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The methodology to answer the question is pretty clear. Go through some ‘experimental philosophy’, and see if that question could have obtained a grant in the Psychology department.

If the answer is ‘no’, then ‘no’.

If the answer is ‘yes’, then it looks like the disciplines have some overlap.

I’m not sure what this really adds. If someone’s only reading Lemmy through Mastodon, why not just stay on Mastodon? It’s nice to crosspost, but I only get Mastodon posts I want to see. But I see all the Lemmy posts on a given community, so it seems vulnerable to spammy @'s.

At the very least I’d say ‘wait until a few lemmies federate’ before lumping that on the admins. I have no idea what the fallour or additional work might be.

There can’t be a consensus, as the rulings are based on laws, and the laws all depend upon the judge at the time.

A few lawywers have already weighed in. None of them have been willing to give a prediction.

At least there are plenty of non-OGL options. I’ve been ranting for a while now about the OGL not being open, but I never thought I’d see such movement around the issue.

This is a title people give to you, not a registered profession. Linus, from Linux Tech Tips is an influencer insofar as he influences people.

While a lot of kids saying “I want to be famous” are a little cringe, if we want to be more charitable we should understand people who say ‘I want to be an influencer’ simply as ‘I want to do well at this job’, which isn’t a bad thing, unless the job is bad.

  1. Yes! Put your name under ‘player’. It had a couple of problems, so I’ve updated the sheet link.
  2. Builds? Like optimized characters? I guess the Gitlab board maybe?
  3. How did you get that link? It doesn’t go anywhere.

Less and less since I’ve found you can follow a lemmy channel from Mastodon.

I’ll be back when /r/latex isn’t dead.

Nomenological Character Spreadsheet
Download the spreadsheet, type in your name, and you'll find a randomly generated spreadsheet. - Your name becomes a seed for a hash. - The hash creates a random numbers through modulos. - The modulos become D6 rolls. It's taken a few days to make, and the results are interesting - having to put every rule in the game gives a new perspective on the rules. I'm not a big fan of spreadsheets - TTRPGs feel like a little haven away from the screen. But sometimes in-person play isn't on the cards. I think a heavily-automated spreadsheet makes a good introduction to a game's rules. You just click on all the yellow-coloured squares, and fill in what you can until you don't have any XP left.

@GhasttoRPGD&D "under monitised"
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Can I intereset you in an open source RPG before the Monstrous Manual macros start limiting your reading time to your subscription level?

Not yet, it just says ‘something went wrong’ when I try to start it up on Linux with an AMD card. Same result on my Windows partition.

Can anyone recommend a Gem server wich allows comments?
I like how [the midnight pub](gemini://midnight.pub:1965/) allows people to leave comments at the bottom of articles. Are there any other gem servers which allow replies don't depend upon coding knowledge? I just do basic hosting on Arch. I'm hopingt to allow general replies, like [geddit](gemini://geddit.glv.one).

Looks snazzy AF, but no Linux version yet.

I'm not a big fan off some of the Void Distro-reviews which just show the installer, so I've made a review of how it looks after a few years of daily use. I've missed out a load of nice features, because it's already a fairly waffly review.

The first time this runs, it'll ask for details, but after that it should just upload your video. The information it needs is dumped into a file, to be sourced later, so if you want to change a variable, you can just remove that line of the file (`pt_info.txt`), and it'll ask for it again. A few notes: - The name of the file becomes the title of the video. - You *need* a second argument, which is the video's description. - You'll need fuzzy-finder (`fzy`) so it can let you select things. - If you don't have `pass` installed, it'll store your password in plain text. - If you do have `pass` installed, it'll remember what your passwords name is, and just use that. - It only takes 1 category ('education', 'sports', et c.), so all subsequent videos will have the same category unless you change that. - The default licence is CC0. (fuck copyright) Example: > ./ptup.sh myVideo.mp4 "This is my description of my video." It's only been tested once, so I'd give it a 50/50 chance of working.

It’s not December. I’m calling the cops.

You’re asking about compromises, I take it?

Best to stick to individual examples. With a question this broad, it’s easy to say ‘yes’ by ferreting out some historical cause, but the answer’s not useful, so the question’s not useful. Best to look at which compromises to take for a specific movement.

Branding! Using the OGL you can’t use the term “Dungeons & Dragons” (you never could).

