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femicom: femme aesthetic electronics museum
From the [about page]( > FEMICOM Museum is a physical and digital museum and archive dedicated to the preservation and reimagination of femme aesthetics and girlhood within twentieth-century video games, computing, and electronic toys. There is so much energy in these photos! Is it just millennial nostalgia that makes me so jazzed about them?

a GIF collage of bubbles
Is there a name for this kind of thing? "GIF painting" captures something about how the GIFs are being layered and composited differently from ye olde Geocities, but maybe it should be "collage" to capture the aspects of reuse. Anyway, it's a genre that's taking off on Multiverse and on []( and I find it really interesting. Please feel free to comment with any you've come across and liked; the more artistic hubris evident, the better.

Did anyone else spend a lot of time listening to MIDIs back in the day? Past their proper heyday we still hadn't had internet fast enough to do much in the way of MP3s, so this is a very nostalgic sound for me. A nice pairing for this link is [MIDIjs](, which is now necessary to get a MIDI going on a webpage. H/t [Castle Cyberskull]( on that.

Ubuweb: resource for avant-garde art
This place is full of weird and wonderful art. I recommend just randomly clicking through some videos.

Wiby - Search Engine for the Classic Web
A search engine that's optimized for surfing/discovery rather than finding specific information. Focuses on simple, non-commercial, hobbyist sites reminicent of the "old web" without much CSS/JS.

It's a beautiful little webpage that does not try to be any more than it is. The sound is a big part of it so if you can't check it out with sound on, maybe save it for later.

I truly believe this has real utility if you have been designing Professional Looking Web Products for long enough that you can't look at the possibilities flexibly enough any more. (Is the metaphor coffee to cleanse the palate, or smelling salts?)

an online chord progression tool that doesn’t suck
I can't tell you how annoying it is to start using one of these to run up against needing a cm7#9 and having it not have it. The paired drum machine is fun too.

this dithering tool has presets from Computer History
I was alive for a couple of them, but I never had a Game Boy. Try choosing a color palette with a range of values but unnatural colors and selecting the ordered dithering, 2x2 matrix. Isn't it nice? I wonder how hard it would be to do as a build step in a static site generator. (Oh, man, you could theme your image assets to match swappable site color schemes... has someone done this? Someone who cares more about swappable color schemes than I do should do this.)

Neat little search engine that lets you add sites to the list of websites it crawls
I like using this search engine, not because it gives a lot of results, but because it is good for finding indepent sites that are normally buried on the >1 pages of search engines.

Show me! Shouyu! Kikkoman!
Fight ! Kikkoman

“Revealing the horrors of daytime television.”

Are you ready to get pumped?
Click “yes” if yes. Click “No” if you’re a little baby.

what vibes do I give off? generator
It took me a while of refreshing to find a real good one (witchcraft, fish, birds) but I recommend the experience.

read unsent letters
This is a masterful use of scrolling text. On my second load of the page, a lovelorn note showed up that I would have thought maudlin but for the sentence-by-sentence reveals. I wouldn't have imagined a change in presentation could so alter the experience of reading the content of that subreddit.

a pretty intense art-site for which I recommend turning your speakers on
Is there a name for a piece of art that is a website? A webpage? I think of sites mostly as encapsulating art that isn't the site itself, even when the site is obviously creative and expressive also. An "art page" sounds like a page about art, not a page that is art. These are questions that I'm sure had better answers in 1999.

sand physics game except it’s an aquarium you have to keep in balance
I spent longer than I should admit staring at this unblinking, adding algae, adding water fleas... What a lovely project.

make a beaded bracelet online and send it to a friend through the power of url parameters
A lovely little doohickey. I'm seeing on [gossip's web]( a lot of things similar to this hosted on [Glitch]( which is very cool. I hope Glitch is profitable enough to survive because there's a lot of beauty to it.

generate a bird avatar based on your name
via [](/u/Echedenyan) This is associated with a web comic called Pepper and Carrot which has very pleasant art.

a virtual pub in static html
I adore this and I want to sift through every bit of it. If I weren't so committed to my own space on the web I might sign up, but as it is I think I will spectate...

make blackout poems from tweets
I cannot find a good source tweet for this yet. It is also the case that anything worth doing would be so incredibly niche that you'd have to have an audience in mind hardly less specific than its original author. But what a wonderfully made little tool!

not really something traditionally thought of as "niche internet", but hey, still internet and still niche

refresh for another awful affirmation
I just found [Justus's website]( and it makes my heart warm to see a blend of crafts, tech, plants, books one's read, all mish-mashed up on a website. This little URL seemed like an excellent submission for [/c/nicheinternet]( and I'm hoping it will help me remember to go back and check to see if he gets an RSS feed up. (I'm pretty crap at remembering things without computers poking me about them, so RSS is important!)

cute lil personality test
* I could make a joke about "ah, the three genders" but tbh "mostly ghost but sort of woman" is too on-the-nose, this triangle needs to be in common use everywhere * exactly as scientific as most other personality tests out there

list of sites that weigh in at less than 1MB
The measurement seems to exclude adblocked stuff, and that seems questionable to me. The concept discriminates against us animated gif lovers, too. ;) Might be more interesting to limit Javascript size? That said, it's fun to see how these vary from sleek to good old chunky `<table>`s.

excellent poultry webcams
Geese, ducks, chickens. Egg counter included. There's a little pond right now. I wish I could put this on my television with one click for background. I've been missing fresh eggs...

a 1928 method of creating plots for (zany) stories, now online
This is a rich vein unmined by many. Fanfiction authors! X-but-make-it-gay authors! Literary authors who are feeling a bit stuck! Unite!! (there is some 1928 racism embedded so pls know that going in. also, um, don't use racism as a plot conceit.)

smart person decluttering by shipping packages of random stuff to whoever’ll pay postsage
She's a genius, honestly. On Twitter we see [maps and stickers](, a [map shirt]( How does one bring this magical chaos to other things like decluttering that I also don't want to do??

This seems like it would make an excellent quarantine date if only my partner were a classical music person. Sigh... I also appreciate that it lets you filter by era. Some days you're up for Berg, some days you're not, you know?

I love the simplest and least custom-animated bongo cat vids so if anyone makes something with this as a tool please let me know.

webGL 3d sculpting app, somehow
This blows my mind a little because I remember installing Blender as a kid and having it bring our family desktop to a chugging halt. Now this kind of power is available in the browser! I would love to see what people could do with this kind of sculpting application coupled with an open version of [Spark AR Studio]( (Maleficent horns filter for video conferencing when, though)

click on the brick building and it will change shape
I don't know why this looks so appealing to me. Is the northwestern US so devoid of architecture? Am I unduly charmed by courtyards and balconies? Is it the cute little sound effect that I'm projecting onto the edifice?

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