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So we can link to fash shit as long as we say it’s fash shit right?

We can easily donate you money for the elite if you want.

Site breaking so much it took ten minutes to post this (if it goes through this time).

This instance is more SFW and less “edgy” so I don’t think we would mesh well and might cause tensions between the rest of the site.

I hope the subjectiveness allows for the time honoured tradition of Chapo users posting pigpoopballs.jpg?

Mod ruling: this post doesn’t violate TOS because I convinced her not to post porn

The Spartans were especially famous for their dry, understated wit, which is now known as “laconic humor”. This can be contrasted with the “Attic salt” or “Attic wit” – the refined, poignant, delicate humour of Sparta’s chief rival, leftist memers.

Aaaaaand instant anti-Semitism upon opening.

Stanley is probably just trolling with this dog dick nonsense fwiw.

Can the TOS have a strict definition of what encompasses that? Would cut down on smart-assed posters arguing about what constitutes porn in the future.

Pornography is a nebulous term and can be interpreted in many ways. Just look at the neverending porn Vs erotic art debate for example.

What ThinkPad should I get for running the Adobe suite?

What’s the lowest model I can get away with Ubuntu and wine?..