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we need a mechanism to allow lower mods to coup a top mod

“I am not threatening I am just saying what I will do if you do what you want to do”

Can’t you just check in your current OS (assuming it is Windows) what the network card is? Worse comes to worst you can get a cheap USB wifi card or something like that.

I have set up a wireguard tunnel on my VPS (german so I can’t use it for torrents) and it works very well. Way better than openvpn,

Damn this dude’s website is super fast for some reason. Is it some single page application magic?

This tactic is so common. Indian government said there was a lot of “misinformation” and “confusion” around the new farm laws without, as in this case, trying to clear said “misinformation” and “confusion”.

There are people involved in the entire process who genuinely care about the fairness of the electoral process. Many elections also have international observers though I don’t know if this one had them.

If the election was truly rigged there would be credible evidence for it and the supreme court which has many judges with a Republican bias would make a ruling based on that.

As the other comment says the election is indeed rigged in the favour of the bourgeoisie. It’s hardly worth getting mad about which faction of the bourgeoisie won unless you have material interest in Republicans winning. Regardless it is not healthy to delve into baseless conspiracy theories.

Drew discovers the dialectical approach to studying history.

From the oversimplified summary I know of, first crude oil is made to undergo fractional distillation to separate its components. The part that is used for plastic manufacturing consists of reactive hydrocarbon compounds like naphtha, ethylene, propylene etc. It isn’t until polymerisation and condensation that we get inert polymers which we call plastics. So the byproducts are much better than plastics in terms of longetevity (spell check isn’t helping here).

Great work. Lemmy has been working great for me recently.

If those byproducts weren’t being made into plastic, would it be easier or harder to handle their environmental impact?

Definitely easier. Though the best thing would be to work on reducing the obscene quantity of crude oil that is processed so that oil companies can turn profits.

Plastic has a lot of properties that are desirable for packaging. I’m sure there are many of those properties that can be reproduced by analogues if those analogues are produced at scale and thus cost-efficient. What do materials scientists think would be harder to get right?

I don’t know much about this topic but I feel phasing out plastics would not only require finding alternative materials to replace plastics, but also altering the modes of distribution because the current modes are completely centred around plastic usage. For example, maybe bringing your container to the grocery store and getting it filled with milk instead of buying milk in plastic bags (as people do in Canada).

Element gets a “good” on ease of use but IME using multiple clients is a pain in butt with the way encryption keys are handled. Lots of people complain about not being able to read some messages in an encrypted room I am in. I understand if it’s a limitation of them not storing your keys on a centralised server (unless you opt for it I think) but it makes it very difficult for normie friends.

I would like to try this but I don’t think I can get my hands on Swedish eggs here in India

Hmm I remember seeing a screenshot of article claiming some anarchists were spotted using facial recognition tech but I may just have been imagining

Although the title was said to be “almost finished” according to the studio’s manager Gavin Rummery, the game was scrapped and re-skinned into an Indiana Jones game which also ended up on the chopping block as the studio closed its doors in 2010.

Damn what a tragic tale

Anyone has a link to the article where they blamed anarchists?

Are ya winning son?

They will delay it as much as possible. Trump and his supporters generate a lot of traffic and content for them.

How to deploy a CodeIgniter application?

Noob question but here it goes. The place I work at has a website written in CodeIgniter, a PHP framework. The creator of the codebase was contracted and when he gave me a demo, the code was just sitting in /home/www-user/public_html of the VPS and to show the code and make changes to it, he used …

Any idea where to get Microsoft fonts from?

Just the fonts that come packages with Windows. I used to rip them from my university’s library computer…

ListenBrainz.org Top 100 Most Scrobbled Tracks

Mostly a lot of classics. Why is “Inside the Deku Tree” number one by over 50k plays? …

[Poll] Which shell do you use?

You can add options if what you use isn’t there. :)…

Signal without Google Play Services?

Apparently Signal doesn’t run in the backgroud and give notifications if I don’t have Google Play Services enabled. …

Is using paths to draw curves while inking in Krita cheating?

I have gotten hold of a cheap drawing tablet and having a lot of fun with it. I only have experience with gesture sketching with pencil on paper but wanted to try inking and colouring too. …

Do y'all get hit with reCaptcha/hCaptcha everywhere you go?

I get slapped in my face with this shit on many many sites and it’s annoys the hell out of me. …

How long do you think the current pace of development in Linux gaming will hold?

Valve is investing a lot of resources in Wine/Proton. dxvk is being actively maintained which is very good. Same with Vulkan. …

Git repo hosts that are less susceptible to DMCA takedown?

I have a couple of private repos on gitlab. They are communist books in markdown, and one of them is protected by copyright because it is fairly new (2014). …

Anyone here uses Android without gapps?

I have LineageOS installed right now with gapps pico. …

Why Typescript?

What are some of its advatanges over JS?..

Question about cron and SSDs?

I have been reading about people setting up a cron job to do fstrim on their SSDs on a daily/weekly basis. …

Lemmy uses Bootstrap v4 framework. My knowledge of CSS is very limited so feel free to input anything. …

Anyone able to run Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines on Wine?

I am trying to use the R.G. Mechanics release from rutracker but I only get a black screen with sound. Anyone has experience running this game? Thanks. …