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Personally taking on the founder of community is not a personal attack? Really now? Try firing your neurons harder.

the founder of this community has a bunch of bad ideas.

That’s not ad hominem?

You’re not here to discuss anything and you’re lucky you cannot ban admins on lemmy lol. I guarantee you that I opened the same exact thread on /c/socialism or whatever shithole you reside in you’d ban me instantaneously.

Take a fucking break man.

yeah kinda. It’s just a community to discuss a concept, the fuck am I being targeted lol

lol, good admins encouraging ad hominem attacks on a simple discussion.

@wraptile@lemmy.ml you really cant stand any criticism.

rofl, says the guy locking all threads and github issues and banning people.

Question: if you’re going to such trouble to harden your phone, why not just root it?

A “graceful” accelerationism is the exact opposite of accelerationism

Why? Accelerationism is about embracing flawed systems so they collapse faster. The type of collapse is irrelevant be it grateful or chaotic.

You somehow imply that accelerated systems must collapse in chaos. Why?

Also chill with the emojis.

That said, you got a warning from a mod because you used a slur

I didn’t. I described it but that’s not usage. It’s like saying you used a gun to shoot someone when you show someone a picture of a gun and explain how the trigger works.

Do you really chose to be so ignorant just to protect your established bias?

In a word, the free trade system hastens the social revolution. It is in this revolutionary sense alone, gentlemen, that I vote in favor of free trade.

Let me rephrase it for you since clearly you are having trouble here. It says: free trade accelerates social revolution and he, Karl Marx the founder of communism, said that he is in favor of free trade because it’ll bring social revolution faster.

Now that you ran out of arguments you start spewing bullshit 👏

Again you imply that accelerationism can’t have a graceful collapse without a single argument.

Yup, language has context. @dessalines@lemmy.ml already has a beef with me since pretty much I joined lemmy and said the word commies.

Just look at github issue tracker - the guy has some serious mental issues and being in charge of project making it worse. Now he’s exercising his “power” to win an argument.

No sane individual would think that talking about a slur is equivalent to using one - wake up. That’s like saying historian who took out Mein Kamf from the library is a nazi lol

Interstellar and Gattaca being two of my favorite movies never fail to make me tear up!

When capitalism starts to fall apart, the Fascists come out to hold it together by weaponizing terror against all who threaten the ruling class. We need revolutionary organs of power if we want to overthrow it. If we just wait by for capitalism to drive us to economic collapse, many will die for no reason. Social systems are replaced by violence, and just waiting for capitalism to fall like a dead tree is historically unprecedented.

You make so many naive and unfounded assumptions. Why do assume that collapse of capitalism will be somehow violent and chaotic? Why couldn’t it be graceful?

I think you have way to many biases to even consider alternative philosophies to the ones you’re subscribed to right now. In other words, you’re still a camel.

Way to twist my words with your bogeyman flavors!

You said it has nothing to do with communism and here I am giving you a quote by Karl Marx himself!

I’m not familiar with your anecdote but you realize some people lost even in your carefully selected example, right? Some feature of society was destroyed in favor of something else. By very definition change to good or bad is destructive activity. Some parts of society must be destroyed for improvement.

Again accelerationism does not advocate anarchy. Systems can be accelerated to graceful collapse. You somehow interpret “accelerate natural demise” as some sort of mad max style apocalypse which is just silly.

I’d argue that Apple is much worse.
Comparing Epic, who made some gamers upset by having some games exclusive to their e-shop, to one of the biggest opponents of consumer rights is a bit silly, isn’t it?

I’m pretty sure it would be perfectly legal and ethical

Why wouldn’t it be? If the CC license is permissive then why not?

I think it’s a great idea, is there a tool for this already?

You should take a look at the slur list in lemmy’s codebase

Obviously I cannot quote here because apparently meta discussion is against the rules but as you can see there are a lot of words that are far from being slurs on that list.

Language is highly contextual and dynamic. I thought we already figured out in the 90s that “badword” filters don’t work and are absurd; yet here we are!

