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Would blocking the instances work?

I think the devs themselves have said that they don’t want to get popular for the sake of popularity. So organic growth and aa healthy community is what they are going for.

Be a rebel, make hyperlinks green.

I thought that was listed in the Github readme?

Tbh just hiding inactive communities would be good.

I want to keep their moderation strong like it is now and have more instances get created that can cater to a different form of moderation. That way you can have an instance with communities focused on for fun aspects and another for more political things. Right now it feels like is the main flagship instance primarily and the others are kind of just there. Imo of course.

This is neat. It should be crosspostedd to opensourcegames I think.

I am fairly certain that has not been setup yet at all for Lemmy. It is something that is expected to come later. I am going entirely off memory though. I could be wrong.

I can’t find the source code, is it available or is it closed. Kind of hard to trust a particular program’s privacy claims without seeing what it does.

And here I thought I wass going to be a human walking a random world lol. Never heard of this model before tbh.

Getting root access to fix a doorbell
The article does more than get root access. I like how the author bought a copy of the doorbell to work on.

Fediverse Evangelists. Probably not that great of an idea tbh.

How biotechnology will change our future from Dr. Robert's blog
Pretty neat to think how 3D printed organs are just around the corner.

From my understanding it is hardcoded into the source code. Not sure how hard it would be to remove if you ran the site yourself.

My family would disown me if I did not donate most of that 3 million salary. So I think we have very different morals in our families. A lot of human civilization’s problems would be solved if humanity did not horde wealth and resources for personal gain.

Isn’t that the point though? Why would you want someone willing to work for another corp. It means they are no better than any other CEO.

Bloom, a simple FOSS platformer with adorable graphics
![]( Bloom was my first step away from Unity, towards Godot, and the freedom that comes with it. The game is completely open source, and all the graphics, assets, and code are original and made by myself! The main mechanic of Bloom is that when the protagonist, Oliver the Robot, gets broken, he respawns with a new robot body, as you would expect. However, he also leaves the broken body where it was destroyed, allow you to use it as an additional platform! That's not to say you can just stack robots to the finish though. Each level has a limited 'respawn power', which places a cap on how many times Oliver can spawn a new body before running out. The game in it's current state is somewhat incomplete, but still entirely playable. If there's interest in it, I'd be excited to polishing it up into a more coherent game! Of course, I'd love to hear any feedback you have!

Neat little search engine that lets you add sites to the list of websites it crawls
I like using this search engine, not because it gives a lot of results, but because it is good for finding indepent sites that are normally buried on the >1 pages of search engines.

I don’t see how that is challenging for users unless they are so lazy that they won’t even change any setting on their device regardless of how annoyed they are. If the app has a directory of instances with their bios linked it can make it easier for them.

Why would it always be better in terms of UX? Nothing is stopping a decentralized system from having good intuitive UIs.

ArduPilot. An open source autopilot system for flighted machines
I saw this on the SPI projects page and thought it looked neat. Code:

How do I mute certain instances and/or communities from my feed when viewing All?
Like the title says. How would I mute some instances from appearing in my feed when looking at All. Same goes for communities too. I don't want to completely block the instance such that I cannot see people who post from them.

Link to the project's github page: They are currently in development but the project looks cool. A newsletter a while back said they were getting near alpha release.

How do you find blogs you are interested in?
I mainly just start following blogs I think are cool that are linked on social media. Curious how other people find their blogs.

Does Lemmy show communities from other instances in communities section?
What title says. Does the communities section of the slider menu show communities hosted in other sections?

Here is the source code: Tbh this is one of my favorite racing games.

What is the best open source Quake inspired game?
I personally really like Open Arena but Xonotic is good too. I like the fast paced multiplayer fps feel of Quake like games.

Borg+Vorta as an automatic backup solution for linux
Have not tried the solution myself yet. But it does look promising and worth a look imo.

Does a federated site allow you to subscribe to instances?
I like how Mastadon has a local and a federated timeline for example. I would also like a way to subscribe to instances so that I can make my own federated timeline. Is there anyway to do that?

What is a good open source call blocking app for Android?
I am looking for something that blocks all incoming calls from numbers not in my contacts list. I would prefer if the app did not use a database of numbers and instead just allowed numbers on my contact list and nothing else.

Are dms e2e encrypted between recipients?
Just curious if that is the case. I assume not as Lemmy does not advertise it's encryption at all. Would this ever be planned for Lemmy?