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Personally taking on the founder of community is not a personal attack? Really now? Try firing your neurons harder.

the founder of this community has a bunch of bad ideas.

That’s not ad hominem?

You’re not here to discuss anything and you’re lucky you cannot ban admins on lemmy lol. I guarantee you that I opened the same exact thread on /c/socialism or whatever shithole you reside in you’d ban me instantaneously.

Take a fucking break man.

yeah kinda. It’s just a community to discuss a concept, the fuck am I being targeted lol

lol, good admins encouraging ad hominem attacks on a simple discussion.

@wraptile@lemmy.ml you really cant stand any criticism.

rofl, says the guy locking all threads and github issues and banning people.

Question: if you’re going to such trouble to harden your phone, why not just root it?

A “graceful” accelerationism is the exact opposite of accelerationism

Why? Accelerationism is about embracing flawed systems so they collapse faster. The type of collapse is irrelevant be it grateful or chaotic.

You somehow imply that accelerated systems must collapse in chaos. Why?

Also chill with the emojis.

That said, you got a warning from a mod because you used a slur

I didn’t. I described it but that’s not usage. It’s like saying you used a gun to shoot someone when you show someone a picture of a gun and explain how the trigger works.

Do you really chose to be so ignorant just to protect your established bias?

In a word, the free trade system hastens the social revolution. It is in this revolutionary sense alone, gentlemen, that I vote in favor of free trade.

Let me rephrase it for you since clearly you are having trouble here. It says: free trade accelerates social revolution and he, Karl Marx the founder of communism, said that he is in favor of free trade because it’ll bring social revolution faster.

Now that you ran out of arguments you start spewing bullshit 👏

Again you imply that accelerationism can’t have a graceful collapse without a single argument.

Yup, language has context. @dessalines@lemmy.ml already has a beef with me since pretty much I joined lemmy and said the word commies.

Just look at github issue tracker - the guy has some serious mental issues and being in charge of project making it worse. Now he’s exercising his “power” to win an argument.

No sane individual would think that talking about a slur is equivalent to using one - wake up. That’s like saying historian who took out Mein Kamf from the library is a nazi lol

Interstellar and Gattaca being two of my favorite movies never fail to make me tear up!

When capitalism starts to fall apart, the Fascists come out to hold it together by weaponizing terror against all who threaten the ruling class. We need revolutionary organs of power if we want to overthrow it. If we just wait by for capitalism to drive us to economic collapse, many will die for no reason. Social systems are replaced by violence, and just waiting for capitalism to fall like a dead tree is historically unprecedented.

You make so many naive and unfounded assumptions. Why do assume that collapse of capitalism will be somehow violent and chaotic? Why couldn’t it be graceful?

I think you have way to many biases to even consider alternative philosophies to the ones you’re subscribed to right now. In other words, you’re still a camel.

Way to twist my words with your bogeyman flavors!

You said it has nothing to do with communism and here I am giving you a quote by Karl Marx himself!

I’m not familiar with your anecdote but you realize some people lost even in your carefully selected example, right? Some feature of society was destroyed in favor of something else. By very definition change to good or bad is destructive activity. Some parts of society must be destroyed for improvement.

Again accelerationism does not advocate anarchy. Systems can be accelerated to graceful collapse. You somehow interpret “accelerate natural demise” as some sort of mad max style apocalypse which is just silly.

I’d argue that Apple is much worse.
Comparing Epic, who made some gamers upset by having some games exclusive to their e-shop, to one of the biggest opponents of consumer rights is a bit silly, isn’t it?

I’m pretty sure it would be perfectly legal and ethical

Why wouldn’t it be? If the CC license is permissive then why not?

I think it’s a great idea, is there a tool for this already?

You should take a look at the slur list in lemmy’s codebase

Obviously I cannot quote here because apparently meta discussion is against the rules but as you can see there are a lot of words that are far from being slurs on that list.

Language is highly contextual and dynamic. I thought we already figured out in the 90s that “badword” filters don’t work and are absurd; yet here we are!

Finally it’s a hardcoded list of words which is just silly and amateur no matter how you look at it. For example you are not able to start a non-english instance of lemmy without hard fork of it because of hard-coded slur list that will capture non-english words.
The slur detection is very amateur as well that can be avoided by a single extra character (like empty unicode characters) so it requires manual moderation anyway — why is the filter even there if the only thing it’ll catch is false positives? It’s just such a perplexing UX design that is nothing but a virtue signaling.

