed “sexual assault” could be misleading?

For the intent of figuring out what he said, he did not say that such-and-such actions are defensible.

Rather than talking in big circles round the issue, it’s better to just look at the truth of the matter. Do you, or do you not believe that saying someone who slept with a twenty year old has committed “sexual assault” could be misleading?

he defended a former colleague against allegations of child abuse.

You can’t just believe everything you read on Twitter.

The source is quite public, so it’s better to go to that source.

The current information commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, is due to leave her post in October. Dowden said that under the regime ‘too many businesses and organisations are reluctant to use data – either because they don’t understand the rules or are afraid of inadvertently breaking them’.

This is bollocks. I had to work with GDPR for my work, and it broadly went like this:

Are you racially profiling children for profit?


Okay, good to go

Once every 3 months someone asks us to delete their data with us “because GDPR”, and it takes like 2 minutes.

Nice page.

Those are some big music files for a raspberry pi.

Gus is out of date - post your site

The ‘gemini universal search’ hasn’t been updated since December. …

I like that it’s quality, rather than a fix for web pages.

Like if you’re going vegan you can ‘fix’ your diet with vegan faux-bacon, or you can just learn to cook a proper stew.

I really wish I could play in my own game. I made it to eradicate everything that wasn’t fun in play, and the feedback’s been broadly positive on that front.

I’ve made a collection of RPGs with a git. …

Sorry about the last post - I pasted from the wrong clipboard. …


LaTeX Workflow: 1 Year On

After a year of using Latex as my writing and layout tool for a homebrew RPG, and writing stories for WW’s Vampire, here are the main results and differences: …

BIND is an open source RPG written in LaTeX, so anyone can hack on it, add things, or rewrite the system. …