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The question is whether this is the peak of commodity fetishism or will we see something worse down the line

That anecdote sounds pretty surreal

She is not really mentally ill. More like malicious I would say.

The Lithuanian National Cyber Security Centre

Lithuania really has it for China these past few days

Does Gas Station Simulator have denuvo?

Sorry. I know what OSU is but what is Lazer?


I think hetzner is European. I know they have datacenters for cloud machines in Helsinki, Nuremberg ane one other European city. Don’t know about Feral.


Under seedboxes section it lists hetzner and feral hosting. I was under the impression if you used their servers to pirate you’d get DMCA’d. Am I wrong?

First of all, that estimate ranges from several hundred to several thousand. Doesn’t that seem odd.

Secondly, I would like people who actively point fingers at this massacre to paint a more tangible picture of the events that happened. Who were the protestors and what were they protesting against? Who were they allied with and what means did they use to try and achieve their goals? Why should those condemning this massacre (in which no one died in the Square itself) just throw the eight words of “but what about the Tiananmen Square massacre”, along with a Wikipedia page that is filled from top to bottom with western sources and be absolved from having to support their position?

Can you tell me what happened in what you call the Tiananmen Square massacre?

Start off by reading Principles of Communism by Engels. You can find it on Marxists.org

Big tech are the new big tobacco. Not that big tobacco is gone or anything. But they know the deleterious effects of their products more than anyone else and always try to cover up to protect their profit margins.

Couldn’t finish watching this

I am done with dating foids, roasties, and holes, in their annoying human form and got into a relationship with a love doll with huge mommy milkers.

Hmm good for him I guess

I can’t say honestly. The only other video editor I have tried was a pirated copy of Sony Vegas but that was a looong time ago.

Valve employs the people that work on Wine and dxvk.

Linux gamers praise Steam because they are single handedly making Linux gaming somewhat viable. It’s true that they are doing this to protect their themselves from overreliance on Microshit bit they are still a very important force keeping Linux gaming alive nontheless. I pirate every game I can because I don’t like having to launch Steam to launch games but I do rely on them as a last resort.

I am not close to being an expert in this. My requirements are pretty simple, mostly just cropping videos and overlaying them over another. I use blender for this.

Is there a free, open source alternative to smart home solutions like Alexa?

Someone in my family uses Alexa to do things like control lights and some other electrical appliances in the home. I don’t know anything about this smart home trend, but I immediately disliked Alexa because: …

Anyone knows a sample decently secure prosody configuration that I can use as a reference? Also a question about SRV records.

I’ve been setting up Prosody today and it’s been a struggle. I have gotten to about 55% compliance. I not aiming for 100%. If there is a sample config I can refer to that would be helpful. …

Thoughts on XMPP/Jabber?

I want to stop using WhatsApp because I fuckin hate it. Does anyone use XMPP regularly? It allows encryption so I was considering it. …

Thoughts on Bitwarden?

I personally use passwordstore.org with a git repo on a personal VPS. But I wanted to set up a password manager for my boomer parents and looks like Bitwarden is one of the better options out there. …

Nitter is one of my favorite projects
  • Twitter website for mobile sucks donkey balls. Sometimes it doesn’t load at all until I refresh.
  • Nitter is significantly faster than Twitter website…

Anyone tried playing the GOG version of Disco Elysium with a DualShock 4?

Playing GOG’s Disco Elysium distribution via Lutris. The game itself starts and runs okay but I can’t get it to detect my controller, a DualShock 4. …

Steam launch options in Lutris?

Trying to play Hades but the my controller (DualShock 4) won’t work with it. …

Which file manager do you use?

I use one called X-Plore. It’s actually very good. Even has a WiFi server, conpressed archive support, etc. but the downsides are that it’s close sourced and some features are behind a paywall (though IMO they are worth it). …

Do you think Reddit admins' identities should be public knowledge?

With this whole debacle brewing, I was browsing /r/ModSupport (since all the good subs I know went private). There I saw a post from someone saying that Reddit admins are affecting discourse from the shadows and pushing their left-wing agenda with little accountability. …

Anyone tried creating an init.lua for neovim 0.5.0 nightly?

I gave it a go last night and it is way trickier then I expected. Simple things like setting options are not very convenient at the moment. I also tried to get packer.nvim running but the README was not very helpful. …

Thoughts on smart watches?

Hello. …

Are there any brands/phones that particularly root-friendly?

Right now I have a Nokia 8 and it cannot be rooted because the bootloader cannot be unlocked. Which sucks a lot. …

Haven’t tried it yet but it looks super neat…

How to deploy a CodeIgniter application?

Noob question but here it goes. The place I work at has a website written in CodeIgniter, a PHP framework. The creator of the codebase was contracted and when he gave me a demo, the code was just sitting in /home/www-user/public_html of the VPS and to show the code and make changes to it, he used …

Any idea where to get Microsoft fonts from?

Just the fonts that come packages with Windows. I used to rip them from my university’s library computer…

ListenBrainz.org Top 100 Most Scrobbled Tracks

Mostly a lot of classics. Why is “Inside the Deku Tree” number one by over 50k plays? …

[Poll] Which shell do you use?

You can add options if what you use isn’t there. :)…