Well…you could say ‘this is compatible with Dungeons & Dragons’ if you do not accept the OGL.

The OGL is not relevant to copyright law

Right - in fact I’m not sure what good it is at all. If you agree to it, you agree to not use:

product and product line names, logos and identifying marks including trade dress; artifacts; creatures characters; stories, storylines, plots, thematic elements, dialogue, incidents, language, artwork, symbols, designs, depictions, likenesses, formats, poses, concepts, themes and graphic, photographic and other visual or audio representations; names and descriptions of characters, spells, enchantments, personalities, teams, personas, likenesses and special abilities; places, locations, environments, creatures, equipment, magical or supernatural abilities or effects, logos, symbols, or graphic designs;

…what a mouthful! And all quite subjective.

I’ve gone with GPL over OGL, as the OGL isn’t open. Full post here:


From their site:

Molly, like Signal, uses Google’s proprietary code to support some features.

It’s Signal, with fewer users.

That has the same fundamental problems, with a smaller network (fewer people use it). If you’re looking for something which will never have those issues, I’d recommend anything on XMPP. Yax, for example, will let you chat with anyone on the xmpp protocol (like conversations, profanity, et c. et c.). It’ll never disappear, and if some problem arises, you can just change the client and keep your account and contacts (basically it’s e-mail but for IMs).

I think the pros/ cons are fairly standardized at this point - we all know the same things:


  • First FOSS platform we could actually use, because normal people can and do use it. My family’s on there. It has emoji-stickers, easy sharing, easy setup, and everything else that makes it viable.
  • Reliable, checkable encryption.
  • Good effort to circumvent bans, e.g. proxies for Iranians.


  • Occasional GPL violations, as they neglected to share the server for a while.
  • Requires a sim card, so you have to agree to a tracking device.
  • Non-federated, so it’s not sustainable. One day it’ll disappear, or get corrupted, or something, and then the entire base has to move somewhere.

I suspect some of the hate on Reddit is simply due to size, though some might be about money - more users means more cash, whereas with self-hosted platform, there’s little cash incentive.

Another use of federation is notification - you can follow @asklemmy@lemmy.ml from Mastodon, and you’ll see posts come up in your feed, so there’s no requirement to continuously check or get an email notification.

Does Discourse federate? Can I follow a group from a Mastodon account?

How do you know #2 on your list won’t cause problems later

Same attitude as a blocklist, broadly. Once someone’s on the shit-list, you just need to be okay with those messages lying in the bin, unseen.

That goes against the fundamental “push” nature of email,

Yea, that’s what I’m going for. It seems to work for IMs. And if someone emails me from nowhere, offering wonderful things, I’ll get back to them late, but don’t have to get a ‘ding’ from all the random crap.

Why don't we stop email spam in the same way as other IMs?
Possibly stupid question, but why not stop e-mail spam in the same way we do IMs? I don't see how I could ever get spam-messages from, e.g. an xmpp account. Worst-case scenario is that I get a bunch of 'subscription' requests, and I can only add friends when I trawl through the requests, or if I know they're adding a request at the time, then look out for that request. Emails seem to let everything in, with a reliance on the admin to sort this out. Why not do the same thing? Specifically, I'm thinking of writing a script: 1. If this person's in my contact-list, they're cool. 2. If they're on the shit-list, they're deleted. 3. If not, they get into the 'waiting room'. ... then set up a shortcut to put someone on the shit-list. So there's no more 'you've got mail' notifications from random spammers, and I can review it once a week or so to pull the good-guys out. Seems like a good idea, but then I wondered, why hasn't this been done before? If the script works, it seems like someone could do the same thing with a GUI.

I learnt Gregg’s shorthand, because it’s beautiful.

