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If they ever open-source I’d like to use it without the server at all.

To be very honest, feature-wise this looks pretty great to me but it being close-sourced and connected to the cloud makes it a complete no-go for me.

This is the hotdog web browser project. It’s a web browser with its own layout and rendering engine, parsers, and UI toolkit!..

which are mostly used for trading rather than actually being used for trading.


Oops, I didn’t see this was in the Lemmur community. Sorry.

@shadythgodtolemmurFeature Request.

deleted by creator

Any good open source or libre video editors for Android?

Couldn’t find anything on F-Droid. Was wondering if there even is an open-source video editor available for Android…

Just helped a not-tech-savvy friend replace Windows with Linux.

My friend wanted to install a newer version of Windows on their old laptop and I suggested they use Linux instead. I showed them Pop!_OS and Linux Mint out of which they chose Linux Mint. …

The link for “Open Source Living” seems to be incorrect. I found https://www.opensourceliving.org/ on searching, but I’m not sure if that’s what you’re referring to.

Is not being able to read this a part of the joke? 😳

OpenBoard along with FlorisBoard some times. Once FlorisBoard gets suggestions support, I’ll probably switch to it completely.

GitHub link: https://github.com/MaxBittker/orb.farm

I found about this project a few months ago from the Rust subreddit

One thing I’ve started to do from now on is adding a Bandcamp link for that specific release in the post body.

Give his new album a listen. It’s pretty good.

Always love me some Basinski. A friend introduced me to the Disintegration tapes and I’ve been a fan since.

For some reason I thought “.ml” stood for “Machine Learning” 🤦‍♂️

That bright purple makes it very hard on the eyes.

I use Scrambled Exif right now. Could you tell me what issues you have with the dev? I just downloaded it from F-Droid and haven’t looked into the dev.

Yeah I read about it and I kinda regret not having used it in time. But honestly I didn’t even expect it to be online for as long as it did.

India. The dairy brand I’m talking about is Amul.

The biggest dairy brand here is a co-operative and I’ve seen a decent amount of co-operative banks here as well, but I don’t know if it’s right to say that co-ops are common here.