Javascript already can be heavily obfuscated and I’m not sure if webassembly provides more obfuscation.

Here’s an interesting paper I found on this subject: https://www.virusbulletin.com/virusbulletin/2018/10/dark-side-webassembly/

Most of it’s argument boils down to:

security products will only see the compiled Wasm file rather than the JavaScript source code

I’m not sure why couldn’t security products inspect .wasm file here? If anything wasm only environment seems like a more efficient and secure environment as the .wasm file only needs to be scanned/analyzed once (since it’s being cached and reused) while page source constantly needs to be analyzed for malicious JS code.

The thing I wasn’t able to figure out is whether you can deliver binary “undecodable” wasm code to the client? Seems like you can decompile and deobfuscate everything very easily, in fact it looks more readable than obfuscated+minimized js.

I think javascript has already ruined privacy for everyone, can webassembly do worse?

The problem is the browser — it gives away way to much information about itself making it really easy to fingerprint users. Firefox is trying to address that but unless you go through the trouble of installing and configuring dozen addons you’ll be fingerprinted and tracked.

The idea that the server can execute code remotely on user’s machine implicitly is just so messed up when you think about it. Imagine going to a shop and having to hand over partial control of your body to Walmart lol

Python’s Foundation is heavily sponsored by various corporations like Facebook (top sponsor) and so far we hadn’t seen any corporate push or issues, though python didn’t start as a corporate project. Typescript could definitely do the same.

It trans-compiles to javascript, right? I think it would be easy to fork/replicate in case the project goes south. I wish they’d start an independent foundation though and I think you’re right that relying on microsoft is always comes with a risk.

Let me tell you about xonsh.

It’s a modern full python programmable shell and it’s awesome! I’ve been using it for 2 years now and while it has some support issues having a full-blown python in your shell is just so convenient!
There are lot of brilliant UNIX tools like grep, jq etc. however often I find myself in a place where I feel I could write 2 lines of python faster and easier than researching and messing around with processing tool such as jq — if you get this feeling than xonsh is the shell for you!

Example of common use case, renaming files:

$ ls                                                                                                                  
bar.md  foo.md dir/gar.md
$ for file in Path().glob('*'): $[mv @(file) @(file.name + '.bak')]                                                   
$ ls                                                                                                                  
bar.md.bak  foo.md.bak dir/gar.md.bak

Here we glob through files recursively and suffix .bak to every one of them.

Xonsh gives you a lot of flexibility in your shell and you should give it a go. There’s a web-based playground on https://xon.sh homepage that you can spin up to try xonsh hassle-free!


I always found this question rather weird. Cats and dogs are just so different that it ends up comparing oranges to apples. I really love both and I feel it really depends on people’s lifestyles which one fits them better.

I’d say go for a dog if you have the environment and logistics. My grandfather used to say: “the dog walks me rather than me walking him” and after our dog passed a year later so did my grandfather — it really pushed him to be more active and healthy!
Cats I feel are the opposite — more calming companion suited for already active lifestyle; so if you have plenty to do already and just want to go home and chill I’d say go for a cat!

I don’t think it’s the same, you’re comparing apples to oranges a bit here. Epic has exclusive programs while apple only allows specific programs on their hardware.
I think having exclusive launcher on PC is fine’ish but having locked down program system is definitely anti-competitive and harmful.

context matters — it was a meta discussion about the word. I didn’t call anyone “slur word” or whatever. For someone being against fascists you sure act a lot like one, kinda proved my point perfectly.

For other people you can check context in the modlog:

Of course you can’t know what it was because apparently saying the word is against the rules lol; here’s a hint though:

Most of my posts are political because 90% of posts on lemmy are political. That’s like asking why most of your purchases are cheeses at the cheese shop 😂

In fact if you take a look at my profile I’d argue it’s far from being most of my posts (I’m not even subscribed to a single political community). I even moderate multiple communities not a single one of which is political.

You somehow imply that swearing is the opposite of friendlyness. Just think for a moment where do you swear the most? Amongst friends! 😁

you’re aware that there’s more than one search engine right? Right now you can’t even index lemmy which is a pretty big deal.

When has destroying society magically lead to society being good?

Literally, always?
Every sort of progression removes something in favor of something better. Again, accelerationism, doesn’t imply spontaneous change in fact it’s the opposite: by embracing system you make it’s flaws apparent which results in increase of competition and acceleration of progress.