AI RPG images aren't great
Given the price of art, I've been playing a whole heck of a lot with Machine Learning (ML) images (along with ever other indie RPG designer out there), and the results are bad. This one is Midjourney, which seems to be one of the better generators. If the problem is just my lack of skill, that still sounds like a problem. If I have to hire a professional, I'd rather just hire an artist. I'm writing a campaign about Vampires in Belgrade (Hungary) in the year 1230. Starting with something without too many parts, a young Tzimisce vampire in the story (well, he was embraced young), has a ghouled raven he speaks with. > dark ages boy speaks to raven in the moonlit rain ![Tzimisce and raven](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/30017c9f-1c75-4ed8-8dc8-0fd0601ab8cd.png) Oh dear... it doesn't know that human boys are bigger than ravens. So it's beatuful, and enchanting, but doesn't convey information, and the kid looks like 'the little prince', not like a sinister flesh-crafting vampire. Making some variations, I finally got here: ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/9d86f3fb-1cc9-4027-b663-4eeefd1be8f3.png) It's better, but the raven also looks like a humming-bird, and the moon looks like someone spilled it. It really conveys nothing more than 'boy and raven', so it's not about to enhance the passages - and RPGs really do need good images, because every one conveys a boat-load of strange ideas. Next up, what about a that scene where a vampire-hunter finally tracks down the coterie's lair? He finds them by sunset and has to flee before they wake up, but he'll be back tomorrow to kill the lot. He rides a horse, and has an ovcharka (bear-hunting Russian dog) by his side. The coterie will find signs of his passing, such as footprints. After some bad images, I finally left the dog out - most of them blended the dog and horse into a single image, if the dog appeared as anything more than a shadow. > Slavic, of-the-night, noble hunter reading tracks, horse, footprints, village, 1300s ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/743527df-32f9-451a-ba5f-2a54f0d842b8.png) So we have a ruddy-great horse dwarfing the world in one, and lots of horse-butts which look out of place. Time to make lots of variations again. > Slavic, of-the-night, noble hunter reading tracks, horse, footprints, village, 1300s ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/7660b182-ba9d-4e7e-91a1-9ddea3e8d47e.png) ... so now we have more of a centaur-creature as the horse blends with the man. ## Overall RPG images should explain things, and the explanations should involve the interactions of multiple elements, such as one person shooting an arrow at another, or threats, or setting a building on fire. AI seems to mix styles well - want a vampire drawn by Picasso? I'm sure the results would be stunning. But if interactions are missing, I don't see how anyone can use these results. ### Machine Learning In General I suspect machine learning will simply not work in our lifetimes. Consider the story of machine learning when translating: 1. You make a basic dictionary, so you can type 'cat', and it gives you 'le chat'. 2. You give it rules about nouns and adjectives - now you type 'the black cat', and it returns 'le chat noire'. It gets 5% of language, then 10%, then 20%, and it's tempting to imagine that 99%-accurate translations are coming soon, but they're not, because if we go to translate 'James is right, Alice is left', the machine will return 'James is correct', because translating this statement does not rely on rules, but on understanding intention and meaning. Those hold-out sentences may require that we start by programming real AI, with real consciousness, and *only then* teaching it multiple languages.

The artist Vladar's putting together (mostly) generic fantasy map-pieces. It's CC-BY, so it's open for commercial use. I've commissioned it for my own RPG, but all the pieces should work for anything faintly related to Gygax. There are more pieces to come, and of course it's open, so if anyone out there can do drawing, feel free to add a wall/ mace/ dead goblin in a new file.
Dungeon Tile Templaes

If anyone's into the Classic World of Darkness, I'm translating the Dark Ages core rules into LaTeX so anyone can hack about with them. Plans (in various stages of completion): - Include a 'Dark Ages' option, which makes things look like the Dark Ages books, and changes rules, like replacing 'driving' with 'riding', and switching examples. - Include a 'Vampire' toggle, so that Vampire-specific rules, like Disciplines, or lists of clans, get included just when that toggle's on. - Add Contest rules instead of Combat rules (mostly done) because I don't like how WoD does combat. I've always found it weird that WoD repeated the rules for each game. This way, there's no repetition in the writing (just the output). No idea if I'll have time to finish the project, but if anyone else lives in the small Venn intersection of LaTeX and old WW books, PRs are very welcome.

