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Created an account in alpha used it a bit but there was really no content then since the platform was still under heavy development. Eventually got a site wide Reddit ban for poking the anarchist sub too often. Those mods are assholes. 13 year old account (and all my alts) poof up in smoke.

And so now I’m here and elsewhere. Reddit ban was a great thing in the end I recommend everyone do the same.

Was the script you used a userscript or did it use the Reddit api?

Rule of thumb is to read the docs first, ask questions last.

You didn’t make the new initrd so its trying to look for a kernel that isn’t there. Boot to a lived and unlock the disk with cryptsetup and mount, then chroot into your install and rerun update-initramfs and clear out your old kernels in /boot. If that doesn’t work, backup all your files and reinstall unless you wanna continue down this rabbit hole of recovering a broke install.

You won’t like hearing this but breaking your install is just another step in learning what not to do when running a linux system. Its how I learned and how everyone I know learned. Break it and fix it, if it isn’t broke then break it and fix it anyway.

Its just spam at this point and should be dealt with accordingly

Seeing as how your idiocy is now the leading conspiracy theory (what ever happened to arguing about who killed JFK?) you should also be all about wearing masks to avoid security cameras and facial recognition.

Any time anyone is antivax on basis of pharma conspiracy and also anti mask it completely invalidates any points you were trying to make.

Learn how to troll better.

Good you should get one

Saying what?

So are you anti mask too?

This is one of my favorite things ever.

First time I watched it I was on acid and it was amazing. I highly recommended you get some before you watch it.

Yeah it can’t be that more than four people around these parts isn’t buying your particular line of bullshit.

The power bill to keep a small nas running is gonna be a lot cheaper than any cloud storage of equal capacity.

Huh honestly can’t tell since the picture is so blurry.

Also I thought they were going to run manjaro with a steam interface in place of a desktop environment.

It has more to do with the idea of “life pro tips”. Its just so easily turned to bad advice.

kroldentoLinuxLow Disk Space on "boot"

You should be OK as long as you rerun apt upgrade and/or update-initramfs so it properly installs the new kernel.

Be sure to remove any other old kernels you may have installed.

Oh god no. LPT on Reddit is hot trash and has been for a long time. Honestly dont see this one going any better.

I would be happy to be proven wrong tho

Oooooeeeee …

Is it an intended 'feature' of lemmy to restrict users ability to make comments when blocked by OP?

so this CHEF-KOCH guy banned and deleted my comments from his community. I messaged to ask why and he blocked me from messaging him. He recently made a post in /c/linux and i am unable to comment on the post of any of the comments to the post. …

How do I remove from c/all

It’s just a bunch of tankies shitposting for mao. how do i stop seeing these idiot posts?..

Welcome to /c/usenet

Hey! Hopefully this becomes as or more active than other usenet discussion boards around the net. …