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My favorite extensions are the ones that remove annoying overlays: hide top bar and pixel saver


Either dash to dock or dash to panel (depending on what I’m in the mood for), top icon plus.

And the Tweaks app is a must.

That’s all I use, really. Gnome is pretty awesome the way it is, really. I really like that it gives you all the tools to have both a mouse driven and a keyboard driven workflow. I switch between the two workflows all the time, it’s just awesome to have it there and so accessible at all times.


Pop shell enables tiling. Gnome should have tiling by default imo, considering that the point of gnome is that it is keyboard-centric.


This is mine: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1362/custom-hot-corners/

I’m pretty sure that’s the one. I use hot corners a lot when I’m using a mouse / trackpad to quickly display all open applications, or to show the desktop.

If it gets integrated into Gnome I probably wouldn’t use any other extensions.

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