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Not complaining but aesthetically it looks very similar to Dark Soul III.

Does Safari allow any adblockers then. If it does it should be good enough.

Firefox on Android is the only choice for me because it comes with ublock origin support. Hopefully iOS has that too.

Damn that is so sad. From what I am reading it got caught in a warzone and no one survived.

Does this count as inter imperialist conflict? Because I don’t understand why the US would think it needs to do this. Also why the Danish intelligence helped them with it.

What is Putin holding the airplane a reference to?

From what I know China doesn’t have any requirements for making posts traceable or anything like that.

Anyone tried playing the GOG version of Disco Elysium with a DualShock 4?

Playing GOG’s Disco Elysium distribution via Lutris. The game itself starts and runs okay but I can’t get it to detect my controller, a DualShock 4. …

Lots of regime change stuff in there. I don’t know why people feel compelled to do this.

I’m concerned that China is trying to stiffle Taiwan from being more independant if they want.

I know of no country in the world that just lets any province secede if they want to let along a province that the West-backed reactionary forces fled to after losing a civil war.

Now this is some satellite image investigation I can get behind

Maybe, other than religion doctrine nothing can make this happen

Sorry but I don’t know what you mean by this.

I agree with the coalition aspect. I don’t know if it will drive Israel away but it has the power to restore at least some dignity to Palestinian people.

The existence of Israel is founded on displacing Palestinians from Palestine. The current hardliner government is just a flavour of this truth. You can have a liberal leaning ruling party and they would still remove Palestinians and encroach upon their land. This is how it has been since settlers started moving to there and it is just what Zionism is. That has always been the point of Israel, an non-secular ethnostate. This why is the two state solution is bunk.

If you want Palestinians to not be robbed off their homes then there can be no Israel. There can be a secular state that treats Palestinians and Jewish settlers with equity. But the existence of Israel means that Palestine will not exist. It is an irreconcilable contradiction.

Seems like he is a proponent of the two state solution, which is not a viable solution seeing that Israel doesn’t want it.

Is the top tweet real?

I would like to test this blind somehow.

I don’t think the number is that high. But regardless Proton performs very well.

Steam launch options in Lutris?

Trying to play Hades but the my controller (DualShock 4) won’t work with it. …

Which file manager do you use?

I use one called X-Plore. It’s actually very good. Even has a WiFi server, conpressed archive support, etc. but the downsides are that it’s close sourced and some features are behind a paywall (though IMO they are worth it). …

Do you think Reddit admins' identities should be public knowledge?

With this whole debacle brewing, I was browsing /r/ModSupport (since all the good subs I know went private). There I saw a post from someone saying that Reddit admins are affecting discourse from the shadows and pushing their left-wing agenda with little accountability. …

Anyone tried creating an init.lua for neovim 0.5.0 nightly?

I gave it a go last night and it is way trickier then I expected. Simple things like setting options are not very convenient at the moment. I also tried to get packer.nvim running but the README was not very helpful. …

Thoughts on smart watches?

Hello. …

Are there any brands/phones that particularly root-friendly?

Right now I have a Nokia 8 and it cannot be rooted because the bootloader cannot be unlocked. Which sucks a lot. …

Haven’t tried it yet but it looks super neat…

How to deploy a CodeIgniter application?

Noob question but here it goes. The place I work at has a website written in CodeIgniter, a PHP framework. The creator of the codebase was contracted and when he gave me a demo, the code was just sitting in /home/www-user/public_html of the VPS and to show the code and make changes to it, he used …

Any idea where to get Microsoft fonts from?

Just the fonts that come packages with Windows. I used to rip them from my university’s library computer…

ListenBrainz.org Top 100 Most Scrobbled Tracks

Mostly a lot of classics. Why is “Inside the Deku Tree” number one by over 50k plays? …

[Poll] Which shell do you use?

You can add options if what you use isn’t there. :)…

Signal without Google Play Services?

Apparently Signal doesn’t run in the backgroud and give notifications if I don’t have Google Play Services enabled. …

Is using paths to draw curves while inking in Krita cheating?

I have gotten hold of a cheap drawing tablet and having a lot of fun with it. I only have experience with gesture sketching with pencil on paper but wanted to try inking and colouring too. …

Do y'all get hit with reCaptcha/hCaptcha everywhere you go?

I get slapped in my face with this shit on many many sites and it’s annoys the hell out of me. …

How long do you think the current pace of development in Linux gaming will hold?

Valve is investing a lot of resources in Wine/Proton. dxvk is being actively maintained which is very good. Same with Vulkan. …


Git repo hosts that are less susceptible to DMCA takedown?

I have a couple of private repos on gitlab. They are communist books in markdown, and one of them is protected by copyright because it is fairly new (2014). …