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I thought ‘red handed’ meant you were caught with blood on your hands.

Welcome to /c/usenet

Hey! Hopefully this becomes as or more active than other usenet discussion boards around the net. …

I have two ryzen cpus (2200GE and 2700) and they both run great. I have had no issues running arch on either machine. just be sure you install the amd-ucode package.

oh rad didn’t know about the guide. thanks!

yes lets put an anti corporate lefty community on a big corporate network. that went so well last time.

I’d like to see the ability to load custom themes/layouts. IT would be cool to see a more dynamic site that you could customize to your tastes in design and content.

One thing i would love to see is video hosting but not be shitty like v.redd.it assuming it’s possible. That was one of the most terribly implemented features reddit ever added. I’d put it up there with ‘reddit gold’.

Very cool. Never really seen any darker beos/haiku themes.