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That just sounds like Malthusian / eco-fascist lines of thought.

Not yet, but I live in fear.

I did make the mistake of mounting a drive while I was in the middle of formatting another one. It just halted the operation so it wasn’t too bad, but I try to be more careful now.

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fReE sPeEcH

First community is called “Fake News”

Links to Project Veritas


No thank you, nazis.

To be fair there are a lot of English-speaking nazis that end up on VK after they get canceled from other platforms.

I kind of love the Japanese Internet. Those old-school sites where everything is in plain HTML. That period before the iPhone where Japan was producing all kinds of futuristic flip-phones was great.

This is mine: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1362/custom-hot-corners/

I’m pretty sure that’s the one. I use hot corners a lot when I’m using a mouse / trackpad to quickly display all open applications, or to show the desktop.

If it gets integrated into Gnome I probably wouldn’t use any other extensions.

It’s working well! Thank you!

I figure that this community should be pretty broad and include all types of anarchism at the moment until there are enough community members to start creating more specific communities.

Of course, fascists who just put “anarcho” in their name like “anarcho-capitalists” will be banned on site. :-)

Anarcho-pacifism is fine.

Solid review.

Have you played Chrono Trigger yet?

Just a quick video for intermediate listening / reading comprehension. I find his accent and pace pretty comfortable to follow.

Fixing your third tone
I just stumbled upon this YouTube channel which seems quite good.

Great to hear! Thanks for all your work.

This was one of my main takeaways after reading Lenin’s State and Revolution.

There’s a lot of bloviating, and throwing around of terms like ‘petite-bourgeois philistines’. But not a lot of substance when it comes to the details of why exactly we need a transitional state, and the particulars of how the withering away will begin.

He talks about the need for power to be in the hands of the armed workers - but it seems to be just talk. There’s also a lot naivety in the idea of having a minimal government who are paid a small sum - why do we need these people? And knowing what we know about the nature of capital won’t these people and positions become corrupted? It’s the state, and capital itself we’re trying to do away with - not a change to a more benevolent group of capitalists who somehow know what’s best for all of us.

It does all come off as very fanciful, idealistic, and wrapped up in the myth that humans are inherently greedy and stupid and in need of a patriarchal figure to guide them.

In comparison I find a lot of anarchist writing more visionary, but also more pragmatic and backed up by sound reasoning.

I think my take is similar to yours.

I was just reading this Jacobin article from 2018 concludes with:

The defense of Chinese minorities’ rights must go hand in hand with a firm antiwar stance on Western foreign policy, a determination to end Islamophobia, and vigilance toward anti-Chinese prejudice in our own communities. Linking the question of Xinjiang to these causes is not a distraction; it’s an opportunity.



A good book to start with might be ‘The Anatomy of Fascism’ by Paxton.


Thanks, I already watched most of that one. I think he should remove the propaganda at the start of the video and lose the over the top production because he makes a few good points.

I wouldn’t exactly call it a “debunking” though. It’s not as if oppression of Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities is some made up thing.

I think you can set up your pihole with a VPN for remote use too.

I just searched and found this tutorial but there should be more around:


In that case I would look into switching ISPs, or maybe connect another router and put the ISP-supplied one in bridge mode if possible.