Finally it’s a hardcoded list of words which is just silly and amateur no matter how you look at it. For example you are not able to start a non-english instance of lemmy without hard fork of it because of hard-coded slur list that will capture non-english words.
The slur detection is very amateur as well that can be avoided by a single extra character (like empty unicode characters) so it requires manual moderation anyway — why is the filter even there if the only thing it’ll catch is false positives? It’s just such a perplexing UX design that is nothing but a virtue signaling.

Javascript already can be heavily obfuscated and I’m not sure if webassembly provides more obfuscation.

Here’s an interesting paper I found on this subject: https://www.virusbulletin.com/virusbulletin/2018/10/dark-side-webassembly/

Most of it’s argument boils down to:

security products will only see the compiled Wasm file rather than the JavaScript source code

I’m not sure why couldn’t security products inspect .wasm file here? If anything wasm only environment seems like a more efficient and secure environment as the .wasm file only needs to be scanned/analyzed once (since it’s being cached and reused) while page source constantly needs to be analyzed for malicious JS code.

The thing I wasn’t able to figure out is whether you can deliver binary “undecodable” wasm code to the client? Seems like you can decompile and deobfuscate everything very easily, in fact it looks more readable than obfuscated+minimized js.

I think javascript has already ruined privacy for everyone, can webassembly do worse?

The problem is the browser — it gives away way to much information about itself making it really easy to fingerprint users. Firefox is trying to address that but unless you go through the trouble of installing and configuring dozen addons you’ll be fingerprinted and tracked.

The idea that the server can execute code remotely on user’s machine implicitly is just so messed up when you think about it. Imagine going to a shop and having to hand over partial control of your body to Walmart lol

Python’s Foundation is heavily sponsored by various corporations like Facebook (top sponsor) and so far we hadn’t seen any corporate push or issues, though python didn’t start as a corporate project. Typescript could definitely do the same.

Introducing /c/acclerationism — a place to discuss a peculiar system's philosophy
Hello, I'v started a discussion community of a peculiar philosophical ideology of [!accelerationism@dev.lemmy.ml](accelerationism)! > Accelerationism is philosophical ideology that flawed systems should be accelerated to their natural demise rather than fought against. I invite you to check it out!

What is NOT going to be the next big thing any time soon?
As response to https://dev.lemmy.ml/post/38236 — what new/upcoming technologies will flop?

Auto swear word censor is kinda silly.
I really don't understand this "feature". What's the purpose of this? Is there legitimate argument in favor? Recently there was discussion about swear words on /c/annoucments and my comment got censored without my knowledge: https://dev.lemmy.ml/post/37173/comment/11073

Quick video on how to edit landscape photos in Darktable 3.0: > darktable is an open source photography workflow application and raw developer. A virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers. It manages your digital negatives in a database, lets you view them through a zoomable lighttable and enables you to develop raw images and enhance them.

Pixelfed - Federated photography social network.
If you ever tried to use Instagram for your photos you probably thought - "wow this sucks, I wish there was something like instagram but actually respected my photos". Well Pixelfed is that. It's inspired by Instagram but it doesn't crop your photos, has fullscreen view and native desktop experience — all of which federated and decentralized!

What is chapotraphouse?
Serious question. Seems like a pro-communism community? my 2cents: You should kinda restructure yourself for more appropriate image if you don't want to appear extremists as I need to go on reddit ban thread to even get a glimpse of what this is 🤷

WIL - static site template for micro-bloging about things you like.
I miss early social network functionality of sharing abstract interests like "Joe likes Death Metal". To me this feature seems like a such a positive and pragmatic expression thus I made a small standalone static website template that extends a bit on this idea - tag-driven micro blogs about things you like. A simple idea to breed a bit of positivity and character into the world!

What happens when books enter the public domain?
Interesting analysis of copyright effect on book investment. TL;DR: > These results suggest that, at least for older, culturally valuable works with low fixed and marginal costs of production and distribution, underinvestment may flow from the existence of copyright rights, rather than from their absence. Copyright is a crutch not only for the people for businesses too.