Anyone that claims to speak on behalf of the universe is either a liar or a fool

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You should look into enabling zram swap

Usb flash is slower than sata flash which is slower than ram cache.


Where rail systems could not be bought, GM bought rail officials instead, giving Cadillacs to those who converted to buses. And where rail systems were publicly owned and could not be bought, like the municipal railway of St. Petersburg, Florida, GM bought their officials instead, according to FBI files, providing complimentary Cadillacs to those who converted to buses.

Also to note, the cleveland mayor and his staff were seen driving new Cadillacs right after they announce the move to gas powered buses for the city (cant find the source I read that at, it was a long time ago).

Imagine if Euclid ave still had a streetcar instead of that dumbass health line.

Its insane what the USA will do to protect capital. Also they must be so happy these guys are Russian so they can make an example out of them.

My buddy who is a crazy outdoor mountain man, or was at the time, came down off the mountain and brought a bunch of his Patagonia shit into their store in reno where they will repair/replace your damaged clothes for free (which is admittedly pretty cool, ive done this myself a couple times). Anyway, he’s got a huge scraggly beard and is basically the spitting image of a hermit rockclimber and the lady there told him they wouldn’t repair his clothing because she thought hewas just a homeless person who went around gathering Patagonia shit to have them repair it so he could resell it.

He was just like what? the fuck? What difference does it make even if that was the case. This lady just thinks shes better than him and refuses to take any of his garments and sleeping bag. Needless to say he’s never buying Patagonia gear again.

I’ve also wanted something like this but afaict the only way to do it would be to run everything with sensitive data in a guest profile (on android), however call/text history is controlled by the main profile, even if you’re using voip apps. I could be wrong as i have only tried doing this with google voice in a guest profile but phone calls do not work unless you enable voice/sms permissions in the main profile (on grapheneOS). I’m sure iOS is even more restricted when it comes to something like this.

I think the only real option for security measures like this would be to use some native linux phone like postmarket or something and write your own lockscreen.

There is an open issue/feature request for two factor unlock in graphene, but it’s a big job and they’re lacking developers.

Of course the best option would be to not have any sensitive info on your device, but that’s pretty much impossible these days.

They’ll hold you in jail until you provide it or can bribe them enough to let you go. Often they will take your finger and put it on the biometrics to unlock without yourconsent. This is why phones really need print+pin it drives me bananas that isn’t possible. If that doesn’t work they can just keep your phone as evidence if theres an open case against you, which they’ll probably do anyway.

I’m speaking to my experience in the USA but I’m sure French cops are just as shitty.

I didn’t say at work. You can’t wear it anywhere or the beach

In France you can’t wear a burqa

Thats fuckedup. I see now why is hosted in the eu

If you dont have enough internal bays you can remove that dvdrom and add one of these 2x5.25 to 3x3.5 drive bays. I used them in the past and they are great. I still have this one and another sitting in a box.

If you have a bunch of ssds, icydock also makes some that convert one 5.25 bay to 8x2.5. I’m using one of those in my nas now and they are great.

Other than that I’d suggest adding as much ram as you can as its ddr3 and can probably be had cheap.

My brain is hosted in united States so CIA and other agencies have control over me.

Really cool.

Unrelated: why does fdroid search suck so much? I always have to scroll through a bunch of other apps even though I search for the name of the app.

Except they say propagandists now instead.



no pee

tell them


kill me

they used to be everywhere but now they've been replaced by ukranian flags