Nice wall of text but you didn’t really say much.

It is not simply a spontaneous process, but a struggle, it is a process connected with the clash of classes

This is not disagreeing with accelerationism which never implied any sort spontaneous change. Accelerationism agrees that there will be struggle and one should empower this struggle of powers rather than constantly patch it for “good enough” scenarios.

Yes, you are right when you say that the old social system is breaking down; but it is not breaking down of its own accord

Every system is breaking down on “it’s own accord”. There isn’t a permanent system in our universe, even universal constants are being disputed and as far as we know it everything will eventually end because of entropy. Sure comparing cosmic rules to societal change is a bit silly but it’s a factual observation — all systems fail and will fail and should be allowed to fail.

take Fascism for example.

Now that’s just irrelevant appeal to emotion.

Finally accelerationism never implies that it’s progression with the least discomfort — instead it’s the most efficient progression for intellectual systems. Only by embracing the system we can make it’s flaws apparent so we can improve ourselves and keep moving forward.

Introducing /c/acclerationism — a place to discuss a peculiar system’s philosophy
Hello, I'v started a discussion community of a peculiar philosophical ideology of [!accelerationism@dev.lemmy.ml](accelerationism)! > Accelerationism is philosophical ideology that flawed systems should be accelerated to their natural demise rather than fought against. I invite you to check it out!

But, in general, the protective system of our day is conservative, while the free trade system is destructive. It breaks up old nationalities and pushes the antagonism of the proletariat and the bourgeoisie to the extreme point. In a word, the free trade system hastens the social revolution. It is in this revolutionary sense alone, gentlemen, that I vote in favor of free trade.

- Karl Marx

Accelerationism starts from the false premise that social systems reach a natural demise and bury themselves.

How is it false? Every system reaches natural demise. The idea is that we should allow system to fail rather than constantly patching them.

As Lenin said, capitalism is dying, but in it’s final years it has the possibility to claim the lives of millions of people, it must be aggressively fought.


Making things worse in the short term in the hope of bringing about a utopian society in the long term through social tension and misery

Change always results through discomfort — there’s nothing evil about that. Accelerationism has nothing to do with “achieving utopia” in fact it’s completely against any sort of idea of “end state” like utopia. Finally it’s not even an exclusively political or societal concept.

Accelerationism as described on the sidebar is system control ideology. A flawed system will collapse under it’s own flaws when it’s allowed to. If you want a political analogy then capitalism will collapse if people stop patching it up with various socialism patches.

Accelerationism is an idea that a chosen system should be used efficiently and allowed to collapse so the overall environment can iterate and change quickly. In other words if we choose X philosophy to run our lives on we should stick through with it and let it fail as eventually all systems do.

Finally accelerationism favors individual mind by exchanging inefficient resistance to efficient embrace. For that you can read up on Friedrich Nietzsche who was one of the first proponents of accelerationist thought.

Very surprised to see rust so high and python dropping to typescript! I’m actually surprised typescript is so high in general, it’s still a bad language but I guess people just love not having to work with javascript, right?

Rust is great though not without it’s flaws. It’s kinda funny to see Mozilla laying off 25% of which some people who worked on rust/servo and these stats come out right after!

Nevertheless the stats here seem to be way off. ASP.NET Core is the most loved web-framework, which is just hilarious.

Probably, if there isn’t a good one yet. I’m planning on forking lemmy and an instance with some patches - like removing the childish “slur filter” and other awful design decisions that by the looks of it are not going to be addressed ever.

I’m not very fond of current administration which seems very socially inept which is kinda ironic for a social network project. I’d kinda prefer more community focused, apolitical and friendlier community which hopefully will happen with federation support if it’s ever implemented.

Edit: so many down-votes and admin replies just kinda proves my point here 🙄

Correlation =/= causation.
There are more bigots but there is also more acceptance. In fact one might argue that the rise of bigots is because there’s more general acceptance and people started to listen and help these dumbbells rather than shun them into the dark corners of societal rejection.

Maybe Netherlands has some issues (I’m not really familiar with it’s politics) but the article quotes “europe” which is just down-right false, especially when compared to fucking 1980s where your employer could legally fire you for the shape of your genitalia.

I’m happy to see more people discuss and fight against small minds but outrage articles like this is not the way to do it and is there just to play you for a sheep.