![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/d50a6a09-2307-4ada-9a98-202b9229a630.png) I'm making a dungeon generator, partly for fun, and partly to learn python. I want the output to be plausible, so it'll lay down in three stages: 1. Make random mine/ natural caves/ fortress 2. Add a civilization like dwarves/ elves/ gnomes to add rooms, traps at the entrance, maybe a library, and art (i.e. treasure). 3. Make an invader, e.g. necromancer, goblins, or mad wizard. At each stage rooms change, so the necromancer will turn dwarves into undead dwarves, and goblins will turn nice spaces into nasty spaces, and maybe set more traps. Atm it's in early stages, and uses graph-easy to output a conceptual map. ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/f7e13306-ef65-4163-975f-9f67c7eeeb05.png) PRs and coding suggestions very welcome.
Dungeon Generator

NFTs are bullshit. Help me with a reductio ad absurdum
Love, Death and Robots just ended with a little NFT QR code, and before that I saw a message for Ukraine-war NFTs. I don't know what that last bit even means, and I'm so fed up of this bullshit. The plan's to make a protocol for a replacement, just to demonstrate how stupid the entire thing is. Here are NFTs stated goals: - show ownership of art, verified on a blockchain. - allow transferance of ownership Here's why NFTs are bullshit: - you don't need to gind CPUs to have a blockchain. - URLs verify an image - none of this shows ownership. # The New Protocol - Stick image sha256sums in a git repo, verified by gpg keys (now we have a blockchain). - Allow a few people to verify image ownerships, gpg keys (verify other people's stuff if you like, so it's a standard ring-of-trust situation). - Don't bother with proof-of-work. Just let the shasum rest. - Only merge images into the main branch if there's a requested sale (otherwise it gets full of crap). - Display ownership with exifdata. Here's the [repo](https://gitlab.com/andonome/artblocks), just as an example. # Questions - Does this cover 100% of what NFTs were supposed to cover? - Is there an even simpler way of doing this? - Can I add stuff with git-lfs without also downloading it (so the repo remains small, even with 10,000 images)? Just to reiterate - this is a solution to a problem nobody has. It's not a real suggestion, just a proof of concept to show that art-transferance could be handled better with some gaffatape and a git.

Dice rolling programs take too long. Some demand syntax like `/roll 2d6+2`, and I think 'you should know that 2d6 is a roll without my typing `/roll`, and also everything I roll has been d6's, so obviously if I type just `3`, I mean '3d6'. So I wrote one with defaults. This is my second python project, so the code isn't pretty, but it does the job. You write: > "" 2d6 Result: 5 > d8 2d8 Result: 12 > 3+1 3d8+1 Result: 8 If you give it a target number (TN), all rolls will tell you whether or not you've reached that TN. If you give it a difficulty, it'll tell you how many dice have landed on that number or above. You can input these things in any reasonable format: > tn=18 > TN 12 > difficulty = 4 > dif 9
The world's best dice roller

Installing Void Linux with 2 lines of bash
I set up a new machine with Void, and it took an embarrassing amount of time. I wanted a script to install Void with 1 line of bash from a live iso, so I could look cool next time. Here it is: > # xbps-install -S curl > # curl https://malinfreeborn.com/autovoid.sh | sh The idea is to place the script on a public site, execute it, then get the following: - a full WM - all dotfiles set up - all home files ...basically, a full setup. ## Results It's 2 lines of bash, rather than 1, which is less cool. I remove the need for a password by making the system auto-login to a user in the wheel group. I've tried adding the option to set a variable, `password="mypassword123`, which would then automatically add that variable as the main user's password, but something's gone wrong there. The user gets ssh keys pulled from gitlab as a kind of backup. ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/a31ea566-0f17-4ede-a03e-5a158e5eb86f.png) ## To Do - Atm I can use unison to pull in ~ files from my server, but it'd be nicer to have this done automatically, before the reboot. I guess that'd require another line for authentication. - See if something can pull the script without curl, so the script can be a single line of bash - I might see about puting in arbitrary usernames/ hostnames later. - Any other suggestions?

Can I sign commits with git subtree?
And if I sign them after, with `git commit --amend -S`, will that cause problems for later pulls or pushes with subtree?

Streaming anything with 4 lines of bash
I'm running a similar script, and it's great. Takes a minute to find less popular films, but broadly works fine.

This is my method of constructing 'adventures', and it's been working really well for the past few years.

I made a TTRPGs Gemin Capsule
It has a couple of reviews, a few articles on RPG theory, and a few open source resources like brush-sets. gemini://ttrpgs.com

Anyone know of an RSS-feed generator with timestamps?
I have files marked with a line like this: `date: 2021-01-01` I've been usinng Solderpunk's RSS feed generator so far. => https://tildegit.org/solderpunk/gemfeed.git Link But it only does date by file creation date, which doesn't work for me. Any gemini RSS feed generators where the date can be drawn from a variable?