Serious question. Seems like a pro-communism community?

my 2cents: You should kinda restructure yourself for more appropriate image if you don’t want to appear extremists as I need to go on reddit ban thread to even get a glimpse of what this is 🤷


Chapo Trap House is a weekly, roughly social democratic comedy podcast which started in 2016 covering the Sanders campaign and presidential election. It has continued since then, lambasting obnoxiously dumb media pundits, opinion columnists, conducting interviews with interesting people, parodying pop culture, and pressing back against some of the worst trends in both Republican and Democratic politics.

The Subreddit began as a fan community, but quickly turned into a large tent non-sectarian watering hole for all stripes of anti-capitalist political tendencies. Various kinds of Anarchists, Communists, Social Democrats, and “radlibs.” There were many struggle sessions and arguments, lots of ribbing, dunking, and self-criticism, but generally if you were an anticapitalist, and not an absolute moron, you were welcome. It was a general discussion place for a wide variety of leftist podcasts, news, and media. There was even a running joke that “Citations Needed” was the official podcast of the sub, and that the Chapo Trap House podcast was actually named after the community.

It became one of the most active (per user count) communities on Reddit, despite being quarantined for edgy slaveowner and landlord memes, with daily discussion threads averaging 3000-5000 post per day. Its “extremely online” userbase became a constant scapegoat for brigading and abuse from liberals and conservatives throughout Reddit who didn’t like their assumptions being challenged. Since a large portion of the users holding the anticapitalist line anywhere on Reddit were members of r/ChapoTrapHouse, everyone tended to assume this criticism was a coordinated campaign to manipulate the discussion, and thus, a TOS violation.

As far as branding goes, I don’t think the community takes any issue with “appearing” to be extremists. They have a relatively coherent worldview, and underneath the surface of memes, there was a fair bit of historical and theoretical education taking place. People learning about historic struggles for liberation and emancipation, learning about theory and political economy, sharing that history, examining how it fits or conflicts with political theory. Aside from the edgy rhetoric, I’m not aware of any members of the community actually engaging in acts of extremism. The truth is, there was a spectre haunting Reddit, and for the most part, their imaginations about what was taking place within the CTH community got the best of them.

And here i thought r/CTH was a subreddit full of libs

It was. Thousands of libs and only one real socialist.

twas I, the one true leftist


twas i, the one ture leftist


I’m just here for the shitposting


this is all a good take. i might push on the idea that the podcast started to cover bernie however. I think both were carried forward by the same zeitgeist, but felix and virgil were already working on carl diggler and the first chunk of episodes were matt, will, and felix, kind of just formalizing their twitter riffs. brandon volunteered to help with production out of pity, basically. They definitely started out with zero expectations.

It’s about being gay with your dad


what’s wrong with communism?


It took away my grandma’s pony (and the slaves).


what isn’t wrong with communism?

Chapo Trap House is a popular left-wing podcast. That’s how the sub originated, but it quickly grew into its own separate thing from the show, being a catch-all left-wing shitposting sub. Really great community with lots of great in-jokes. Hoping this takes off here. CTH was the only sub I really browsed on Reddit.


Thanks for the reply. Do you know what’s the origin of the original name?

I believe it was just some dumb joke they made in the first episode about El Chapo. Not expecting the pod to go anywhere, they chose to name it that. Then it just stuck.


To expand on this for the parent, a trap house is a drug house.

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