What a clickbait of an outrage “article”

Europe is as accepting as it ever was, the absurd claims that somehow Europe was more accepting in 1980s while still being divided by fucking soviets is just explosively idiotic.

Yeah it definitely depends on other factors like street width and such. My town is generally quite flat but there’s one area with some taller buildings and it’s preffered traffic path for anyone on a motorbike even if it’ll make your commute longer.

It’s just so refreshing to have some sort of canopy be it trees or towers. It’s really something you only start notice the value of when it’s gone.

<…> by the lack of Trees. The big issue is the increased building density.

Actually increased tall building density is very good for creating shade and reducing general temperature of a city. New York’s concrete jungle is much more efficient than LA’s tiny house colonies. Building’s outer material and roofing are also much more reflective than asphalt or cement that are used on the ground. Of course tree’s and grass would be the best but that’s not always a realistic option.

There’s a very cool podcast episode by 99% invisible on this matter

toOpen SourceFreedom Isn't Free

The underlying problem is that people don’t care.

I’ve tried sitting people down and explain the value of libre software but at best they just nod their head in agreement and forget everything after 5 minutes.
It’s unfair to blame FSF or free software community here when the world is simply not ready for mass libre software adoption. I feel that FSF and other libre software communities need to redirect their resources from lobbying casual users to lobbying governments to achieve real change.

What is NOT going to be the next big thing any time soon?
As response to https://dev.lemmy.ml/post/38236 — what new/upcoming technologies will flop?

Auto swear word censor is kinda silly.
I really don't understand this "feature". What's the purpose of this? Is there legitimate argument in favor? Recently there was discussion about swear words on /c/annoucments and my comment got censored without my knowledge: https://dev.lemmy.ml/post/37173/comment/11073

Quick video on how to edit landscape photos in Darktable 3.0: > darktable is an open source photography workflow application and raw developer. A virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers. It manages your digital negatives in a database, lets you view them through a zoomable lighttable and enables you to develop raw images and enhance them.

Pixelfed - Federated photography social network.
If you ever tried to use Instagram for your photos you probably thought - "wow this sucks, I wish there was something like instagram but actually respected my photos". Well Pixelfed is that. It's inspired by Instagram but it doesn't crop your photos, has fullscreen view and native desktop experience — all of which federated and decentralized!

What is chapotraphouse?
Serious question. Seems like a pro-communism community? my 2cents: You should kinda restructure yourself for more appropriate image if you don't want to appear extremists as I need to go on reddit ban thread to even get a glimpse of what this is 🤷

poolside.fm - visual 80s web radio

WIL - static site template for micro-bloging about things you like.
I miss early social network functionality of sharing abstract interests like "Joe likes Death Metal". To me this feature seems like a such a positive and pragmatic expression thus I made a small standalone static website template that extends a bit on this idea - tag-driven micro blogs about things you like. A simple idea to breed a bit of positivity and character into the world!

usesthis.com - a collection of nerdy interviews asking people what they use to get the job done.
usesthis.com - a collection of nerdy interviews asking people what they use to get the job done.

What happens when books enter the public domain?
Interesting analysis of copyright effect on book investment. TL;DR: > These results suggest that, at least for older, culturally valuable works with low fixed and marginal costs of production and distribution, underinvestment may flow from the existence of copyright rights, rather than from their absence. Copyright is a crutch not only for the people for businesses too.

Qutebrowser - keyboard driven libre web browser (based on webengine)
I'd like to recommend one of my favorite libre software projects - Qutebrowser. Disclaimer: This post contains hateful speech towards mice, reader discretion advised! If prefer to use keyboard-driven software (i.e. vim) you must check out Qutebrowser. It's vim and python inspired and rather than being a browser extension (like many keyboard browser projects) it's a unique browser build with webengine, python and QT. The benefits of this setup is that python scripting and keyboard functionality are first class citizens! This allows some serious workflow optimizations. For example I have "submit to lemmy shortcut" on my `sp` keyclicks: config.bind("sl", "open -t https://dev.lemmy.ml/create_post?url={url}") By clicking these keys new tab opens up with the current url in lemmy's submit post box. Check it out!

Memory is Me
I recently wrote a blog post about some tools and ideas of how to productively manage memories. I mention some free tools that could help achieve that.

b a k m a h n - be gud
Hi, I'm new to lemmy so here - my favorite vaporwave track!